16 May 2008


Dilemma, dilemma

Nobody will kick me in the balls or "Do no evil"

What birthday gift do you give a man who does not place value in material possessions; who does not want or need anything in particular? When I laid eyes on Keesie here I knew I'd hit the definitive jackpot, this happy 55th birthday and forever more. Ho-hum, unless Keesie here turns out to be female then who knows... little Keesies may follow. Yeah, a whole friggin troop of Monkey Mailers (it's a postbox too), Chimp Chatter, Babboon Buffoonery, and Gorillila'alia. Love you Keesie now and forever. Hope you have a primate of a year - my delightful man, and my wonderful mate. To more of your monkey-foolery... Lurve your tricks. Your Pumkin (The Cats' Mother), ps: let's hope this baby will keep our cats in line unlike you know who!

Yes dear readers Kees is turning 55 and I had this wonderful object d' art as a prezzie from the Cat's Mother, and the old avatar is now so fifty fourish, sorry old Buff.
It is still a couple plus days to my birthday, but so what, let us all celebrate the joys that I feel.

Yes it is hollow to take all of my Keesie tricks.

It can also serve as a postbox.


THANK YOU, ALL OF YOU:Last to First, or my virgin of that:

Dragonlady, we ain't speaking out of da bedroom, so no comment.

But on da couch, da living room and da stoep, woot.


Guyk, sorry boss still a kid, hope you nevah grow up.


Jungle babie, if if wer'nt for that kid "the junior" ..... ah wtf ... love ye all.


Ms Gold Bloom: Excuse me I love you. True.


Old Soldier, us Oom's Rock, big time.

Jayne: No, it was his cousin, twice removed by 15 USD. (private joke with Jin), don't break your silly little heads about it. Will ya come and tell me about "vrot" here, again, can't get enough.


Thanks Nefie Eric, I saw you spying from another address. Hope you and THE FIONA is having a brilliant time.


Blob, bloody youngster, kak sal jy kak, dankie vir die beste wense.


Gregor, good to know (not in the biblical terms) you mate and this is a good age to be as have been all my previous ages.


What are you wooting about BobG, you are a person living in the same state as my Sister, start to learn how to pray and Kowtow.

OK, OK, she chose the wrong state, I know. Thank g*d.

Not the state to be a proffesor in Gender studies, is it?


Maxx, welcome to the left field, odd field, right field: No Fuckit the Normal field.

I'm sprouting and are not old.

Old are for Democrats and wussies.

And for people with no tenses.


Joan, thank you and I would like to Argghh! with you at any given time, give me some SLACK.


Maeve, now Argghh!ing and lefting and right fielding and "getting laid" as per your latest post is/are getting mixed up.

Love you Maeve-and-the-Italian-and-Puddin.

My Witches ROCK.


MC, The leftie shits will allow us to go down and then down again (wish) and then we stand up and Fuck them Up (wish), but true.


Kim, Do I know you?, where have you been?, playing crosswords again?. Now, now don't get personal, or please do. Or "that there is no progress, only change"

Come hither you, and feel the growth, Hi MISTER FROTH.

keeskennis Homepage 05.16.08 - 1:27 am #

(Belated) Happy Birthday Kees!

Did Bob Mugabe model for that apie by any chance?

Hope you got suitably vrot!

Jayne Homepage 05.16.08 - 12:27 am #

.. many happy returns, Oom Keesie!...

Eric Homepage 05.15.08 - 9:07 am #

Happy Birthday to You

You Live in a Zoo

You Look Like a Monkey

and Smell Like one Too!

Many more happy ones, Oldtimer!

Cowboy Blob Homepage 05.14.08 - 5:15 am #

So did the monkey get a birthday spanking? lol

dragonlady474 Homepage 05.13.08 - 7:22 pm #

I was 55 once, but due to marvels of medical science I am now 39 and have been for the past 6 years. Say the magic word and I'll tell you the secret. It works. Bwaaaaaaaa

Old Soldier Homepage 05.13.08 - 4:23 am #

Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday to you,Hap-py Birthday Dear Keesie,Happy Birthday to you!

Holder 05.13.08 - 2:01 am #

Happy Birthday, Kessie! I'm right behind ya! I'll be cruisin' the double-nickles this October!

gregor Homepage 05.13.08 - 1:29 am #

Happy belated birthday Monkey Man...LOL. Hope your birthday was Woooonderful!

MsGoldbloom Homepage 05.12.08 - 9:51 pm #

Happy Birthday Jungle Man!

Rex Homepage 05.12.08 - 8:39 pm #

only 55? damn...as full of it as you are I figure you wuz at least 56! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope to see you come December or so if you still are planning on making the trip

GUYK Homepage 05.12.08 - 8:14 pm #


BobG Homepage 05.12.08 - 7:36 pm #

But if you forgot how to use it, that's old.

maxx Homepage 05.12.08 - 5:09 am #

Woo hoo! Happy Birfday Keesie! 55 ain't old. Hell if you're still sprouting wood ya ain't old.

maxx Homepage 05.12.08 - 5:09 am #

Hope you're around for many more years of monkey-bizness, Keesie!

Joan of Argghh! Homepage 05.12.08 - 3:06 am #

Happy Birthday Keesie! Here is to many, many more years!

Maeve Homepage 05.12.08 - 1:31 am #

Oh, man! I was fifty-five once myself... You'll get over it. You don't want to think about the alternative.

MCmostly cajun Homepage 05.12.08 - 1:16 am #

Happy frickin' Birthday, Keesie!

Kim Homepage 05.12.08 - 12:01 am #

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