31 July 2007


The great washed

If somebody ever forces me onto such a beach ..........
Images from Amazing Filtered Things

Maeve beat me to it! Knowing damn well with that many people the pissers are gonna be too crowded and a beach and beer cause people to go piss and why not the water? I bet t was warm in a lot of spots..
GUYK Homepage 08.06.07 - 3:40 am #
Oilslick comes to mind... That is not on my wishlist.
RobC Homepage 08.05.07 - 4:42 pm #
Human dunes, dude. Human dunes.
Kim Homepage 08.05.07 - 7:08 am #
I hate when a beach gets that crowded. I'd rather stay home and sit in the tub.
Libby Homepage 08.04.07 - 6:52 pm #
... no thanks.... I'll just stay at home and hold down the patio furniture..... that beach definitely doesnt look like fun.....
Eric Homepage 08.02.07 - 1:43 am #
Ok.......EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW.....Imagine all those people peeing in the water!!!!
Maeve Homepage 08.01.07 - 3:56 am #
One big wave and woosh... clean beach
hammer Homepage 07.31.07 - 10:58 pm #
Hey! I missed the annual bath time for the Smith family?Ralphd00d Homepage 07.31.07 - 8:31 pm #
I fail to see why that is fun. It reminds me of a big ant bed that someone just kicked.
BobG Homepage 07.31.07 - 6:56 pm #
My God...Look at all that shark bait!
MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 07.31.07 - 6:48 pm #

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30 July 2007


Can't Go to Church...

Two men were fishing on a lake, feeling guilty that it was a Sunday morning and they were not attending church.
Even worse, the fish were not biting.
The first guy eventually says, "I should have stayed home and gone to church."
To which the other angler replied, "I couldn't have gone to church, anyhow. My wife is sick in bed."

As good an excuse as any other.
Kim Homepage 08.05.07 - 7:09 am #

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Competition - Identify Please

Any baboon knows it is a black rhino and her calf.

What is the bird that is fluttering next to the calf?

If you can't identify the bird please leave your suggestion of what it should be called.




Nope, it is a mileamo bird so called because it feasts on the vermin on that overgrown hog and when it tries to take off it just flops to the ground and you can hear it fart for a mileamo

GUYK Homepage 08.06.07 - 3:42 am #
Definitely a swallow-tailed ear pecker.

Libby Homepage 08.04.07 - 6:53 pm #


It's a "Talibird," which truly believes it about to deliver an ass-kicking to a couple infidels.

Jim - PRS Homepage 07.31.07 - 9:11 am #


it, of course, is a long tailed ear-nester.

Rex Homepage 07.30.07 - 10:50 pm #

That, of course, is an Oo-oo bird. It is identifiable by its big, pendulous Nut-Sack, which drags on the ground when the bird flies low, causing it to exclaim, "Oo-oo!"

Elisson Homepage 07.30.07 - 8:41 pm #

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29 July 2007


Guyk's new leanto

I learn from this that either Guyk has won the lottery or his rich Aunt Mavis died and left him millions.

Sweething would have bought more at Wally World, according to Guyk.
However according to Sweething, she would have bought a 10 yard long walking machine, to get some space to put her Hubby's fat something or other in front of her.
I'm guessing I suppose.
But the space between Rednecks and rural Afrikaners is less than zero.
And that is not limited to the times we have sex.
I do believe that Guyk named the car Sylvia II, you know that he has gottten a degree in History, of course, on the GI bill nogal, they did have to translate his redneck into english though to pass him on the final paper.
Raising three adopted kids is a major achievement, I salute Sweething and Guyk.
I bet I could fit my still in that limo and power it off of corn
hammer Homepage 07.31.07 - 6:14 am #
Did that limo come with a moonshine still and a built in fishing hole?
MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 07.30.07 - 4:55 pm #

Yep, that's sweetthings half acre except I traded that gotdam limo for a Red Ram and A Jayco..the Limo rode like a Ford Truck.
GUYK Homepage 07.30.07 - 1:39 am #

"...they did have to translate his redneck into english..." No easy feat, mind you. Oh, Hi Guy!
Erica Homepage 07.29.07 - 9:05 pm #

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Rob loved poker

It starts off with 7 guys throwing 50 bucks into a game, small time.
3 walk out
1 sell out at a profit that escalate this to a 150 buck game.
All off a sudden a new game is in the offing.
Now we are playing (me agaisnt the big guy) for countless thousands.
I win 1,345 USD and are perplexed, I only wagererededededed fifty.


(Ellison is out off bounds, and not allowed to enter the competition) ... he knows too much for his own good ..
Cocksucker our own Vman loves intrasexualdeadasyugopast50 so much that we are hard pressed to keep up, in HIS USA, he is allowed to answer.
So Chickie and Maeve, the hottest chicks on the web is together and on the loose:
Do you think we will get a single flash ?
The ...... white oke, with a scar...... might, if he wants to, please us, will tell us of his winnings.


