30 July 2009



Real life Fairies.

With fancy footwear

... what a cutie!...
Eric | Homepage | 07.30.09 - 3:14 pm | #

OMG she is so cute!
I'd wear those socks too!
Maeve | Homepage | 08.01.09 - 6:19 pm | #

My little cousin have seen your comments and she loves them, she is planning bigger and better shoots.

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27 July 2009



Earlier Elisson gave me this and I wondered just what you could do to make this sillier.

And then The Cowboy gave me this.


I hereby declare that I am innocent until proven guilty.

Discarded attempts.

The silliness factor is not there in earnest.


That's pretty silly, all right.

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24 July 2009


How fast is fast and how fast is fucking fast

See more about the Veyron here


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22 July 2009


Seeing is believing

Can you believe anyone would drink Jack Daniels & Coke... without ice?

Stolen from Mohawk

... as Cagney would have said, "I'm on top of the WORLD, ma!".....

Working their way up to the mile high club

GravatarGive a hole(sic!) new meaning to the phrase 'a rubber of bridge'

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17 July 2009


Three with one shot

I report in Afrikaans, you decide.


2 I can see but 3?

I smell a bit of fertlizer in the air.
Of course I don't ken Afrikaans but bullshit is universal.

GravatarI know!
You caught them crossing din't ya.
My old man used to shoot quail like that. Taught me not to waste a shell.

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The lion wont eat the hyena but kills it because they compete for the same food and the heyna (not this one) will kill the lion's cubs when it has a chance.


There are things we can learn from animals. Some people seem to be losing the survival instinct.
Like liberals for instance.

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Fresh water fishing


Do you know Jimbo? I'm sure he'd LOVE this photo............

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15 July 2009


The mine - Also big

The bottom pic is 2 pics klapped together amateurishly on PS


Reminds me a bit of this one a few minutes away from me. What are they mining for in the one you have there?

GravatarHi Bob

This is a gold mine and this is one of several pits scattered over a vast area

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Talking about big

A tree and a van in Ghana.
My estimate for the height of the tree is 35 m (115 ft) or something like that.
The van is a Toyota double cab, 2.4 liter and runs on diesel, the tree is made out of wood and has green leaves.

For the very best calculator for your screen, go and download calc98 it is free and vely good.
And then you can do your own conversions.

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Everything in my world is Big - Take 4 or 5

I bought these just outside Accra and my chef made a lekker soup.
"Oh goody, snails, I'll take 12"

I wish Chickie was around to say "Eeeewwwww"

Maybe Eric and Elisson can tell us how they will prepare these.


I'll say it for her..........I also add a couple of "colorful" adj. too!!!

Now THOSE are some big-ass snails; a couple of those would probably wipe out my garden in a day.

GravatarFew sticks of butter, about three or four heads of minced garlic. Yum-O!

GravatarThem buggers gotta be on someone's endangered species list.
If they show up in these parts, they'll definately be on mine.

What's your chef's recipe?

These snails are for sale everywhere

The soup my chef prepared was a thin garlic/vegetable soup with bite size snail bits. Very yummy.

In poor countries soup and or stews spread the protein across more mouths.

.... I'd definitely cook'em for you.... but I'd need at least a liter of scotch before I helped you eat them.....

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06 July 2009


Cats mother 49 pics


Cat's Mother? More like the cat's meow! That lady is HAWT!

Many happy returns of the day.

GravatarWhat Ellison said!
Looks like a great party. The sunset is almost as beautiful as your wife.

Gravatar... be sure to tell her that she as a beautiful voice...... and that I hope we get a chance to hear it in person someday soon!.....

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05 July 2009


{Power} versus {Power on tap}

Federrer WON
Roddick LOST

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Cindy Speaking

Thanks to my Nics for the birthday post. You are so wrong. The youngest woman you will ever feel is flipping 49! I'm a happy heifer for another year. Next birthday I'm a half century moo-cow in all my glory says the crab married to the bull. Thanks to all for the wishes and sms's. Must confess I was a bit confoxed by all the 5oth greetings. Later... I was half asleep when America called. Didn't even wish you happy 4th July I was so puzzled. Thanks Eric and Elisson for this surprise - now that was very cool. Ellison informed me that 50 is the new 40 - lol, so I muttered sleepily does that make 49 the new 29? Ummm, but gallant Ellison ignored the fact that woman in KeesKennis Land don't seem to be able to count. When Eric called the penny dropped. Niiiiiiiic! Bloody blogger. 50 or not - I really enjoyed hearing the male American drawl of Eric and Ellison, how charming. Thank you. Hey Maeve! Thank you too, you always say nice things.
Nic my love, thanks for the gorgeous diamond earrings - love them. If you slip up and age me again you will be buying me a third pair!

Keesie here:
Hi Pumkin, You are so Wise you could have been 60 so WTF.
Happy 49th tp YOU.


Actually, what I said was that 50 is the new 30. Which makes you the new 29, I suppose. Leave it to Keesie to misplace the decimal... but his heart is in the right place. Right next to yours!

Gravatar.. twas my pleasure, ma'am..... happy birthday!.... and many, many happy returns.....

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03 July 2009


Be careful with words

Seen in Accra last week

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