30 September 2008


New Link

Although the rumours have it that there are 50 Brazilian blogs out in the blogosphere, you seldom see one that have no connection via, via, via, vai, avI, via to somebody that you have seen somewhere before.

Ladies and Gentleman and Vman

I Introduce

Out of the blue

Ghost of Keywork

Thursday, September 11, 2008

One Step Closer To 30.

That's right, sluts, GoK turns 29 on Saturday. I plan on killing golf balls. That's my big birthday plan. I might even sit out in my front yard and bark obscenities at pedestrians. Ok, I already do that. In other news, O'Neal has picked the shoes. The shoes will be here sometime next week, you will know when they have arrived. Also, I'm turning things up a notch and have started working out. Hey, if I have to model underwear, I'm going to be ready. Also, it's 9/11. Today would be a good day to find a firefighter/soldier/seaman/Marine/cop and say thanks. With a blowjob. Do yourself a favor and turn the fucking tv off, I really hate when people try to turn suffering into profit. Happy fucking Thursday.

This makes me think of this joke.


Two cowboys Guy and Blob find themselves with no money and no job, so naturally they go to a pub and talk to the barman. The barman tells them that he pays $50 for any Indian scalp.

So the two adventurers go hunting scalps.

They see two Indians and follow them into the valley depicted above.

As the close in on the two they discuss the fact that they will soon have $100.

Then Guy touches Blob on the shoulder and whispers "Look at all those fucking Indians on the ridge of the valley"

Blob looks up and sees the silhouettes of at least a thousand Indians.

"Fuck" he whispers "we are going to be fucking rich"


And another unkown, no more.

Ummmmm, thanks for putting my picture up on your blog...

Does that sound like "thanks" to you?


So I will just post another picture of Dirty Pirate Hooker
"That will learn her"

Further comments"
Maybe I should learn to keep my mouth shut.

How shall I thank you? Are blow jobs still acceptable forms of payment?

I could take 'em!

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29 September 2008


MC's hidden scrapbook.

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Pothole of the year

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Plumbers nightmare

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A handy tool

A nice tool to have along when you disgust youself and have to puke.

Who on earth have the time to construct something like this?
Retirees like Guyk or Denny or Stu (that will teach him not to be so damn smart) or maybe the Layabout Author


Come visit my blog on Monday October 6th to see my new smart DIY homebuilt project and eat your heart out 

Gravatar.... that's just what my girl Sylvia needs..... where do you hang the toilet paper?....

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A story

vMam said acka acka acka when I posted some severed heads.
If you have bleeding knees fuck off, now, please.

Now that is just the juice that gets my toes all curled up.

Fuck, I need another conflict, like I need a hole in the head.
Still here I am.
A Ragtag, but superbly trained officer for 1 Parabat, coaxed out of civvy street.
Ragtag?, yes we had no, and I mean no equipment to choose from.
Maybe a 1000 Officers make a Army, who knows?
The Magic number was reached and we had the pick of what there was, and that included MEN.
My god, youngsters, last years recruits?
I resigned and was reinstated a thousand times. OK a 1000 times is bulshit but 20 is not.
I got 1st Lt Govendar, Cpt Malherbe, Gert Pieters>> Mortarman, Cpl and Cpt Gavins, brothers, and Rick, Boikie, Jack, Pieter and Peter, Sandy and 150 others.
Sandy was to play a major role in our victory, in no way that he would ever understand.
About 60% with a years training and the rest as you knew or found them.
I was luckier than most, I had a previous conflict resume as a "leader" and some real soldiers came my way because of that.
This way I found Cpt Frank and his six, Jose, Cpl Mally Kelly, senior nurse and crack shot and " Cappy if you fuck off now, I will kill you" reputation from another war.
I was lucky and trained to find the best at the front.
In a war with limited supplies how does the manager secure the best for himslef and his "troops"
In Moz we gippo'd the lines and in a oversupply and undermanaged line we got thru.
here in Angola it would be diff.
So at the beginning me and my troops went stealing.
Apparently we left 2 divisions without any armored vehicles.
It was at least 4.
At last we were equiped and armed and ready.
I was alert and ready as were my men. We were part of a 2500 advance force. Led from Pretoria.
Our Motto. Fuck Castro We are not Cannon Fodder.
17 Pilots, 12 planes,  3 airstrips and building daily.
Did I say 17 pilots, well OK, Govendar,  Malherbe, Gert Pieters, Cpt Gavins, Boikie and  Sandy also flew.
The rains were starting but Pretoria was on a diff planet.
Move when say should have said Swim.
Finaly the ruskies (Cubans) got to close for there own good.
I had 16 patrols at 3 hour intervals going forward. Plenty of sleep and rest, but kicking butt.
After a while the Mericans came and bomded ahead, we moved faster then but my lines were stretching.
Remember those divisions without armor?
They came up behind us with only their hunting rifles and a couple of LMG's. And anyway they did a great job. Many a Angolan/Portugese/Cuban truck/combine was driven away and sold in SA for top prices. 
Some of the money made its way back to the front in the way of munitions etc.
So after my previous conflicts of complaining about a book/computor war, I had peeps to contend with.
Soldiers and their shit, which is a fuckin lot.
Civvys and their shit which is a fuckin lot.

