30 January 2008


New Cuyama

Wow, the folks in New Cuyama sure can add better than I can.
Rosie Homepage 01.31.08 - 9:15 pm #

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And then I got on the road.

Quotes from Mostly Cajun.
"The drive up the interstate is boring"
"My last couple of weeks have started and ended with hour and a half drives to and from jobsites"
"Too much driving"
"Wasn’t quite as much driving as a couple of other days this week, but this morning found me headed up the road to yet another of my stations."
So I wanderred how he copes with all this.
So I sent my sleuths out and they bring back this piccie.

No wonder he doesn't complain about other road users.
Good going there Tanker.
Hope I didn't put you on a commie tank.

I posted a nice tank here as well.

Here is the piccie before I messed with it.



I wonder what kind of shocks that thing has to keep from knocking out the occupants teeth.

hammer Homepage 01.31.08 - 10:14 pm #


Not bad, but I think a 1960 Buick is bigger and scarier...

BobG Homepage 01.30.08 - 7:01 pm #


Reminds me of the days of my misspent youth...Unfortunately the Chevy Impala my employer provides me today lacks that certain "authority" that comes with tracks and a large-bore gun.


mostly cajun Homepage 01.30.08 - 3:13 pm #

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Like sheep

Not quite.

The buffalo is a dangeroos animal:

Like all my stories this one starts with:

Many moons ago:

So there I was in Southern Angola with a fucking difficult American as a client.

We spent day before the hunt with sighting in the rifles and with generally perking up the client.

This specific American, and the leader of his party was fairly accurate, with lapses noted by my co-workers.

I as allways was so worked up for the next days hunt that I noted effall.

Fast forward by a day:

We have left the van and are walking slowly towards our target, that was a herd of buffalo that we hope to encounter about 3 kilometers away.

The american bitch, wife to the HEAD HONCHO, starts complaining first.

"How far are we going to walk?" she asks wailingly.

Then like now, my patience is minimal.

"John, Jackson you stay here with the MADAM, you can keep your rifles"

"The rest of us will move towards that clump of bushes at 3 O'clock and regroup"

And in response to some hand gestures by the american to his throat:

"No Mr. Carter, we will not stop and have a recovering session"

Safely hidden amongst the bushes Carter and myself have it out.

About five minutes into it: "If you want to fuck off, please do, I will not refund your 'extraordinary fee' just because have a pussy wife and daughter, now do you want to go and shoot some buff"

"You calling me a PUSSY"


Fast forward by three hours, that is two hours before we expect the buff to cross our lines:

In a southern drawl: "How fuckin long do we have to wait here"

"With or without coke?"

"Are you call..."

"Yes I am, and I am by far the better shot, so shut up"

2 hours later.

The placing of our position by my team was perfect.

We were surounded by Buff.

"Now Mr. Carter, do you see that BIG male over there by the big stump"

"Yes, yes, the one with the big horns"

"NO, no the old bull standing to his right and pawing the ground"

"Where?" "OK, ok, the one on the left of the herd"


"Mr. Carter, what do you estimate the range?"

"Range? range?, oh about 200 yards"

"Christ no, we are closer than 50, and that is where we set your sights yesterday"

Sotto whisper: "Gert, Dinchaka, Everest, the one by the stump"

So Carter takes aim and fires, one, "fuckit", two, "dammit" shots, none of which affect the buff.

The target buff remains motionless.

We remain concealed as our CLIENT might want to try again.

If he had hit the animal as we expected we would have all stood up, but as he's missed a sitter we stayed down.


Some of the herd closer to us takes off in all directions.

One old one horn bull and a scatter of cows plus a scary of younger ones plus a frighty of one year olds come dirtectly towards us.


Everest, Dinchacka, Gert, Phillo, two guys whose names I can't remember and myself stand up and start shooting, seven guns, lots of lead:

You cannot turn them, they have to die, as easy as that.

They died, some only 12 feet away.

Four or five came straight by, we were only concerned with those on a collision course.


I "sold" 8 carcasses to Mr. Carter, he posed for a photo, with his bitch and all his arms at each of the 8 dead buffs.

I don't know about him but I never wore that particular pair of pants again.

Also I got a bonus for selling so many high priced pieces of game in one month.


UPDATE: The number of dead buffs have been downgraded to 8 as apparently they have grown over the years with every retelling of the story. Family sucks.




In most hunting areas of Africa, the meat goes to the locals who DO appreciate it, and don't give a damn about tenderness, as long as it's meat.

