30 May 2008


As a follow up to the post below

I wonder what will happen if women got the vote?

Yeah baby!
Maeve Homepage 06.01.08 - 7:29 am #

Yes they should have the vote, and then everyone will make fountains in honor of women.
MsGoldbloom Homepage 05.31.08 - 2:31 am #

I'm white marble, so should woman have the vote or not, Ms Goldbloom?
keeskennis Homepage 05.31.08 - 12:06 am #

they also made a smaller version of this foundtain in white marble.
MsGoldbloom Homepage 05.30.08 - 11:46 pm #

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Redneck ad

No real or imaginary R e d n e c k s w e r e h a r m e d i n t h e making of this ad, except in the linking, but then they all look the same to me.
I can't possibly link Bane as his ego will suffer too much, so forget that, and of course he never sucks, so forget that.
Dax is also on a low priority linkage as he is busy being edjumacated, so forget that.
Yabu and Vman would have been great to link to, but they ceased to excist, so forget that, or in the latter, he just Keyed out, so forget that.
Tell me if I did not link you and you want to be linked, as you suck real good, OK.
.... rock on, big man..... proud to be part of The Redneck Nation.....
Eric Homepage 06.02.08 - 9:02 pm #

All those links!!!! You have the patience of Job. Thanks, Kees.
Jim - PRS Homepage 06.01.08 - 4:40 am #

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UN to remove tree

... and then we will be playing on a level field.

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29 May 2008


Socialist heaven

The best of Westminster

"From everybody what that can give, to everybody that what they need. "
I am fucking tired off pulling, not for those that can't, but for those that won't.
Guyk can write in Redneck and translate into English for those that do not understand.


Hey that guy looks like he just did a "got milk" commercial.

Hey this post reminds me of an old saying "if you can't run with the big dogs stay on the porch"

MsGoldbloom Homepage 05.30.08 - 6:34 pm #

yep, there is always at least one dawg in the pack what won't hunt..best thing to do is just shoot it and feed it to the rest before it winds up eating the pack

GUYK Homepage 05.30.08 - 12:35 am #

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28 May 2008


Taken further than necessary

I stole the piccie from The Blob and could not resist adding: "Oh but the are so nice to eat"

Glodbloom you slay me, Really.

No, Ms Goldbloom, but I do now!!!
keeskennis Homepage 05.29.08 - 9:23 pm #

Did you know that wild pubic hares have a great fear of zippers?
MsGoldbloom Homepage 05.29.08 - 6:19 pm #

Got my MoJo workin'...
Ole Phat Stu Homepage 05.29.08 - 6:44 am #

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27 May 2008


"Be stupid on Tuesday" top link

Somehow I don't think this will appeal to Elison or Erica. Well Elison might love it.

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26 May 2008


Hip Hop Violin?

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor
For those over 40 who can't stand it, just close your eyes, the music is not that bad.

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25 May 2008


Learn from others

I was going to blog about being right and having to kill off about 56% of the worlds population.
Not that I would even contemplate such a thought, but it does come to mind now and again.
And then the South Texian posts THIS.
Calm down Keesie, calm down.

Glad I was able to restore your faith in humanity!
Mike LaRoche Homepage 05.26.08 - 12:33 am #

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I'll trick and treat with her

My pumpkin will understand me when I say that I have to slay some witches, all in the understatement of sex off course.



"Sure looks like Maeve though"

LOL! You are too sweet Kees.
Maeve Homepage 05.25.08 - 9:36 pm #

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What does Kees do in the bush?

via videosift.com

The real work in the bush was just investigating a possible site for a new mine and trying to quantify the difficulty of working so deep into the bush. We would have to build a airfield and start from scratch.


... Jane was SUCH a tease... great find, Kees.....

Eric Homepage 05.26.08 - 2:37 pm #

well, the video looks like more fun.

GUYK Homepage 05.25.08 - 3:43 pm #

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22 May 2008


Thank you

To Elisson for posting "Awkward times" when I could not.

To Guyk for "Hey Y'all!" and "Hope He Ain't Got Et "
They are both real friends, officers's and gentlemen.