Taking a town or ridge or grid when the 'commies' was not opposing was a victory in Pretoria only.
We died slowly, one at a time, nothing dramatic.

And then the Americans left, no talks, no nothing, just FUCKING GONE, Mike has explained it to me. 
I had 245 peeps and 895 miles to a safe spot. We also had 4 prisoners of the commie kind and 14 misdemeanor murderers of owr own.
I told the cuban captain that I would give him and his cahoots 2 days rations and a R4 with 200 rounds and we will drop him, he aggreed.
Remember that it wass raining?

We backtracked thru some towns and  spent poes and dicks met once again and this time they knew what has happenned and no girls believed the soldierly shit.
Remember Sandy, good soldier, tough, good shot. I liked him and he would obey any command or 'suggestion' from me.
His "ex" girl, from about 3 months ago, now pregnant, by Sandy, she says, blocks his way back.
No problem, he shoots and kills her, her mother and two friends, four women.
I hear and hasten to where a large crowd is now building.

Sandy and three mates and two Junior Officers is holding their own by a show of guns.

I don't say a word but stop and look and touch every dead woman in the scene.

I remember 3 names

"Sandy, you, you, De Klerk, Pistorius stand down and give me your guns"
They all take a step forward and put their guns down except for Sandy.
"Jy dink julle kak sal met my mors"
"Nee Sandy, Ek sal met jou mors, gee my jou fokken geweer of EK mors jou"
"Altyd die fokken Heer, jou moer"
I shot him 3 times in or arround the heart.
He died on the spot.
We sorted it with the locals and we carried Sandy back to SA.
I wrote a letter and another Army Officer went arround and told his family that he died a hero in the heat off battle.
I have never stood trial to account for my side of the story.

And now I do not think that I ever will.


I just saw this post today. That is an incredible story, Kees. I'm going to link to it when I put up a new entry at my blog tomorrow.

Gravatar... Cassinga?....

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Whilst I am working the interwebs I spy this at Ace

Somali pirates double down, demand $20M

—Purple Avenger

Hey, when you're surrounded by a bevy of warships with no way out other than in a body bag, why not demand $20M? Heck, go for $200M or even $200B. You got nothing to lose, right?

I'm sure they'll be given $20M and promises of safe passage. Its what I'd do. I'd also turn'em into a fine pink mist at the first opportunity if they're dumb enough to believe such promises.

..."The crew are safe and not harmed; what we are waiting eagerly is the 20 million dollars nothing less, nothing more."

He also said that "it is true we are surrounded by three foreign military vessels and there are some others we can see from a distance."...

Smart: try to slink away in a dinghy in the middle of the night.

Dumb: try to collect the $20M

Continue reading

This Nigeria scam does not interest me at all but I remember another time.


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Listen to a dead MAN

Answer In Your Hearts...

Who would you vote for, an honest racist? Or a Political tool? Seriously. Don't grandstand here, either way, I don't want to hear it.

Just have an inner dialog with yourself. Email me if you want. You are talking with your own heart, right now. If you bullshit yourself, you can never trust you again. And no, I don't care how many of your relatives died fighting the Nazis. Shut up and go set your Honda Accord on fire. Or your Mercedes.