... heheheh.... roger that, bigman.... actually, I played poker with Rob a few years ago at the Wreckyll in Jeckyll and got my ass handed to me.... I was the first man to be put out.....
Eric Homepage 07.30.07 - 7:41 pm #
If you hear about any earth quakes or other such trouble, you can bet it is me & Chickie getting our drink on and cutting loose. Well....as much as we can with 3 kids in tow........LOL!
Maeve Homepage 07.29.07 - 2:46 am #

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28 July 2007


Brunk Dloggin g

Not advised at anu age

Goinmg ahead regrdless

AZkkurate. you dooont know abouuout accurate.


That was what I wrote last night, before falling asleep on my keyboard.

That was an awsome party.

What...no lamp shade on your head? Looks like you had a great time
.LeeAnn 07.28.07 - 9:17 pm #

And here I thought you were blogging in Afrikaans...
BobG Homepage 07.28.07 - 7:19 pm #

You da man Keesie.
Maeve Homepage 07.28.07 - 4:30 pm #

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25 July 2007


There should be a law .......




I'd do that in a second. Looks like a hella w00t!My intestines are made out of steel so no upchucking from me.

Erica Homepage 07.29.07 - 9:06 pm #


WheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeMegalicious!I love it... the Horizontal Bungee.I am putting it on my To Do list, before my bones get too brittle!

RobC Homepage 07.28.07 - 12:03 am #
candidate for the darwin award

GUYK Homepage 07.27.07 - 10:11 pm #


I would crap down both pants legs if I tried this.

Wm H Homepage 07.26.07 - 3:47 am #
If that was me everyone beneath would be covered in whatever was for lunch and dinner two days before.

hammer Homepage 07.26.07 - 3:00 am #

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24 July 2007


Fuzzy Photos and Fuzzy kitties

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I'm sure you have heard the term, "INDEPENDENT
FRONT SUSPENSION," but may not know exactly what it
means. Basically, when one front wheel of a
vehicle hits a bump or pothole, it will move up
or down to compensate while the other wheel remains
steady. Both wheels are independent of each
other, hence that expression.

Watch the attached video, a German commercial for
the Nissan Pathfinder, to find out exactly how this
works. This gives a moving experience which
should benefit your understanding of this
engineering marvel.

This is primarily designed for sales personnel;
however,for those of you in service training, I am
sure you will find this an excellent training aid.


I can't go anywhere without bloggers posting boobie vids lately. I'm gonna hafta YouTube a coupla boy hotties packing heat and strutting their shit on my site just to even up the score.

Erica Homepage 07.24.07 - 1:28 pm #


My eyes seem to be having problems focusing after watching that...
BobG Homepage 07.25.07 - 4:40 am #


Why even the score? Just add to it! Love the vid!
Ralphd00d Homepage 07.24.07 - 9:42 pm #

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22 July 2007


DRC again

I am looking forward to lining up Corporal,Seargent,Lieutenent,Captain or something border official again and will wait to see if they have learned anything at all.


I might be without reception.

ALL my Mystery "ghost writers" please listen.

Please post on my behalf.

Hope I can get a few posts from you.


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19 July 2007


Exit Africa 2

I posted here on my parent's first great grandchild being born in the USA.
Well it has happened and I present you with the new American.

I will be the last to comment on Americans and big mouths.

As his Grandmother ( My sister) says "Exceptionally clever for 6 weeks, his Ouma has to say!"


Oh what a darlin. Congrats to the proud family.

Libby Homepage 07.22.07 - 11:56 pm #


looks just like you!

GUYK Homepage 07.22.07 - 2:18 am #
Fabulous. Beauty-they walk in.

Kim Homepage 07.22.07 - 12:03 am #
What a little cutie!

LeeAnn 07.21.07 - 7:07 am #
.. he comes from fine stock.... an excellent addition!.. congratulations!...

Eric Homepage 07.21.07 - 12:59 am #


What a beauty! Scream away honey. It's the Amurrican way.

Kim Homepage 07.20.07 - 5:16 am #
Looks like a politician to me.

Bonita Homepage 07.19.07 - 8:16 pm #
Congrats! Cute kid!

hammer Homepage 07.19.07 - 6:11 pm #

Hey you know what they say about big mouths....no wait a minute that's feet. Nevermind!
Awww what a cute little American baby.
MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 07.19.07 - 2:59 pm #

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You agree to catsit a chubby little cat for a friend on R&R

This one developes a taste for avocado.

Yes you guessed right. Kittens.

Get that camera out of my face!




