30 July 2008


Duh, cool and bullshit

I am 97% White Trash.
Total White Trash!
Born in a trailer, live in a trailer, die in a trailer. I am the epitome of white trashiness. Unfortunately, I have no clue what epitome means.
Take the
White Trash Test
@ FualiDotCom

I am 17% White Trash.
Not at all White Trashy!
I, my friend, have class. I am so not white trash. . I am more than likely Democrat, and my place is neat, and there is a good chance I may never drink wine from a box.
Take the
White Trash Test
@ FualiDotCom

Which one is me?

Found at Jim PRS.


Guyk, you are a Redneck, that representation is awfulll.

GOTDAMIT! I represent that remark!

Gravatar Hell, I came out 12%, WTF?

Gravatar I'm going with White Trash only because of your encounter with those bible thumpers............

Gravatar Me, I'm 5%. WTF?

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29 July 2008




I thought the profile looked like a kingfisher, but with African wildlife, sometimes you can get fooled.

Gravatar BobG
That is a member of the Kingfisher family.

Gravatar Beautiful photo. Any idea what kind of bird that is?

Gravatar Very Nice.

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26 July 2008


A sad loss

Sassy, Top center, with the extra white, He must have been very hungry to eat with the "others".

This morning at about 6:30 I fed Mr Sassy Cat at his special place on the plastic table, away from the other cats.
By 10:30 his favourite neighbour, Joyce, came and told us that he was dead.
A snake bite, from most probably, a black mamba, was terminal.
I carried him back to our property and he was still warm.
My heart was torn.
A hour or so later I jumped into the hole with his now stiff body to put Mr. Sassy into his final resting place.
He was our roaming cat, he had friends everywhere, Joyce with the small shop accross the street was his favourite.
She loved him.
Whenever he was off or sick or just ornerry she carried him to our yard and said, "He is not well".
And off to the Vet he went.
Except this time there was no Vet.
He had no obvious trauma. He was just dead and drooling from the mouth.
Black Mamba indeed.
This was the living Mr Sassy Cat.
Death of a duster.
My Name is Lelu.
A Balsy mistake
I am so CUTE.
I don't like Cats.

Cat myths.
I will miss him a lot.

My deepest sypathies on the loss of your kitty. How do you sleep with a black mamba in the neighborhood?

Gravatar I am very sorry old friend. I know how it hurts.


Mike LaRoche Homepage 07.29.08 - 6:47 am #

So, so sorry. Poor kitty. Poor Kees.
Tessa 07.28.08 - 9:26 pm #

I am sorry for your loss. I lost my Golden Retriever a while back. It hurts for a long time.
Old Soldier Homepage 07.28.08 - 7:12 pm #

G'day Keesle
Greetings from down under
Great site
Isee you have a link to me [Phils Phun] and I am returning the favour
Philphil Homepage 07.28.08 - 1:19 pm #

I'm so sorry Keesie.
Becky Homepage 07.28.08 - 3:10 am #

Gosh, Keesie--I am so sorry. I know how it feels. I'll give Miss Kitty an extra skritch in memory.
MCmostly cajun Homepage 07.27.08 - 10:36 pm #

Damn, and he, being envenomed, cannot be safely utilized as taco meat.Kees, why ever would you remain in a place where what isn't poisonous, eats you? If the indigenous human population doesn't eat you first?I am befuzzled. Oh, and sorry about your cat. Looks like you've got plenty of spares, though.
Bane Homepage 07.27.08 - 10:26 pm #

Ahhh, Keesie - so sorry. It's tough to have to say goodbye to an old friend...
Elisson Homepage 07.27.08 - 7:48 pm #

I'm so sorry, Kees.
Jean Homepage 07.27.08 - 5:51 pm #

My condolences for the loss of a friend and family member.
BobG Homepage 07.27.08 - 5:44 pm #

Hope he got a bite in first. I'm sorry for your loss. Losing a good pet is tough, indeed.
Velociman Homepage 07.27.08 - 5:10 pm #

Some cats, and dogs, just grab you in a certain way, don't they? He lived a happy life.
Nancy Homepage 07.27.08 - 4:47 pm #

I am sorry for your loss of an old friend. I have been there myself and I know how tough it can be.
GUYK Homepage 07.27.08 - 4:28 pm #

I am so sorry for your loss.(((Kees & Cat's Mother)))
Maeve Homepage 07.27.08 - 3:51 pm #

Sorry, Kees.
Jim - PRS Homepage 07.27.08 - 3:09 am #

So so sorry Keesy. Kitties are so hard to say goodbye to.
Erica Homepage 07.27.08 - 2:38 am #

Oh, Kees. I am so sorry. The Sassy Cat will be welcomed by Lucky the Black Cat and Elvis the Yellow Lab and Boomer the Persian. I hope it was fast and not painful.Geez, you have some fucking snakes there, stuff of legend.I'm so sorry.
Kim Homepage 07.27.08 - 2:13 am #