Get over it. Live in the here and now. And for goodness sakes, just be honest for once in your life.

And yes, that dress makes your ass look fat. Go change. Oh, if I only had a dollar for every time I have said that...

Your turn.


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28 September 2008



Dear Erica, I admit that I am a Dooshbag, even a bigger dooshbag than Jim.
Now, that is honesty.


Not nobody, not nohow, is a bigger dooshbag than Hairboy.

With deepest affection,

Madame Dooshbag

GravatarI rest my case.

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Elisson starts a catfight


Or here

You will learn more about animals at the first link
But then again I talk about sex in the second link.
That should sort things out, NO?
OMG, I forgot that females rule in the US, Sorry girls.

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Sometimes I actually think.
Not off course like real time thinkers, let's say laaik.
Mike LaRoche
Or even at a stretch vman.
and wonce ze dog is out, wy don't we include the rest of my blogroll.

Da males kak off, big time.
Guyk is Ok as he does not unnerstand chinese.
Jihadgeneb is obltirated by sweething.
So there goes our past life.

 Gradual Dazzle
a first time commentor.

Dear madam, once your 14 year old daughter knows  when to shower and when to put on clean underwear, you will go straight to HEAVEN.
In the meanwhile you can comment here and you can leave whatever you want and it will not stain the love, OK.

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Poor littltle innocent me

My mind

And the Cowboy Blob comes out to play!!!!!!!

Cowboy Blob will pay

Below is his Idea of fun
he started all this shit

The Cowboy  gives

I reply in all my innocence


But then innocent or not, AIN'T STEVE THE LUCKY BOYKIE.

The birthday GIRL

About my age

Many more to you thank you.

BUT THEN FOREIGNERS have been leaving notes arround here.

Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem

Can you imagine your ball hairs pulled out by its roots.
Neither can I.
Crap yourself and hope to dye.


A very distinctave sequence.
Blob's girl : A friend's, girl : What we want :

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27 September 2008



The Great Wall of China is actually the great walls of china and was built over a span of 2000 years.

Study this:

 The next time a leftie calls you a white trash trailer park redneck you ask him or her:

"Hey maybe you can help me, I have been racking my brain all morning, which Chinese Dynasty came first the Jiao or the Jinn

You will like the look of absolute anguish on his or her face.


Do not try this on Stu or DOF.

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25 September 2008


Lower than shark shit

In fact much lower than shark shit

If Sarah Palin isn't enough of a reason for you to get over whatever your problem is with Barack Obama, then you damn well had better pay attention," Rep. Alcee Hastings of Florida said at a panel about the shared agenda of Jewish and African-American Democrats Wednesday. Hastings, who is African-American, was explaining what he intended to tell his Jewish constituents about the presidential race. "Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don't care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks. So, you just think this through," Hastings added as the room erupted in laughter and applause.

Just tell me where to buy the licence to shoot this piece of shit and he will be hastings he's way to his momma, the fuck.
I haven't hunted or made war since I was 28 years old but crap like this makes me want to.

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On the right on my sidebar at the bottom you will find this

Hit the "VOTE NOW" button everyday and my blog and life will become a movie

Scary ain't it.

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Sometimes I am small

As a boy I had many men that I could look up to.

...... man, this post really, REALLY speaks to me.... 
Eric : Tuesday, August 01, 2006 6:03:00 PM

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24 September 2008


Godspeed Bane - again

Bane was and is my friend.
I liked him and he liked me.
I will speak of him as if he was still alive.
If you can't fathom that don't read further.

A Fine quote that Vox won't mind
"I would be remiss
Vox should be taught to count.
You have to scroll down to post no 3, sorry

If I failed to note that we just ripped past 100k visitors in a month for the first time. So, thanks for coming by and feel free to hang around as long as you like. As long as you don't piss off the blonde, bring up Round One or inadvertantly summon the Bane, you should be fine."


Once you die
Bane would have ridiculed this.
(Instapundit did help)

A BaneBlast no more.
I will miss you Bro, but I am glad that your pain is gone.

I have never met or spoken to him but we had a blog relationship that I will surely miss.
Read here and here why he will be missed.