Awwwwwwwww kitties!!!!

Maeve Homepage 07.20.07 - 3:50 am #


Ag Kees, those are the cutest little kittens...Congratulations! Oh, and I need to get me some of them Avo's...yummy!

Melissa 07.19.07 - 10:22 am #

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17 July 2007


R&R Guts and grit


Question: What did Chiwaya do from 1912 to 1914?
Answer: He drove this tractor along a track cut by C.D. Simpson.

It Boggles the mind.

This all from the Gore-Browne Manor house (circa 1920) near the Kapisha Hot Springs.
Mark is a descendant of Stewart Gore Brown.

Mark & Mell the owners of Kapisha Hot springs.


I've always wanted to visit a rubber factory.

MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 07.18.07 - 10:02 pm #
Those old steam tractors were nothing but a train engine on lugged wheels and could do some serious work. I have seen them in operation at some shows where they are using them from everything from pulling a saw mill to threshing wheat. Back at the turn of the last century the BIG outfits in the Northwestern USA used them to pull plows on the multi thousand acre wheat farms..

GUYK Homepage 07.18.07 - 3:13 pm #


Neat old tractor. It's amazing how much they could do with a steam engine.

hammer Homepage 07.17.07 - 6:37 pm #


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Camel toes

By Mist 1 from her blog, To do: 1. Get Hobby, 2. Floss
Thursday, April 26, 2007
There Will Be No 2nd Date

By Fish from This fish needs a bicycle
May 29, 2007
friends don't let friends

Big Wooden Spoon for Kees.

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R&R redux


General map of Zambia

Our route from Solwezi round the tip of the DRC to Mpulungu on Lake Tanganyika.

It is a round trip of about 2800 km.

The road was good except for a section of 80 km of with bad potholes.

The piccie above is the bushtrack to Kapisha Hot Springs which was in good condition except for one or two wash-aways. The total dirt section is about 80 km.

The young ladies enjoying an opticaly foreshortened hot swim.

The Cat's Mother cooking.




Absolutely gorgeous...and the water looks great, too!

Mrs. Who Homepage 07.19.07 - 5:45 am #
Beautiful country and looks like you had a most enjoyable trip.

GUYK Homepage 07.18.07 - 3:14 pm #
Narly roads! Any good twisties Kees?Shrek loves twisties...

RobC Homepage 07.17.07 - 6:15 pm #


That water looks so relaxing.

Chickie Homepage 07.17.07 - 3:51 pm #


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The 'fishing' was good

As usual the BIG one got away but I landed this pan sized Green Landfish.

This sculpture is at the Mkuba hotel in Ndola.

Dang, that's some serious landscaping!
Chickie Homepage 07.17.07 - 3:51 pm #
... kinda looks like a submarine...
Eric Homepage 07.18.07 - 2:11 am #

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12 July 2007


Man, what a trip!

Isanga Bay. A most beautiful view of Lake T.

Kapisha Hot Springs. You can see the fairies dancing in the mist.

1000 kilometers (625 miles) in 12 hours in Africa, Must be some kind of record for foolishness.

Anyway, our first day with the itinerary from hell is now 6 days behind us and we have had a wonderful holiday with two of our youngsters.

We first stopped at Kapishya Hot springs , owned and run by Mark and Mell.

Mark is the typical son of a son of a colonial master (this is only put in to grate Mark).