We must not be shy to give appropriate thanks to Bane, as he in his own shy, how will people percieve this?, unsecure and seductive way he not only scared myself but allso scared Goldbloom in Froth's comments. Asshole.

I am planning a new post on "Real Men do what the Fuck they want" and "Conservatives are Gentlemen"

Please help me out with real life ideas.

I have stopped shaking now.

And I cannot forget to thank Mr. Sir.Officer and GENTLEMAN, Mostly Cajun for the link to Awkward times .
Yet although we live 9000 miles apart, we could be brothers. Love Ya Bro.

There is hope for ANYBODY, Tanker started as a crew in a tank, the lowest possible beginning in all off military life. {You could go lower and enlist as a Marine or a Infantryman, but your chances of survivall also goes down}.
And now he is beloved by the whole world and He’s a decent sort and a true man.
Thank You Dale.
And a thank you to Maeve for leaving me with a half tot in the last bottle of whisk, had to drive 345 km to the closest bottle store.


Sorry Kees!
It was hot and I was really, really thristy!
Maeve Homepage 05.24.08 - 6:14 am #

Frothbitch, whom I do not like, deleted my one comment.
Screw her.
Bane Homepage 05.24.08 - 3:49 am #

Welcome back, Keesie!
Kim Homepage 05.23.08 - 8:53 pm #

My pleasure to be of cervix.
Elisson Homepage 05.23.08 - 8:14 pm #

Yes what GuyK said...PLEASE!
MsGoldbloom Homepage 05.23.08 - 6:35 pm #

I have an idea your loyal fans would like to know what in the hell you were doing in the bush?
GUYK Homepage 05.23.08 - 1:48 am #

Real Men do what the Fuck they wantGo here for one fine, fine example of that! Omnibus Driver Homepage 05.23.08 - 12:39 am #

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Josef: "Haai Boss dere is a message for you comin oder de air!"
KK: "Translate it for me please Joseph"
Boom Bom bim bim boom dom boom
Josef:"He says, I am da big fat Guy wif da beard and I is wollied that you'se are OK"
Josef: "Boss why he speak so funny?"
KK: "Beats me Josef, but thanks for the messsage. Please send back that I am OK and will be posting soon"
Josef: "Aaah, dis posting that if you don' do it you you start shaking"
KK: "Just send the message and bring the bottle"
Josef: "Ok Boss"
Boom Bom bim bim boom dom boom


I got the message.. sumbitch sent it at midnight though and woke up all the gotdam treerats..
I am glad you ain't got et.. yet
GUYK Homepage 05.22.08 - 9:13 pm #

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Hope He Ain't Got Et

I ain't heard a word from Kees since he gave me the keys to this place..he allowed he could get e-mail so I think I'll try to send him a note to let him know that I still have ever thing under control. But I don't know..he may be so far out in the jungle the only way anyone can reach him is via those jungle drums..I wonder if that is what he meant by e-mail..hmmm.

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19 May 2008


Hey Y'all!

Old Kees gave me the keys to his place and said to help myself to the liquor..now that is a real friend..he knows I don't touch the stuff..and I may have to bring some of my own coffee..if I can find the coffee pot..wait..Kees is one of them great white hunter guys and they just boil that coffee in a can on a fire..works for me.

Kees allowed he was some 1500 Ks from the end of the last paved road out there somewhere in the DRC..I had to google DRC just to see where in hell it was at..folks that be the CONGO! It wasn't all that many years ago when people were eating other people there..and I don't mean in that bibilcal sense..

Ole Kees didn't say if he was off on a safari thing or if he wuz workin'..I hope it is the former. I hear tell what work in a four letter word..kinda like cussin'..even in Africa.

I have to tell you, I have a lot of respect for Keekennis. Living in Arica nowadays under the mostly socialist governments has to be a challenge...but Kees says he has lots of money for bribes and a big gun..I understand. That is about what it takes to do business in the USA nowadays..and will probably get worse next year after Hassan Obama gets elected. Kinda figure Obama is gonna try to pattern the USA government after Zambawi..

I don't quite understand what it is about where Kees says he be at..allows he can get e-mail bot can't get on his blog...now is this because of no internet...? Or is it because of the politics of the DRC...I suspect the latter..

