30 June 2009


The Fourth of July

For about 5% of the worlds population (the USA) that date is about what happened a few hundred years back, and that is OK, I celebrate with them.

But for the other 95% it is the birth of my Glorious Pumpkin, The Cat's Mother and my Cindy's BIRTHDAY.

On Saturday the 4th she will be 50 years old.
She might be younger than the Republic, but she is in better health.

However, my love, have a wonderfull day and I love you more than ever.
And you are the youngest that I will feel ever.
Please phone Cindy on Saturday the 4th at +260 978 080 861
and wish her the very best with her next half century.
Coool, or is it kewwl.
"I am drooling about a fifty year old."
You're NOT.
"So sad for you."
Love you all
Keesie et al.


Wish her a happy birthday from me.

GravatarBest birthday wishes to her. Nice lookin' place you've got there.

GravatarHappy birthday to the lady from southwest Louisiana.

The cats are ALSO beautiful...


GravatarI never tire looking at your photos.
Happy Birthday to your Pumpkin and your lovely wife.

GravatarHappy birthday dearest Cindy! Hope you have a fantastic birthday. Eat, drink and be merry.
Lots of love,

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21 June 2009


The Stupid Ones

Hi Stu,
For more stoopid, I can't fink of nobody, but:

Here in Africa I can volunteer myself.
In England or Oz or NZ. I would say either:

However in the USA I can offer
B, but he is dead and he wasn't stoopid, and
Dax, but, my phone is ringing and I have to answer, see Ya.
Eric's .... well, at least it didn't rain...... does leave a few questions unanswered, but we do have to remember that is Tennessee and Glen is THE Blogger, and that Blanche is leading us all by the short and curly right now.
Vman can come up with a half rubber, I would tink, not that that would help.

Get out of that bed quickly you old fart, PLEASE.
we all LOVE you.


.... stupid is as stupid does, sir...... my Momma always told me that.....

GravatarThankyou, Kees.
Am out of hospital now and mending slowly. 90% fitness expected again by september.


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19 June 2009



Rex asks about the humidity here.
Rex is a Miss A Sippian.
They had a fracas a while ago with some Yanks.
The Yanks only left a calling card.
No morals were transferred.
My homies, and better writers, SpeedQueen, Elderson, Strange White Guy, Gus and Guyk, have to admit that,

"They had a fracas a while ago with some Yanks.
The Yanks only left a calling card.
No morals were transferred."

Is bad writing, but very good perception.

Read more about Rex here, here, here , here, here, and here and many more places, and he asks me about humidity.

Kees: What do you know of relative humidity Rex?
Rex: Whaat?
Kees: What do you know of relative humidity Rex?
Rex: OK, then, my cousin is a relative and when we have sex, that droplet of sweat that I drop from my brows will be relative humidity, OK.
Kees: OK then.

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14 June 2009



It was very hot.
Looked at a project still to be built with oil dollars.
It was very hot.
The hotels we stayed in were nice and the Pakistani and Indian employees were very friendly.
It was very hot.
I actualy met a working Qatarian, a very rare item, he apparently has to work, what a shock.
It was very hot.
We will be submitting our bid within days, and I will be very busy.
It was very hot.

Did I tell you that is was very hot when I visited Qatar last week?

There were lots of sand and lots of heat.

It was very hot.


Yuck.I loath hot weather.
Maeve 06.16.09 - 3:32 pm #

.... well, at least it didn't rain......
Eric Homepage 06.16.09 - 3:44 pm #

how was the humidity?
Rex Homepage 06.17.09 - 5:56 pm #

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02 June 2009


Dick's Bones and what not

Adjust your PC reflect your own size when you show this vid.


It's ribbed...

Hammer Homepage 06.02.09 - 10:16 pm #

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