They have this beautiful piece of Africa, and they are developing and saving it for the kids of the future.
Mell is a cook that excites and brings a feeling of calm to these hot springs, a Brit from London, she met Mark in a London pub and then moved with him to this remote piece of Zambia.
We rested a day at Kapishya and then we moved on to Isanga Bay on Lake Tanganyika, a trip of only 400 kilometers (250 miles).
Rene and Sean are the mistresses and misters of Isanga Bay, she is a great cook and hostess and he looks after the place well.
We were the only guests at Isanga and loved it.
Rene also offers a range of therapeutic massages, that the girls loved.
Pedicures and manicures followed.
Urm, twas a great trip... I particularly enjoyed being dragged around the lake on a tube by my loving sister who thought it was a great way to get exercise! Buffy, one of the local dowgs at Isanga Bay was a great security guard and I thoroughly enjoyed the anecdotes... specifically a well worded comment about "indiscriminate dunking of the love muscle", referring to certain Scandahooligans who have a preference for local lovelies - and then abscond leaving behind their pets and local offspring.
Had a great trip! It was great to spend this time with my parents, since I don't see them very often! Kapisha Hot Springs is a little heaven in the middle of nowhere... My first time in hot springs... Isanga Bay was also a great experience. I tried to compensate for the large amount of yummy food we were eating (three times a day) by rowing my tush around a small bit of the Lake Tanganika... It was fun. Kind of ready to go home now to my man whom I haven't seen in a month, sooo... Being a South African, it is so special to be able to experience other African cultures (done Botswana and Tanzania as well). Cheers :)
No she does not travel well, in fact I got (KK, Speaking) a new Latin name for her "Lovebillia Moangattia"
So that would say that she is at the end of her travel-tether and does not want to speak to you lot.
She will have her say somewhat later and in the meanwhile she sends her LOVE.
Post more pictures soon.
Love Keesie
Woohoo you're back...and what beautiful pics! Do you feel rejuvenated?MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 07.16.07 - 11:00 pm #
I want to hear more about that "...indiscriminate dunking of the love muscle..." and maybe a picture of it?
GUYK Homepage 07.15.07 - 11:16 pm #
Oh how I envy you!! So glad you had a good trip kees Am now feeling even more homesick for my wonderfully weird home continent *sigh*
Jayne Homepage 07.15.07 - 9:38 pm #
that cracked veneer is looking better and better!
Rex Homepage 07.15.07 - 4:33 am #
I'm so jealous. It's looks just gorgeous.
Libby Homepage 07.14.07 - 4:31 am #
.... one day I am definitely coming to Africa.....
Eric Homepage 07.13.07 - 10:36 pm #
I never wanted to go to Africa until I started viewing your pictures.Your country is BREATH TAKING!!!Glad every one is having a nice time.I sure could go for a massage myself!
Maeve Homepage 07.13.07 - 4:10 am #
Looks absolutely beautiful. We missed you. Now are you going to show us a picture of your freshly manicured & pedicured fingers and tootsies?
Chickie Homepage 07.13.07 - 2:55 am #
Very nice. Looks like a place worth visiting.
hammer Homepage 07.12.07 - 9:30 pm #

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02 July 2007


R & R

We have just started and the veneer of civilization is showing cracks allready

I love it when the veneer of civilization cracks. It's such a satisfying sound.
Libby Homepage 07.08.07 - 5:42 am #

It seriously scares me for the safety of Africa for a blog meet to be held over there..............
Maeve Homepage 07.06.07 - 4:21 pm #

Cool beans. Happy R&R! I used to be able to do the pencil trick with my boobs. Now, just one works. Enjoy!
Kim Homepage 07.04.07 - 5:53 pm #

.. just you wait until WE come to visit.... you wanna talk about the veneer of civilization being cracked, brother, just you wait.... .... a blogmeet in Africa is on the planning boards......
Eric Homepage 07.04.07 - 5:50 am #
And in a few days, after a suntan and some more loss of "the veneer of civilization", the pictures of Kees will look like this.
BobG Homepage 07.03.07 - 5:32 pm #
You guys look like so much fun...we need to have a blogmeet over there...or is it down there, ah hell, I'm geographically challenged.
Chickie Homepage 07.03.07 - 12:53 pm #

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01 July 2007


I might ...

..... Or might not be arround for fourteen days .
I am taking a bit of well earned R&R
The Cats Mother and I with 2 of our pumpkins are driving to Lake Tanyanika.

I will post some piccies when I have connection.

I leave you with a beach scene.

Also visit Naked skiing, Not Photoshopped, Missing wife, Grandads Barbeque, How many, You have to be this tall, The force did it, Walking the dog and Real men eat beef.

Is this called ass licking? If so, I want to be the licker.
Catfish Homepage 07.04.07 - 4:36 pm #
It's a dog's life, ain't it??
Porkchop Homepage 07.03.07 - 3:47 am #
KK: See below.
Have a great time..oh and that picture? Gives a whole new meaning to doggy-style..
Chickie Homepage 07.02.07 - 11:58 pm #
KK: I bow to your superior knowledge.

Bon voyage my dear. Enjoy the sun and sand. Eagerly awaiting the photos.
Libby Homepage 07.02.07 - 11:51 pm #
KK: i will supply, might even include a picture of a desparate bachelor.

.. have a great time, Keesie....
Eric Homepage 07.02.07 - 9:22 pm #
KK: Wilco

Kees at a lake with a camera? The mind boggles...
BobG Homepage 07.02.07 - 5:46 pm #
KK: Yes, Indeed.

Enjoy your trip and take plenty of pictures to post when you get back.
Caption for your picture: Smells like snatch cakes.
Becky Homepage 07.02.07 - 5:41 pm #
KK: Yes it does, dont sue me, you started it.

Relax and enjoy your break...your pics are the greatest.
MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 07.02.07 - 5:40 pm #
KK: welcome back MJG, I missed you.

Enjoy your break Kees & we're all looking forward to seeing those photos
Jayne Homepage 07.02.07 - 3:36 pm #
KK: See them you will, thanks Jayne

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