Anyhow, hope you shoot something big..with four legs..Kees. Let me know when you are coming home and I'll put clean sheets on the bed and tell the help to come back...they may not...I gave them the keys to the liquor cabinet..oh, and I left a can of Maxwell House..your jumpstart just don't have no jump to it..

This be GUYK standing in for Keeskennis while he is in the bush chasing native girls.


Hey! See if you can steal that monkey while you are there.
Rex Homepage 05.21.08 - 5:55 pm #

naaa, MsGoldbloom..back when I was younger I drank enough for two lifetimes..I gave it up before it killed me about 16 years or so ago..me and sweetthing talk about our lives before and after..before I quit drinking and afterwards..been a lot happier afterwards
GUYK Homepage 05.20.08 - 11:59 pm #

Guyk...did you put some of that booze in your jumpstart?
MsGoldbloom Homepage 05.20.08 - 9:39 pm #

Hey, since you don't drink, I'll be more then happy to help out with Keesie's booze supply.
Maeve Homepage 05.20.08 - 6:32 am #

beats hell out of me..I ain't the one chasing around in the bush..not at my age
GUYK Homepage 05.20.08 - 2:54 am #

I know it's been awhile since I chased after girls butI seem to recall the bush part came after the chasin"Maybe they do it differently in Africa?
maxx Homepage 05.20.08 - 1:48 am #

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18 May 2008


Awkward Times...


In response to Mostly Cajun's post on Gay marriage...
A note to...

The ones not wanting to be educated.
The ones that love living without the rule of law.
The ones that want to leech off others.
The socialists.
The communists.
The "we are owed" crowd.
The "art is more than life" people.
The people that break tradition for the sake of breaking it.
The people that scoff at religion and its regulations, and put nothing except ridicule in its place.
The drunks and druggies and other cannot care people.
The feminists.

Your time has come and will go again.

FUCK YOU ALL, you are welcome

Until that time...
I will protect me and mine.
The timid.
The hurt.
The disabled.
The needy.

They will find sanctuary in my home, even if they come from your abuse.

In the end I am not really responding to Tanker, but to something that he stirred.


I was born in South Africa in 1953.
I am not responsible for Apartheid although I grew up right there and then.
I have thought for a long time that I have benefited from Apartheid, despite what my parents told me.
Now, in retrospect, I can say that they were correct.
My own work and work ethics, that I learnt from my parents and not from the Apartheid state schools, brought me to where I am.
Yes, the Apartheid system was wrong, and yet the communist/socialist system that replaced it is worse.
Polio amongst all people was eradicated in SA.
Malaria was curtailed in all areas.
Nobody died of hunger.
The GDP was way high.
Despite certain bad cases, more people had schooling of sorts, reading and 'rithmetic and writing, than now, although about a "billion" are schooled every year. A high school diploma carries the same weight today that a nursery paper carried then.
Everybody had access to primary health care.
The rule of law applied.

Woman and blacks were at the same level, except white women could vote at the behest of their males.

Am I proud of it?

Yet for the sake of me and mine I will, if I can, introduce a society like it with the obvious race issues not there, I am still thinking about the gender ones. (Keesie, YOU ARE FUCKED.)

I have not lived in a true democracy ever, and I don't think I ever will...because those like the EU, the USA and Australia are truly fucked up socialist states.
In the USA you only have to look at the present presidential candidates from the big parties to confirm what I feel.
In the UK a rabid left-wing Cameron is the conservative choice, god help.
In Fwance Mr. Bruni is the king, god help.

I will stay in Africa where my superior work rate and production rate makes me king. I will bribe and corrupt my way until I can carry all the arms I need and will live where I want to and I will prosper.

I might not be democratic but I am right.