That said, an old buffalo steak would be about as tender as boot soles, and it's probably be pretty rank as well.

As in the US, if you want to eat it, shoot a female or a young'un.

Oubaas 02.03.08 - 4:23 am #


That guy sounds like a real asshole. I enjoy hunting, but I grew up hunting small game, deer, and elk that you spent the next few months eating for dinner. Shooting one of those magnificent old buggers just for a trophy picture doesn't appeal to me. Are they very good eating, by the way? The bison here in America are very good, tasting like a tender, very lean beef.

BobG Homepage 01.27.08 - 9:43 pm #

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29 January 2008


Will you wear them?

Not unless the toenails are painted first, I won't.
Erica Homepage 01.29.08 - 5:24 pm #

OK then just for Erica

I think the guy this was modelled on bit his toenails.

And I do not think Acidman would have approved.

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How much does your cock weigh

No you don't have to detach it !

Just put it in a sack and check if you are fighting in the right division.

Remmember your cock will lose its head if you lose.


The pictures above and below was lifted from Nicodelavegas en Peru , go and check his other photos, some are quite spectacular. I do not know if I will ever get to Peru, but I will try.

All the interpretations of his photos can be blamed on Keeskennis, as he has not written a single word on his site yet.

An Apartment block in ancient Peru?



hey keeskennis

sobre tus interogaciones, voy a enseñarte algunas cosas sobre las fotos...la primera es de un guerrero de la civilisacion pre-Inca Selchin (el sitio de la ruinas se situa en Casma, departamiento Ancash, peru... mas o menos 400km al norte de Lima)

las 2 otras no se pueden ver...parece...sobre

las 2 ultimas...el sitio se llama "las ventanillas de Otuzco" no son "Apartment block" sino sepulturas antiguas... de una civilisacion pre Inca... el itio se queda en la sierra peruana, cerca de Cajamarca.antes eran ceradas pero el conquistator español pensaba que habia oro en este sepulturas...entonces han obierto todo,han sacado los cuerpos,sin buscar nada de oro o cosas preciosas...por cualquier otras preguntas avisame sin problema




Hey Keeskennis,

On your interogaciones, I will teach you some things about the photos ...

The first is a warrior of the civilisacion pre-Inca Selchin (the site of the ruins are located in Casma, Ancash department, peru ... more or less 400km north of Lima)

The other 2 can not be seen ... seems ...

2 on the last ... The site is called "the windows of Otuzco" are not "Apartment Block ancient tombs but ... Civilisacion a pre Inca ... The itio stays in the Peruvian mountains near Cajamarca. Previously ceradas but conquistator Spanish thought he had gold in the tombs ... then have obierto all, have gotten the bodies, without seeking anything in gold or precious things ...

Any other questions without a problem avisame



nicodelavegas Homepage 01.30.08 - 6:19 am #

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28 January 2008


Pension, plenty of.

The Marine Corps found they had too many officers and decided to offer an early retirement bonus. They promised any officer who volunteered for Retirement a bonus of $1,000 for every inch measured in a straight line between any two points in his body. The officer got to choose what those two points would be.
The first officer who accepted asked that he be measured from the top of his head to the tip of his toes. He was measured at six feet and walked out with a bonus of $72,000.
The second officer who accepted was a little smarter and asked to be measured from the tip of his outstretched hands to his toes. He walked out with $96,000. The third one was a noncommissioned officer, a grizzly old Gunnery Sergeant who, when asked where he would like to be measured replied, "From the tip of my weenie to my testicles." It was suggested by the pension man that he might want to reconsider, explaining about the nice big checks the previous two officers had received. But the old Gunny insisted and they decided to go along with him providing the measurement was taken by a Medical Officer. The Medical Officer arrived and instructed the Gunnery Sergeant to "drop 'em," which He did. The Medical Officer placed the tape measure on the tip of the Gunny's weenie and began to work back. Dear Lord!" he suddenly exclaimed, "Where are your testicles?" The old Gunny calmly replied, "Vietnam"....

Stole from Smoldering Embers In A Mohawk Campfire

... bhwhahahahahah..... never try to outsmart a Gunny......
Eric Homepage 01.29.08 - 3:54 pm #

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27 January 2008


Photoshop competition at Cowboy Blob's

For my entry in Cowboy Blob's PS competion I once again made use of our top fisherman. Thanks GuyK.

A rainy day in the Jayco. I wonder how Sweetthing copes with this kind of behaviour.
Will you please answer the following question:

"Is KeesKennis smarter than a fith grader?"