A noble death, a cat worthy of praise. I am so sorry for your loss. R.I.P., Mr. Sassy.Joan of Argghh! Homepage 07.26.08 - 11:29 pm #

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25 July 2008


Keeping up is hard


I LIKE IT! I'm thinking about something similar for my Red Ram..except I plan on using mules..cow shit splatters too much and them mules..well, they just shit apples
GUYK Homepage 07.27.08 - 4:30 pm #

Bet that sumbitch gets shitty gas mileage. No pun intended.
Old Soldier Homepage 07.25.08 - 10:03 pm #

And fuck these reverse-order comments.
Joan of Argghh! Homepage 07.25.08 - 4:40 pm #

Of course, that's likely more of a defensive accoutrement for deflecting cow farts.
Joan of Argghh! Homepage 07.25.08 - 4:39 pm #

I love that they've kept the windscreen!
Joan of Argghh! Homepage 07.25.08 - 4:38 pm #

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23 July 2008


Sleuthing and solving mysteries

Elisson as a youngster ?

I have seen Elisson wear that nipply-shirt thing. Case closed.
Velociman Homepage 07.27.08 - 5:12 pm #

I dunno Elisson... he does have a certain resemblance there.
Nancy Homepage 07.25.08 - 9:09 pm #

OH. MY. GAWD..............
Maeve Homepage 07.24.08 - 5:13 am #

Yep, I recognize the sun glasses
GUYK Homepage 07.23.08 - 11:24 pm #

No way.
No colander.
Elisson Homepage 07.23.08 - 3:51 pm #

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21 July 2008


Go Kitty Go !

Jimbo should get himself a leopard.
Photographs by Hal Brindley.

Something tells me it went like this.
Bored leopards, "He's not so tough, all scaly and reptilian and dumb. I could take him."
"No you couldn't. You're always the big talker"
"Oh yeah? Watch this!" (attacks croc, finds it a lot harder than he thought, wishes he could run away but doesn't dare let go.)
"Dude, that was AWESOME!!!"
"Oh it was nothing, really. Why don't you try one?"
decrepitoldfool Homepage 07.25.08 - 6:10 am #

... that is sweet..... and hardcore....
Eric Homepage 07.23.08 - 4:46 pm #

looks like me and one of my old girlfriends.
Rex Homepage 07.22.08 - 6:23 pm #

Leopards are a very underestimated predator. They kick ass all out of proportion to their size.
BobG Homepage 07.22.08 - 4:03 am #

Leopard 1, Croc 0. Sweet.
Well, there is always Junior, who is NOT my cat, but I figure he'd have a problem with a croc or a gator any bigger than that GEICO gecko.
Jim - PRS Homepage 07.22.08 - 2:11 am #

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17 July 2008


Jumping for joy

Pictures by Chris Fellows

.... sharks give me the heebie jeebies....
Eric Homepage 07.20.08 - 9:33 pm #

Yikes. Glad it looks like the little guy got away....
Libby, Homepage 07.19.08 - 3:55 pm #

Great white is just playing with that seal. That's amazing. Did a lot of diving in Australia, but never saw one of those thank God. Guess SA has it's fair share as well.
Old Soldier Homepage 07.18.08 - 6:28 pm #

Remind me not to go surfing around there.
hammer Homepage 07.17.08 - 11:24 pm #

Nothing beats a tight seal...
Chrissy Homepage 07.17.08 - 8:26 pm #

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14 July 2008




Looks like my bookshelf!I'd steal that from you if I wasn't so sick.:o)J
oan of Argghh! Homepage 07.16.08 - 4:10 am #

I.Q in an eyepatched pirate's enCYCLOPaedia?Eye,Eye, sorrr!
Ole Phat Stu Homepage 07.14.08 - 8:10 pm #

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13 July 2008



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Keeskennis computer class



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12 July 2008


I like clowns

Apparently Jimbo dislikes and Erica likes clowns but that is according to Mr. Jim, let us hear what Erica has to say.
Ask Eric about clowns and he refers you to Vman. Go to SWG and search for "clowns"
A HORRIBLE ADMISSION is what Vman has to say.

I stand corrected...the New Jersey IT Karma Fairies must have fixed the hyperlink when I wasn't looking. Bastidges.
Erica Homepage 07.18.08 - 1:46 pm #

Nice goin' Hairboy, you dooshbag...your hyperlink doesn't work.
Clowns...uhm, they don't bother me so much. Killer Klowns From Outer Space...now those are some scary shits, but otherwise, I couldn't care less. I have a BIG problem with roaches. Specifically, New York-, Florida- and Texas-sized roaches, and them sumbitches that can fly. Gottdamn! Yeesh. Our world would be better off without them.
Erica Homepage 07.18.08 - 1:45 pm #

... the only clowns that are remotely funny are the ones photographed mid-air when slung upwards by an angry rodeo bull..... otherwise, clowns are just creepy....
Eric Homepage 07.16.08 - 3:27 am #