The U.S. isn't as far gone as you think. The core of the U.S. is just too busy working, worshiping, and taking care of their own, as well as doing some remarkable charity work, to bother with Reuters interviews and other such fluff. Moreover, we're still, for the most part, a nation of equal justice under law. It seems impossible, given the news reports, but how often have you seen a news report in the last 50 years that was more fact than fiction? I rest my case and encourage Kees to visit Louisiana, where the best and the worst of just about everything can be found within about a 200 mile radius of wherever you are.
Ay Uaxe 05.20.08 - 5:49 pm #

Yep, I figure you are right Kees. The great republic that I fought for is slowly turning into a socialist state..I probably will not live long enough to see it decline to a third world shit hole but I do feel for my grandchildren.We do have a way of stooping the slide but I have my doubts that our voters will do it..too many have the idea that there is a free lunch
GUYK Homepage 05.18.08 - 4:52 pm #

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16 May 2008



Due to interference from life Keesie will be offline for 4 - 8 days.
So all bets are off. Go ahead in any case.


Dude. I started my ratlicking. Raaitlaaiking. Whatever. It's for you.
Kim Homepage 05.17.08 - 4:54 am #

We'll miss ya Kees! Go take care of life and we'll be here waiting when you get back, but you better have some good pics to make up for this.
MsGoldbloom Homepage 05.16.08 - 5:25 pm #

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If that is not a word we will make it one. Howzat.

Mondays = Boobies and beer, and variations on that.

Tuesdays = Raaitlaaik = for the first graders, laaik the States = Write a post like someone on your Blogroll.




I'll be offline for a bit.


See it's easy.


Another easy one is

Well boys and girls and Rabbi's that read my blog, (I don't mind if my Rabbi reads my blog!), we will start of with the word 'fuck', not that that is a strange word to my American tongue, but it does not get to the same depth as the word 'dick', does it?.


Jim from
Smoke on the Water is another very easy one.

... . .......
I'm old, shame.


Counting on Vman will not do, as I do not get "Lucky Pierres", it must be that I was well brought up.
Or stupid.


Well DD got AAA for her Project about
Tall Water, clever girl, with a clever mommy, I'll add, otherwise, I will have my head klapped from above.


On Tuesday coming I will do "Sweething" and I would like her to do "KeesKennis"


Bacterium Normalus I would like to give to Maeve, and that Critter that almost flew to Africa to fuckmeup/killme can be her witch/bitch


No rules, just follow the rules.

If you want to swap with someone that is YOUNGER, please let them know by email or thru their comments at least 3 to 4 days before you do that.
Remind them every 6 or seven hours that they have to be ready to RAAITLAAIK you on Tuesday as they are likely to forget, as their brains are not fully formed yet.

If you want to swap with someone that is OLDER, please let them know by email or thru their comments at least 3 to 4 days before you do that.
Remind them every 6 or seven hours that they have to be ready to RAAITLAAIK you on Tuesday as they are likely to forget, as their brains are waning.

For ease of all snotnoses like Bobg, Becky, Maeve, Key, Misty, Tommy, El Capitan, Erin, Jody and Blob I suggest that all nominations, challenges and others be posted on this post as comments.
I also suggest that for the older snotnoses that they use this post as a forum, you understand 'forum'?, of course you dew.


Erisson, as a plorific writer can of course take on several elderly or younger bloggers, I mean, his mind is vast, like he can do Elica and Winston.
Winston, besides answering Elisson can tackle
Stu, and then Stu and Winston can do DOF.
DOF as he is a teacher with lots and lots of spare time can ......
Eric .... and then answer Stu and Wiston.
Eric can just love Scotland and Fiona and all will be well.
As I am the only living person that puplished a disagreement (I mean still living) with
Bane, Goldbloom and Froth, I hereby dare them to confront me here, on Tuesday.
"We will now sing from Hymm number so and so for the good life that KeesKennis lived"

So I will be doing:
Raaitlaaik Sweething.
Raiitlaaik Bane
Raaitlaaik Goldbloom
Raaitlaaik Froth
And I hope they will be doing WriteLike KeesKennis (that is if they can get Drunk/Dumb/Stupid/Smart enough)

Please call your post RAAITLAAIK (assholeorwhoeveah)

Keesie does not laaik rules, so please break them allways.

There is an ambulance waiting for brain tumors, spasms, fuckups and screeches, please don't worry, OK


Hi Eli

Good to have you back, I have read that as research for this and thought that it was very good, but time to do it again, I like my pairing of Maeve and Dax and I would like to see you do Erica and Winston.

No RULES please, do what you want.

The more the Merrier.