Keesie is WAAAAAAY smarter then a 5th grader!

Maeve Homepage 01.28.08 - 8:45 am #


Those fish would make for some interesting gumbo...

BobG Homepage 01.27.08 - 9:44 pm #


yeah and the hell of it I was using the wrong bait and didn't catch shit! But the next day me and the Catfish did do some shooting at paper targets..and I got pretty good with my new .45acp at about fifty feet..damn that thing will make a hole in paper. Big enough that I don't have to walk up to the target to see where I hit!Thanks for the link and the picture..wish I wuz that skinny!

GUYK Homepage 01.27.08 - 5:45 pm #

KK: You are stronger and skinnier, just ask Sweetthing.

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Linky Love on a nauseating gatkruiping scale

Kees contemplating the facts of life

Below I have listed the referers that was recorded by Extreme Tracking for KeesKennis over the last 340 days since I have installed this program on 22 February 2007.
The data needed some manipulation as HTTP: // UGLY FACE .BLOGSPOT . COM and HTTP: // WWW . UGLY FACE . BLOGSPOT . COM registered as separate referrers.
Some peeps like Ellison and GuyK like to click straight from there sitemeters an is recorded as Sitemeter, also persons like LeeAnn, one of my frequent commentors register as something else.
However a BIG BIG BIG thanks to all of you
Bloglines: Profile: Publish: blogsearch: Sitemeter etc. = 13.2% @ 1420
http://bodocktimes.blogspot.com/= 5.1% @ 546
http://bikerssa.blogspot.com/= 3.4% @ 368
http://mostlycajun.com/wordpress= 2.8% @ 301
http://curmudgeonlyskeptical.blogspot.com/ = 2.5% @ 266
http://www.straightwhiteguy.com/ = 2.3% @ 251
http://themodulator.org/ = 1.9% @ 202
http://charmingjustcharming.blogspot.com/ = 1.9% @ 201
http://gutrumbles.com/ = 1.9% @ 199
http://cowboyblob.blogspot.com/ = 1.8% @ 191
http://www.irishwhiskey66.blogspot.com/ = 1.7% @ 187
http://deaddogwalkin.blogspot.com/ = 1.6% @ 168
http://screwasylum.wordpress.com/ = 1.4% @ 154
http://ralphd00d.blogspot.com/ = 1.3% @ 143
http://mrsjosegoldbloom.wordpress.com/ = 1.3% @ 135

= 1.2% @ 125
http://keeskennis.blogspot.com/ = 0.9% @ 96
http://jaynewithawhy.blogspot.com/ = 0.8% @ 88
http://amazinglyenough.blogspot.com/ = 0.7% @ 71
http://www.bawi.org/x/read.cgi = 0.6% @ 68
http://whenyouronlytoolisahammer.blogspot.com/ = 0.6% @ 63
http://frothingatlemouse.wordpress.com/ = 0.6% @ 63
http://www.nancysgardenspot.blogspot.com/ = 0.6% @ 61
http://badbadjuju.com/ = 0.6% @ 60
http://www.velociworld.com/ = 0.5% @ 59
http://sammoore.org/ = 0.5% @ 57
http://dacfh.blogspot.com/ = 0.5% @ 54
http://lastonespeaks.blogspot.com/ = 0.4% @ 48
http://sweetthing1942.blogspot.com/ = 0.4% @ 48
http://www.parkwayreststop.com/ = 0.4% @ 39
http://www.heartless-bitches.com/blog/index.php/archives/24 = 0.3% @ 37
http://carnival.isfullofcrap.com/oldcrap/2007/03/carnival_of_the_82.html = 0.3% @ 34
http://mohawkcampfire.blogspot.com/ = 0.3% @ 34
http://www.decrepitoldfool.com/ = 0.3% @ 30
http://holderofuselessknowledge.blogspot.com/ = 0.3% @ 29
http://walrillasworld.blogspot.com/ = 0.3% @ 27
http://ramblingbluedot.blogspot.com/ = 0.2% @ 26
http://thevoltagegate.blogspot.com/2007/01/circus-of-spineless-17-symbology-of.html = 0.2% @ 25
http://beauvoirglass.blogspot.com/ = 0.2% @ 25
http://thegreenbelt.blogspot.com/2007/03/i-and-bird-44.html = 0.2% @ 22
http://monkeywatch.blogspot.com/ = 0.2% @ 21
http://www.brainfuel.tv/caption-contest-fridays-118 = 0.2% @ 20
http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2007/03/circus_of_the_spineless_18.php = 0.2% @ 20
http://elisson1.blogspot.com/ = 0.2% @ 19
http://ericasherman.blogspot.com/ = 0.2% @ 19
http://nightshift2006.blogspot.com/ = 0.2% @ 19
http://redhillkudzu.blogspot.com/ = 0.2% @ 19
http://tallcooldrinkofwater.blogspot.com/ = 0.2% @ 19
http://journeythroughgrace.blogspot.com/2007/03/i-and-bird-45.html = 0.2% @ 17
http://baboonpirates.blogspot.com/ = 0.1% @ 16
http://www.twhgrafx.com/scribblings/archives/002990.html = 0.1% @ 16
http://smokeymountainbreakdown.blogspot.com/ = 0.1% @ 12
http://bigstupidtommy.blogspot.com/ = 0.1% @ 11
http://ksquest.blogspot.com/ = 0.1% @ 11
http://www.nobodyasked.com/ = 0.1% @ 10
http://onthepatio.typepad.com/ = 0.1% @ 10
http://blog.otownhandyman.com/ = 0.1% @ 9
http://thelonebladeclan.blogspot.com/ = 0.1% @ 9
http://blissfulbedlam.blogspot.com/ = 0.1% @ 8
Now after all that gatkruiping please let us all double our efforts.
I use Bloglines pretty much all the time...that way, I only go to sites with new content.
Keesie, you are truly a unique voice in the Bloggy=Sphere...and now, with colanders!
Elisson Homepage 01.27.08 - 2:39 pm #
KK: I wish I had his brains, with or whithout colanders.

