16 September 2006


The ultimate under pillow defense

We (royal) did not reach this decision easily, we quote the minutes of extensive meetings below.
We believe we had the right advisors.

Bane's comments.

Hi Bane,
I like your blog and mostly your message.
Keeping a means of killing someone under your pillow is sound advice.

In your next post (below) (upside down world) you talk about self inflicted wounds to Africa.
Excuses - none.
I do believe the coca-cola culture is rubbing of - slowly.
Look after yourself, do not wait for the AUTHORITIES.

You are linked from today(night).

KeesKennis | Homepage | 09.16.06 - 12:47 pm | #


Uh, thanks, and stuff, but I believe I counseled STRONGLY against not putting a gun under your pillow, invoking the image of Saint Peter whilst doing so?

Great way to shoot yourself, or someone you love during a nightmare.
Bane | Homepage | 09.16.06 - 12:54 pm | #


To da teef...
At home, in the car, u name it.
Lil Toni | Homepage | 09.16.06 - 1:31 pm | #


What about a dagger or a knuckle duster?
I live a sweet life, I don't have nightmares.
KeesKennis | Homepage | 09.16.06 - 1:46 pm | #


Oh, all of the above, Kees. I'm like a fucking Swiss Army Knife.
Bane | Homepage | 09.16.06 - 1:53 pm | #
I wondered how long it would take Keesie to discover the Sweaty Madness That Is Bane...
I'm wondering how long it takes Bane to discover that using a double negative means that he's counselling strongly FOR putting a gun under Kees' pillow? Ya gots ta be careful with advice like that...

I don't know about the original advice (I don't read Bane), but Bane's quote "Uh, thanks, and stuff, but I believe I counseled STRONGLY against not putting a gun under your pillow, invoking the image of Saint Peter whilst doing so?" tells Kees that going unarmed at night is a bad idea. I looove logic and the English language.
I'm armed with my wit and bitchy attitude. I figure I'll find a lamp at the appropriate time.
Please don't tell Bane I'm unarmed. He thinks I own a 44 Magnum.
I may be mad, but I rarely sweat, and folks as what make me do so, pay.

g, do not two double negatives make a positive? So, what do four double negatives do? If you loved the 'English' language, darling, you might want to reconsider abusing it so.

Leave that to us professionals...
You can cube an imaginary number if you wish, but you still told Kees to keep a gun under his pillow. I'll consider it a mere instant of intellectual imprecision.

I'll leave the professional abuse up to you. I am, indeed, an admitted amateur.
'g', as I have no idea how tenuous your actual grasp of the English language is, I cannot, in good conscience, actually come out and call you a liar. A shit-stirrer, perhaps, but your status as a liar remains ambiguous.

At no point, if you read what I wrote, can you infer that I was suggesting that anyone keep a gun under their pillow, unless the vagaries of different languages and translations come into play, which is not my responsibility.

So, in short, please feel free to go have sexual congress with yourself. I'll have no further truck with you, or this place, should such as you infest it.
Bane, it was a minor mistake that you apparently haven't figured out yet. No biggie. Nobody's perfect, myself included. I'd explain it more clearly, but you've taken serious offense and that wasn't my intention.

Besides, fighting on the Internet is like pissing into the wind. It feels good for a moment but then even your friends know you're dirty.
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