Did you like the depth of my sample as Erisson?

keeskennis Homepage 05.16.08 - 5:29 am #


It's been a couple of years since I wrote the ultimate "RAAITLAAIK" post.

Elisson Homepage 05.16.08 - 5:11 am #

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I believe in angels

Sung to the tune of "I Believe In Angels"

I think Guyk calls her Mother Nature or something, but then he is 65, you know.
I also thought Bane would be interested as he is allways going on about a breast as if it was made of GOLD, you know.
Thank you, Sir. Lovely.
Bane Homepage 05.16.08 - 3:18 am #

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Dilemma, dilemma

Nobody will kick me in the balls or "Do no evil"

What birthday gift do you give a man who does not place value in material possessions; who does not want or need anything in particular? When I laid eyes on Keesie here I knew I'd hit the definitive jackpot, this happy 55th birthday and forever more. Ho-hum, unless Keesie here turns out to be female then who knows... little Keesies may follow. Yeah, a whole friggin troop of Monkey Mailers (it's a postbox too), Chimp Chatter, Babboon Buffoonery, and Gorillila'alia. Love you Keesie now and forever. Hope you have a primate of a year - my delightful man, and my wonderful mate. To more of your monkey-foolery... Lurve your tricks. Your Pumkin (The Cats' Mother), ps: let's hope this baby will keep our cats in line unlike you know who!

Yes dear readers Kees is turning 55 and I had this wonderful object d' art as a prezzie from the Cat's Mother, and the old avatar is now so fifty fourish, sorry old Buff.
It is still a couple plus days to my birthday, but so what, let us all celebrate the joys that I feel.

Yes it is hollow to take all of my Keesie tricks.

It can also serve as a postbox.


THANK YOU, ALL OF YOU:Last to First, or my virgin of that:

Dragonlady, we ain't speaking out of da bedroom, so no comment.

But on da couch, da living room and da stoep, woot.


Guyk, sorry boss still a kid, hope you nevah grow up.


Jungle babie, if if wer'nt for that kid "the junior" ..... ah wtf ... love ye all.


Ms Gold Bloom: Excuse me I love you. True.


Old Soldier, us Oom's Rock, big time.

Jayne: No, it was his cousin, twice removed by 15 USD. (private joke with Jin), don't break your silly little heads about it. Will ya come and tell me about "vrot" here, again, can't get enough.


Thanks Nefie Eric, I saw you spying from another address. Hope you and THE FIONA is having a brilliant time.


Blob, bloody youngster, kak sal jy kak, dankie vir die beste wense.


Gregor, good to know (not in the biblical terms) you mate and this is a good age to be as have been all my previous ages.


What are you wooting about BobG, you are a person living in the same state as my Sister, start to learn how to pray and Kowtow.

OK, OK, she chose the wrong state, I know. Thank g*d.

Not the state to be a proffesor in Gender studies, is it?


Maxx, welcome to the left field, odd field, right field: No Fuckit the Normal field.

I'm sprouting and are not old.

Old are for Democrats and wussies.

And for people with no tenses.


Joan, thank you and I would like to Argghh! with you at any given time, give me some SLACK.


Maeve, now Argghh!ing and lefting and right fielding and "getting laid" as per your latest post is/are getting mixed up.

Love you Maeve-and-the-Italian-and-Puddin.

My Witches ROCK.


MC, The leftie shits will allow us to go down and then down again (wish) and then we stand up and Fuck them Up (wish), but true.


Kim, Do I know you?, where have you been?, playing crosswords again?. Now, now don't get personal, or please do. Or "that there is no progress, only change"

Come hither you, and feel the growth, Hi MISTER FROTH.

keeskennis Homepage 05.16.08 - 1:27 am #

(Belated) Happy Birthday Kees!

Did Bob Mugabe model for that apie by any chance?

Hope you got suitably vrot!

Jayne Homepage 05.16.08 - 12:27 am #

.. many happy returns, Oom Keesie!...

Eric Homepage 05.15.08 - 9:07 am #

Happy Birthday to You

You Live in a Zoo

You Look Like a Monkey

and Smell Like one Too!

Many more happy ones, Oldtimer!

