30 November 2009


Big vs BIG

Elisson says. "Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the bugs. Roaches, wasps, you name it - they’re all humongous."
My reply:
Spider Wasp
Croc odile
Zebra and tongue in cheek


Surprised you didn't mention the Goliath beetle. If I ever saw one of those, I'd have a shit hemorrhage.

Everything's big in Texas, but Africa is a whole 'nother story.

Some awesome lookin' escargot.

GravatarYou wanna talk BIG?
How about Tiger's Wood ?

GravatarTexas cockroaches have wings.

Mike : My dick can swim.

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28 November 2009



For the Blob of course


I hereby award you a
Tactical Nuclear Penguin ,

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_ne...ast/ 8380412.stm

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26 November 2009


Fuck Facebook

Lana, I think, got me to join Facebook.
I do not like it.
I can not find a way to unsubcribe
Fuckit. I will not respond to anything from Facebook, ever.

So you might prefer this site instead, Kees?


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25 November 2009


The moral high ground - a photo essay

sipping Jac Daniels and ogling bar maids"

Sipping bar maids and ogling JD ....

See what I mean.
We as the last strongmen of this Moral High ground have to point out and flush out these utter deviances as they happen.

This is starting tonight.

Yabu comments at Erics place

"Blademan...I've been doing apple pies forever...and I'm not gonna get in a debate with anyone in the apple pie-making business, but occasionally, a splash of FRESH SQUEEZED ORANGE JUICE does the trick."
And from Elisson

Does your mind not go this route? And then Eric talks about "shivering titmice tussle"

The mind boggles

Whenever Elisson writes about beer.
Doncha think about this.

And when he writes about La Valse Des Monstres.

This springs to mind

My dear readers.

This blog will continue to demonstrate these evil minded intentions and hopefully they will continue for the enjoyment of all.

Don't get me started on Joan or Froth, the picture that springs to mind can only be published by a MSM blog in the need to save their minds, (minds?), OK souls, (souls?), OK ratings (ratings?), OK honesty,('onesty?), OK, OK it does not hurt the Dems, (Dems?) ---- Eat shit.

Oh By the way NA at the top of this post is a "Nipple Alert" for the prudes


I like your illustrations waaaaay better than mine.

Q: What's the definition of a "pleasant surprise"?

A: A tit full of whisky.

GravatarSir, you assume I have a mind to save.

.... you just need to get to a blogmeet, sir...... so that we can teach you the True Way....... hey, where is the Koolaide?!....

I like your illustrations waaaaay better than mine.

Q: What's the definition of a "pleasant surprise"?

A: A tit full of whisky.
Elisson Homepage 11.26.09 - 12:17 am #
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23 November 2009


Vman is soft and pliable

This poor image, although of good quality have now .been photoshopped to death.
Joan was correct in the comments.
A man beyond his mortal years and a woman younger than her's and he has a "Look back"
You raise hers and She raises yours.
And all of you are blessed.
You are Welcome.

I remember those three days well, and Joan is absolutely correct.

.... gottdam, I looked handsome........ even if it WAS for a funeral....

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22 November 2009


. . . and thousands more. What's YOUR favourite? ;-)

You are scared of her, why?
I will pay you 100 dollar in your account or a account of your fav charity if you can deliver a 1000 more.
Surely you are not of the lunatic left?
With your skills you can see that we will run out of somebody else's money soon.
Love you



You would lose heavily, man;
there are 50,001 anagrams of 'Sarah Palin : Going Rogue'

I'm always afraid of ignorance in power, be it called Bush, Mugabe, Palin , Benedict or Hu-ever

GravatarI can tolerate ignorance in power much more than arrogance. The ignorant simply have a lack of knowledge. They can learn and mature.
The arrogant think they already have all the answers. They are the Orwellian "more equal pigs". Obama is a more equal pig. Plus, he'd probably spew if he had to gut a moose. To Sarah, it would just be another chore in a typical Alaskan day.

Statistical evidence (Bush, Mugabe, Blair etc) shows that the ignorant - once in power, at least, do NOT learn and mature.

Also, I do not think that the ability to gut a moose is a necessary precondition for being able to run the country well, whereas a deep understanding of political issues IS


She was doing quite well in AK before the campaign. She would still be doing so if not for the political hacks. Is she ready to be a leader of a nation?
No less so than Obama,Brown, or that sad sack Ruud.
I think she has good instincts and common sense, a good moral compass, courage and the ability to make the heads of overeducated douchebags accross the world explode. That alone makes her a national treasure.

Don't you find these people uninformed?

http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=m...player_embedded

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21 November 2009


I'm gonna retire here

The above represents the new and below the old Concepts.