I hate em. The troops should waste that sucker for pointing a gun at them.
hammer Homepage 07.15.08 - 5:30 am #

"It's women clowns that really freak me out. It seems so... wrong."Yep--I've seen Nancy Pelosi, and I agree...
BobG Homepage 07.14.08 - 7:14 pm #

Yep, I hate the sumbitches.http://www.parkwayreststop.com/a...om/archives/ 179
Jim - PRS Homepage 07.14.08 - 3:32 am #

Clowns are an abomination. I cross my fingers at clowns. Shit, it's like the friggin' porcelain doll that sat on my m-i-l's spare bedroom bed.Hi Daughter in Law! Welcome!They are just all wrong.
Kim Homepage 07.14.08 - 1:39 am #

Most of the clowns in the USA are in congress..and they ain't funny worth a damn.
GUYK Homepage 07.13.08 - 4:21 pm #

It's women clowns that really freak me out. It seems so... wrong.
Joan of Argghh! Homepage 07.13.08 - 3:41 am #

I was a great clown. Like Pennywise. I specialized in terrorizing small children and women with large breasts.
Velociman Homepage 07.13.08 - 2:30 am #

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Fresh thoughts.
I suppose the first 5 days are easy as we get ever more inventive.
"Pumpkin, 4 times a day is not required you know"
Suck and suffer.
I will report day by day but not daily as i do not have access daily.
8 out of 4 sounds good right now.
Also remember that I am not at home every night.
We will endevour to make the numbers meet.


ROFLMAO@ Joan..........
Maeve Homepage 07.13.08 - 3:27 am #

Fucking over-achievers.
Joanof Argghh! Homepage 07.12.08 - 3:36 am #

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And you better give to the troops or you will be beatin' about the head with this and more.
I am not drunk.
Tip of the brow to Kim
This is the challenge
I have given the keys to the Catsmother.
Ie. No rules
My Pumpkin has accepted the challenge.

Those bad girls belong to me. I forgot I sent that photo to you Kees. When I popped in my first thought was "heeyyyyyy, those are mine! How'd they get here?"
Maeve Homepage 07.12.08 - 7:29 pm #

No Libby I am still waiting for the wrath to fall on my head.\
keeskennis Homepage 07.12.08 - 5:24 pm #

LOL. Did you get permission to post those? I believe they're copywrited.
Libby, Homepage 07.12.08 - 3:43 pm #

I'll repeat this since I think I replied to the wrong post. Unless those are attached to someone you know and love, in which case they're epitomes of glorious casabaness, I have ONE that's just as good.
So there.
Kim Homepage 07.12.08 - 4:27 am #

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09 July 2008



I must be getting old, I find this funny.
KK: Old fat Stu had better join me in my next p0st

Is this really Kees blog?Without any old boars?
Ole Phat Stu Homepage 07.11.08 - 6:52 pm #

Picked a helluva place for lunch, didn't they?
BobG Homepage 07.10.08 - 5:36 pm #

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08 July 2008



Of course the hunting season is in full swing in this neck of the woods

But over at the Christmas Place Plantation Hunting Club they are telling deer jokes

Sorry buddy, it will come again.


BobG they are very good to eat and at up to 600 lbs a lot of good eating
keeskennis Homepage 07.09.08 - 8:00 am #

Good-sized critter there; are they good eating?

BobG Homepage 07.08.08 - 8:31 pm #

Yes rex, that is a nice kudu and that goes for the huntress as well your comment.

keeskennis Homepage 07.08.08 - 7:00 pm #

funny with maybe some truth mixed in.

glad to see you are back to your sharp and wicked sense of humor.

Rex Homepage 07.08.08 - 5:50 pm #

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Where to live

This, wherever it is, will not be on this Keesie's list.
Short pants and a T shirt all year round is a must. (except maybe for a hour at sunrise)


Yes, I believe they live up in the mountains around Hiroshima.
Mike LaRoche Homepage 07.09.08 - 7:30 pm #

I've seen those guys before. I think they live in Japan in the mountains somewhere and that's a hot spring they hang out in.
Libby, Homepage 07.09.08 - 7:10 am #

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07 July 2008



Q: What is Guyk's favorite poker game?

A: Obviously it is ......


First I got a straight, but then the girls had a flush and a full house
Ole Phat Stu Homepage 07.07.08 - 9:52 pm #

Well poke 'er sounds better and better.
keeskennis Homepage 07.07.08 - 7:56 pm #

yep. That it is!
Do you know where poker got its name? From one of the three main parts of a wood stove..lifter leg and poker
GUYK Homepage 07.07.08 - 6:21 pm #

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05 July 2008


All Hail Cowboy Blob

From the Blob

The New and Improved Winning Photoshop


(H)air on her G-String, look you, Bach?

Ole Phat Stu Homepage 07.07.08 - 9:54 pm #

Wow. Are those Afrikaan hookers?

By the way, you two take the best vacations. I'm always jealous.

Libby, Homepage 07.05.08 - 10:42 pm #

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