Cowboy Blob Homepage 05.14.08 - 5:15 am #

So did the monkey get a birthday spanking? lol

dragonlady474 Homepage 05.13.08 - 7:22 pm #

I was 55 once, but due to marvels of medical science I am now 39 and have been for the past 6 years. Say the magic word and I'll tell you the secret. It works. Bwaaaaaaaa

Old Soldier Homepage 05.13.08 - 4:23 am #

Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday to you,Hap-py Birthday Dear Keesie,Happy Birthday to you!

Holder 05.13.08 - 2:01 am #

Happy Birthday, Kessie! I'm right behind ya! I'll be cruisin' the double-nickles this October!

gregor Homepage 05.13.08 - 1:29 am #

Happy belated birthday Monkey Man...LOL. Hope your birthday was Woooonderful!

MsGoldbloom Homepage 05.12.08 - 9:51 pm #

Happy Birthday Jungle Man!

Rex Homepage 05.12.08 - 8:39 pm #

only 55? damn...as full of it as you are I figure you wuz at least 56! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope to see you come December or so if you still are planning on making the trip

GUYK Homepage 05.12.08 - 8:14 pm #


BobG Homepage 05.12.08 - 7:36 pm #

But if you forgot how to use it, that's old.

maxx Homepage 05.12.08 - 5:09 am #

Woo hoo! Happy Birfday Keesie! 55 ain't old. Hell if you're still sprouting wood ya ain't old.

maxx Homepage 05.12.08 - 5:09 am #

Hope you're around for many more years of monkey-bizness, Keesie!

Joan of Argghh! Homepage 05.12.08 - 3:06 am #

Happy Birthday Keesie! Here is to many, many more years!

Maeve Homepage 05.12.08 - 1:31 am #

Oh, man! I was fifty-five once myself... You'll get over it. You don't want to think about the alternative.

MCmostly cajun Homepage 05.12.08 - 1:16 am #

Happy frickin' Birthday, Keesie!

Kim Homepage 05.12.08 - 12:01 am #

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15 May 2008


The Cat's Mother is a GENIUS

She married me, ya know.

Africa, in this case Zambia helps.

Guyk and Sweething and Nancy, this is not a competion just a comparison, here stuff grows and help is plentifull and not expensive (I Idid not want to say cheap, but could not spell reasenable)

All the previous hard work is here , But here is a few shots

Our Babaloo cat is burried here, say a cat prayer, please.

Our pondokkie in the background

It's a jungle out here

Banana's is/are cheap, but difficult to grow

I built that bridge


Congrats Pumpkin you have created a wonderland.


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14 May 2008



They make excelent pets if you don't mind your corpse having that trampled look.


Sounds like something my mother in law could use.
Just kidding mom, we love you! Really!
maxx Homepage 05.15.08 - 4:56 am #

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13 May 2008



A engine running on a dyno
That is nice and hot but cool

And not so cool

I count six Lucky Pierres in that picture.
Velociman Homepage 05.14.08 - 5:48 am #

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08 May 2008


Promotional picture of the day

LOL!! Just do it!
Art Homepage 05.10.08 - 8:23 pm #

Do I mix the paints in the palette or on the paper?
Kim Homepage 05.09.08 - 7:43 am #

Marking his territory?
hammer Homepage 05.08.08 - 11:19 pm #

Dog: Hey that's my spot!
MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 05.08.08 - 6:47 pm #

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Funny, the ha ha kind

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Now that is an uncommon sight, nobody wears helmets here.


Hmmm,can't tell from this photo if I was wearing a helmet either. Shoulda been tho' !

Ole Phat Stu Homepage 05.09.08 - 7:22 am #

Stu showing off

I have seen Papasan, mommasan, and five babysans plus the box of chickens and two pigs all on one Hinda 305 scrambler..and they were scrambling down Highway one

GUYK Homepage 05.09.08 - 4:16 am #

Guyk I'm only short of a pig or so.

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07 May 2008


Pretty as a picture

Thanks to the unknown photographer. It is to perfect to be real.