The Round door connects the Jacuzzi room with the pool area and they are on the same level

And when I say Olive trees, I mean OLIVE TREES, as below

The property is on a small erf and it is a 250 sq m (300sq yard) house.
So the outdoor work is minimal.
We are adding the Jacuzzi room and a bit of stoep and the pool.
Further details of the house here
No mowing of grass
A hedonistic lifestyle.
Eat shit.
You Americans better look after the the Dollar, as my income and investment is 80% in that.

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20 November 2009


Proof - I can still knot a tie

Which also says that you can take Keesie out.

This was after the party.

We have some Americans in our community and and they invited us to a Thanksgiving do.

So we watched some Peruvian, Indian, Zambian, Afrikaans, American, English, Portuguese and Australian kids do Square Dancing.

As with all kids, worldwide, some finished before the others.

The Klipdrift was fine and we had a good time.

To knot that tie took me 15 minutes, no lying. I do not do this every decade.

Looking good dude!
Hey, I'm back. Not much there yet, but come visit if you get a chance.

You look like a Mormon missionary...
MMMMMMMMM Very suave & handsome.....
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19 November 2009


Pumpkin Pie

Fatty in Indiana forgot this.
Recipe Blogging

My wife and my three daughter are called Pumpkin.
Fancy that Fat Hoosier using the word Pumpkin without a gender or the proper bowing or scraping and he did not touch his forelock once.
Weekend Funny.
Like shit.

I liked this comment at the last entry.

So THAT'S where they stick the candle...
Elisson Homepage 06.21.07 - 6:16 am #

Comments this time around:

Old comments never die... they just get recycled.

GravatarThat is just another view of the same thing!

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17 November 2009


The human mind

I visited it about five months ago.
I was profoundly affected.
My thoughts today
All the pictures below were taken by a Nikon D5000, but they reflect the true image of 500 years ago, as I can assure you that the Ghana concept of maintenance have remained unchanged for at least that time.
So herewith I produce the first shots from a Nikon -800

The Castle

That is where you are going, in chains

Approach now, what was it like then

In Dutch tradition this was filled with sea water and sharks

My Driver Abby, looking unconcerned about entering


You can escape through there now

Abby, safe again

Even if it is for once in your cottonpickin' life

The human mind is a powerful tool.
Like the images above we can transport our mind everywhere.

My Message today:
"Fossil Fuels.
Climate change.
Religious believe systems.
Big Dicks"

All the above have nothing to do with our place in the universe today.
Do not {Google} that, Keesie said it.
All things since the Big Bang have been of an economic nature.
The slavery above started with an economic need.
And NO, do gooders or religious do gooders did not stop the slave trade either.
The economic revolution and the human mind stopped the slavery.

We did not need those many hands any more.

Eat shit.

Apparently BHO and the missus also visited the castle above, and all he found was the enslavement of blacks by whites.

In his fucking mind the wheel is square.

Whether we have or don't have oil, sun, wind, organic, nuklear or cow fart energy, our continuous existence on this planet is entirely up to the human mind, trained in mathematics, chemistry and engineering and of course the teachers of such young minds.

Well call me shallow, those are the only educational (snort) blogs that I have on my bloggroll.

Barry does not like the world, he does not like blacks, he does not like browns, he does not like whites, he does not like muslims, he does not like christians, he does not like disbelievers, he does not like women, he does not like men, he does not like queers, he does not like lesbians, he does not like socialism, he does not like libertarians, he does not like conservatives.

Because he have or has not made up his mind, and despite his Noble prize he have or has achieved fuckol that was not gifted to him by a murderer or criminal mind or a Democrat, but I repeat myself.

(Some Engleesh need in the above sentence)

So if you have achieved anything at all, no matter how humble, Barry hates you for it.

Do not {Google} that, Keesie said it.

As in herstory "Never have so much been owed by so many for so few, by ONE"
(Herstory=History, but PC)

In Zambia I drive along the East West highway from Ndola to Solwezi and see a thousand villages with a "Kingdom Hall" and only a hundred (WWXXFFRRTTYUG Basic Secondary Shools)
We (the West) need to train and train in sciences or we will all suffer.

And we have to keep the hard licker (Hic) and power away from the locals, especially the kenyans and indonesians, they seem not to be able to handle it.

And we have to thank AAAAAARGGGHHH for the inspiration.

Looks like sort of a spooky place. So, correct me if I'm wrong, the Mormons bought it and painted it yellow? WTF?

Really interesting photos. I always leave your blog... a little more edjukated....

Hey Keesie, long time no check your blog (slaps self on wrist)
I went to Elmina Castle whilst in Ghana - quite an experience I must say. I also liked the hypocrisy of all the 'nations' who ran the slave trade..........they've got the fucking nerve to point fingers at places like SA & tell us what to do, yet they were worse than anyone here.

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