17 November 2009


The human mind

I visited it about five months ago.
I was profoundly affected.
My thoughts today
All the pictures below were taken by a Nikon D5000, but they reflect the true image of 500 years ago, as I can assure you that the Ghana concept of maintenance have remained unchanged for at least that time.
So herewith I produce the first shots from a Nikon -800

The Castle

That is where you are going, in chains

Approach now, what was it like then

In Dutch tradition this was filled with sea water and sharks

My Driver Abby, looking unconcerned about entering


You can escape through there now

Abby, safe again

Even if it is for once in your cottonpickin' life

The human mind is a powerful tool.
Like the images above we can transport our mind everywhere.

My Message today:
"Fossil Fuels.
Climate change.
Religious believe systems.
Big Dicks"

All the above have nothing to do with our place in the universe today.
Do not {Google} that, Keesie said it.
All things since the Big Bang have been of an economic nature.
The slavery above started with an economic need.
And NO, do gooders or religious do gooders did not stop the slave trade either.
The economic revolution and the human mind stopped the slavery.

We did not need those many hands any more.

Eat shit.

Apparently BHO and the missus also visited the castle above, and all he found was the enslavement of blacks by whites.

In his fucking mind the wheel is square.

Whether we have or don't have oil, sun, wind, organic, nuklear or cow fart energy, our continuous existence on this planet is entirely up to the human mind, trained in mathematics, chemistry and engineering and of course the teachers of such young minds.

Well call me shallow, those are the only educational (snort) blogs that I have on my bloggroll.

Barry does not like the world, he does not like blacks, he does not like browns, he does not like whites, he does not like muslims, he does not like christians, he does not like disbelievers, he does not like women, he does not like men, he does not like queers, he does not like lesbians, he does not like socialism, he does not like libertarians, he does not like conservatives.

Because he have or has not made up his mind, and despite his Noble prize he have or has achieved fuckol that was not gifted to him by a murderer or criminal mind or a Democrat, but I repeat myself.

(Some Engleesh need in the above sentence)

So if you have achieved anything at all, no matter how humble, Barry hates you for it.

Do not {Google} that, Keesie said it.

As in herstory "Never have so much been owed by so many for so few, by ONE"
(Herstory=History, but PC)

In Zambia I drive along the East West highway from Ndola to Solwezi and see a thousand villages with a "Kingdom Hall" and only a hundred (WWXXFFRRTTYUG Basic Secondary Shools)
We (the West) need to train and train in sciences or we will all suffer.

And we have to keep the hard licker (Hic) and power away from the locals, especially the kenyans and indonesians, they seem not to be able to handle it.

And we have to thank AAAAAARGGGHHH for the inspiration.

Looks like sort of a spooky place. So, correct me if I'm wrong, the Mormons bought it and painted it yellow? WTF?

Really interesting photos. I always leave your blog... a little more edjukated....

Hey Keesie, long time no check your blog (slaps self on wrist)
I went to Elmina Castle whilst in Ghana - quite an experience I must say. I also liked the hypocrisy of all the 'nations' who ran the slave trade..........they've got the fucking nerve to point fingers at places like SA & tell us what to do, yet they were worse than anyone here.

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