Alaka Kim left this at Bane's Blog.

The Little Ship

I stood watching as the little ship sailed out to sea. The setting sun tinted his white sails with a golden light, and as he disappeared from sight a voice at my side whispered, "He is gone".

But the sea was a narrow one. On the farther shore a little band of friends had gathered to watch and wait in happy expectation. Suddenly they caught sight of the tiny sail and, at the very moment when my companion had whispered, "He is gone" a glad shout went up in joyous welcome, "Here he comes!"
Alaska Kim | 09.23.08 - 1:16 pm | #

He was my friend:
Still is, tho he is dead.

One For The Roll

Bane is a deeply disturbed individual. And a frequent commenter. So that's like, a twofer. I'm just hoping there is a choke collar attached to his throat, should I ever piss him off...


"I'm afraid my parents won't die. And afraid they will." That pretty much sums it up, Hoss. Wish I could have said it with that much class.....


The singular Bane has passed away. He was probably the only blogger I was a little bit afraid to meet. Which made him a keeper. I always wanted to go meet him, and peel that onion back. Alas, 3,000 miles,..


A venerable luv affair

Hi Elisson he was cute, I agree, OK.


Bane said...
Oh, Keesie, I couldn't, well I could, but I would not harm a hair on your nappy head.I have always sensed in you, a brother, though you have certainly lived larger than I.
Saturday, March 15, 2008 5:43:00 AM

I have now been as tough as BANE would want me to be.
Now I am crying.

But his lifelong friends are coming thru

Channeling their inner Bane

66716 hits from http://voxday.blogspot.com  

  9964 hits from http://www.theothersideofkim.com  

  3206    1.79%    
 303    0.17%    http://keeskennis.blogspot.com  
Instaundit was at my level before he announced Bane's death.

From VOX

For the friend I never met

Bane Walks On

The tall man stalked into the shadow
His six-gun at his side,
A twelve-gauge strapped across his back
And boots with knives inside.

He spared no glance for joys behind
Nor for the lurking dark
That shivered as he passed it by,
Eyes ever cold and stark.

A shrouded figure blocked his way,
Its bony hand did twitch
White-knuckled on its wicked scythe.
"Not you, son of a bitch!"

The tall man only grinned and told
His old foe to go to Hell.
The Reaper bowed and stepped aside,
A past lesson learned well.

Beyond the darkness, blinding light
Caused his hard eyes to narrow.
And still the man stood tall and proud
His back straight as an arrow.

Then roaring thunder boomed high o'erhead.
"My child, you're here at last!
Fear not, I have much work for you
A labor long and vast.

I am the God of grace and yet
There must be justice too.
I hear the cries of the despised
The wicked owe their due.

Some serve with harps and sing My glory,
Sweet praise with ev'ry breath.
But you shall sing a different song,
My new Angel of Death!"

The tall man kneeled and bowed his head.
"Lord, I shall do Your Will."
And then he smiled, baring his teeth,
"Just tell me who to kill."

I sincerely hope the devious old bastard is having us on again. But if he isn't, he will be sorely missed indeed.

Hey so do we all.

"Fox News is telling me that there's a new brand of man in town. Now leaving the effete metrosexual in the dust is the hunka-hunka burnin' UBERSEXUAL, positioned somewhere on the spectrum between METRO-MAN*^ and CAVEMAN. How to spot the ubersexual? A few telling signs: while the metrosexual might highlight his hair, indulge in chemical peels, and vie for mirror-time with his significant other, the ubersexual is, I am told, somewhat closer to the traditional "man's man" than previously labeled varieties. An ubersexual, while careful of his personal grooming, would never go so far as to, say, shave his chest."
I have, what about you?

vMan oWs mE an audition, OK as all his gravitas are belong to us.
Keeskennis, I've read some of the tributes to Bane and some of them are bullshit cuz he could have given a rat's ass about the author and some are great cuz he really liked the blogger.....

I like what you wrote, sugar. I know he really enjoyed your writing and he really enjoyed your attitude.

Thanks for sharing. And you're right, he'd mock that huge readership AFTER he was dead. I'm sure he'd have a snarky word or two about ghouls hovering over the body. 

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