That is one of the most beautiful wildlife photos I've ever seen. Beautiful bird! BTW I think you would love this lion vs crocodile vs water buffalo footage I saw at another blog. It is totally awesome! http://minx.cc/?post=261836
MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 05.07.08 - 8:22 pm #

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The picture came with the title "Passaro". Can anybody help me?
If I had to live in a city I would also build things like this.

http://bodocktimes.blogspot.com/...dful-of- 2s.html
The thunderbird legend of course
Rex Homepage 05.07.08 - 11:22 pm #

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06 May 2008


White owl

I have never seen one and would love to. I would most probably worry about freezing my balls off and miss the bird.
That's a very cool pic. We have great horned owls around here. I see them evry now and again, especially when we are camping.
maxx Homepage 05.07.08 - 12:37 am #

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Pssst, wanna hear a secret?


How do you know?
...a little bird told me
hammer Homepage 05.07.08 - 4:59 am #
Might be funny comment of the week, ma'am
maxx Homepage 05.07.08 - 12:35 am #
Niether can I but it is very funny.
keeskennis Homepage 05.06.08 - 5:43 pm #
Excuse me, but could you please get your pecker out of my ear???
LOL...I can't believe I just said that!
MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 05.06.08 - 4:51 pm #

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05 May 2008


Yes they vote and procreate

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Boobies and beer

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03 May 2008


Fuck the world

Not really as I still have to live here.
I tried to post a comment on SWG a post called Itch ...., a day or so ago, either MuNu was fucked up or my internet's Bush was fucked up or Gore have not invented it yet. .....
Eric's post was about .... Geanology and how he traced and tracked his forefathers, and wondering about why he stopped ...
My comment that I couldn't post (MuNu being FU or Africa SUCKS) below.

Hi youngster, I don't know whether you are old enough to hear this, but here we go.
I was an avid researcher and practitioner of both and came to the conclusion:

Once you know and understand where you are going, where you come from becomes of lesser importance.


I could care less where I came from, but I'd sure as hell like to know where I'm going.

MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 05.05.08 - 3:51 pm #

... damn, Libby!.... I'm sorry!.... and yeah, mu.nu was sucking hind tit a few days ago, Keesie.......

.... as for observations, I'd say your may have hit upon an important point there..... Eric

Eric Homepage 05.05.08 - 4:15 am #
Don't take it personally. Most of the time his blog won't let me comment either.

Libby Homepage 05.04.08 - 9:12 pm #

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02 May 2008


Winning at Photoshop

In view of Cowboy Blob telling me on this entry in a previous competition

"You almost came in first, but adding the gratuitous bimbo, however pleasant it was, just made the graphic too busy."

And he also hinted broadly on his site.

"Well thunk, sir, to avoid the gratuitous hottie. I like my bimbos as an integral part of the artistic/comedic content. Hint, hint, Keesie."

So when he gives us this photo I knew what to do.

Keesie is not slow to understand that Blob wants simple graphics with no gratuitous chicks.

And here is my first my entry .

Simple graphics, no chicks and effen dull.

So it is back to the drawing board I presume, ha, ha.

All my hordes of readers out there, please help me with Ideas or go and give grave threats to The Blob.

Other works of art below.

Annie had to watch while daddy was drinking


is that a magazine feed or a belt feed weapon...I don't recognize what it is..but the wee one acts like she knows what she is doing..hopefully she has taken aim at some lawyers and shamans

GUYK Homepage 05.03.08 - 3:07 pm #

Hey! I only come here for the hot babes!

Rex Homepage 05.02.08 - 7:03 pm #

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01 May 2008



Goldbloom escaped from her padded cell and issued instructions left, right and center.
Now if somebody can show me an entity that is still alive after ignoring an instruction from Goldbloom, I will not post this meme, but until then I will obey.
However the rules you can read on her site, as I do not do rules well.


Thanks to Guyk for the fishing picture.

Play along if you want.


You Guyk Sir is a fisherman, I, however am an angler, no mention of fish.

keeskennis Homepage 05.03.08 - 8:32 pm #

you sir are an artist! But did you catch any fish?

GUYK Homepage 05.03.08 - 3:04 pm #

LOL That was great Kees. You know you're hairier and your boobs are MUCH bigger then I would have thought.

MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 05.01.08 - 5:10 pm #

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