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26 January 2008



Overheard in a Dar es Salaam nightclub.
Two stunning local girls were discussing men, boyfriends etcetera, and one asks the other "What do you think defines the diffirence between black men and white men?" The answer came without hesitation " White men have smaller dicks and bigger wallets"
Finally, confirmation of their differences! Although I thought it would have been that white men can't dance.
LeeAnn 01.27.08 - 7:03 am #
KK: LeeAnn, Dirty Dancing?

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Hunting stories

How far can you trust Rex with deerhunting stories?
He couldn't stand the embaressment that a Quadruped blogger in Africa
published a post about Albino Whitetail deer before he did, so he photoshopped the picture below, by colouring the deer black. Tsk tsk tsk.

He is from the Mississippi Delta after all, you know.

Aish, Rex, what next, you next to Thunderhoof?

You can learn more about Rex here and here and here and here

No I am just joking about Rex. His photoshop skills still has to improve quite a bit to be able to that.

This is from the link below:

(and here the use of multiple quotation marks slays this Keesie)

OK all you deer hunters, have you ever seen or heard of this one? Have you big game hunters ever seen a black white-tail before? The photo came from Michigan with this note -- "this black deer (Melanistic color phase), it's even more rare than an albino".

Picture and words lifted from Hunting and Fishing Traditions

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24 January 2008



"Disapointment" is not saying it strongly enough.

This is a "Bearded Tit"

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22 January 2008


Animal stress

You'd think that they listened to the same speech that Bill Clinton did.
Dam! Than old Tom's teeth are as yellow as mine wuz!
GUYK 01.23.08 - 12:41 pm #

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On the menu


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21 January 2008


At Last

I am so thrilled that I can shout.

Mostly Cajun's blog allowed me to comment again.

He posted a cute photo of my cousin.

The blog was so glad that it even repeated my comment.


This photo resembles me today. And probably for the next few days. I wish I had the incisors.
Kim Homepage 01.22.08 - 6:05 pm #

I went ahead and unrepeated your comment, but your participation in my humble blog brought great joy and delight in my house...MC
mostly cajun Homepage 01.21.08 - 7:00 pm #

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A helping hand

A rescue at sundown.
Playing in the mud.


Did those two track ho's embrace and make love after?
Bane Homepage 01.22.08 - 1:06 am #

Maeve Homepage 01.21.08 - 4:30 pm #

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Further evidence of the ......


Some new some old.

Show the Colander Man how to use a colander.

How to scare small children.

How to act like a arab.

All very educational and deeply satifying.

You are a debonair dude, dude. Love the tie dye.
Kim Homepage 01.22.08 - 6:06 pm #

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19 January 2008


KeesKennis political ? ------ Not.

This is a post that started in my head as I was sorting my photos.


The pictures above represents the Repuplican Party of yesteryear.

This piccie shows what happened when you messed with "Grand Old Party", or tried to restrict it.

The GOP today. Feeding lines?

Can you say RINO?
It is election year after all.

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