15 July 2009


Everything in my world is Big - Take 4 or 5

I bought these just outside Accra and my chef made a lekker soup.
"Oh goody, snails, I'll take 12"

I wish Chickie was around to say "Eeeewwwww"

Maybe Eric and Elisson can tell us how they will prepare these.


I'll say it for her..........I also add a couple of "colorful" adj. too!!!

Now THOSE are some big-ass snails; a couple of those would probably wipe out my garden in a day.

GravatarFew sticks of butter, about three or four heads of minced garlic. Yum-O!

GravatarThem buggers gotta be on someone's endangered species list.
If they show up in these parts, they'll definately be on mine.

What's your chef's recipe?

These snails are for sale everywhere

The soup my chef prepared was a thin garlic/vegetable soup with bite size snail bits. Very yummy.

In poor countries soup and or stews spread the protein across more mouths.

.... I'd definitely cook'em for you.... but I'd need at least a liter of scotch before I helped you eat them.....

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