30 September 2008


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Thursday, September 11, 2008

One Step Closer To 30.

That's right, sluts, GoK turns 29 on Saturday. I plan on killing golf balls. That's my big birthday plan. I might even sit out in my front yard and bark obscenities at pedestrians. Ok, I already do that. In other news, O'Neal has picked the shoes. The shoes will be here sometime next week, you will know when they have arrived. Also, I'm turning things up a notch and have started working out. Hey, if I have to model underwear, I'm going to be ready. Also, it's 9/11. Today would be a good day to find a firefighter/soldier/seaman/Marine/cop and say thanks. With a blowjob. Do yourself a favor and turn the fucking tv off, I really hate when people try to turn suffering into profit. Happy fucking Thursday.

This makes me think of this joke.


Two cowboys Guy and Blob find themselves with no money and no job, so naturally they go to a pub and talk to the barman. The barman tells them that he pays $50 for any Indian scalp.

So the two adventurers go hunting scalps.

They see two Indians and follow them into the valley depicted above.

As the close in on the two they discuss the fact that they will soon have $100.

Then Guy touches Blob on the shoulder and whispers "Look at all those fucking Indians on the ridge of the valley"

Blob looks up and sees the silhouettes of at least a thousand Indians.

"Fuck" he whispers "we are going to be fucking rich"


And another unkown, no more.

Ummmmm, thanks for putting my picture up on your blog...

Does that sound like "thanks" to you?


So I will just post another picture of Dirty Pirate Hooker
"That will learn her"

Further comments"
Maybe I should learn to keep my mouth shut.

How shall I thank you? Are blow jobs still acceptable forms of payment?

I could take 'em!

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