25 January 2012



Lets GO!!
If anyone could come between V-Man and myself, it would be you. (And V-Man would probably like it, too!)
Damn, Kees. Who would have known there were so many of us crazy people on the internet?
Already over the top. I'm 200,016. What do I win?
Whadda ya mean..you couldn't read my post? And I already know I'd make a bad president...but a wonderous empress
Crap! Missed it by nineteen!!!

Good on ya, Keesie - may the next 200k be at least as much fun!
Two Hunnert Thousand! That's practically a million! Congratulations!
(I am running for Congress and basic arithmetic isn't allowed there so I'm getting in practice.)
Shit I'm late
crazy as a shit house rat, oops srry that was someone else your just plain crazy as say v-man,,,oops might want to rethink shit house rat crazy and Vman crazy,, need to evaluate.
You crawl outta the fekkn woodwork & tempt me with obscene numbers - bloody cheek of it!

Will catch up on your scrawl soon. Gotta mate who recently started in SL............he says the plek is spoilt, like the rest of Africa!
Do I win something?
I lost my site counter when I temporarily killed my blog a couple years back, so it only shows about 50k... I guess I will never be president.
Good on ya Kees. Keep bringing it to the people.
Congrats, Keesie!
Vroom Vroom! On to the next 500,000
You are the 9% :sarcasm:

But I dread you'll keep going anyway ;-)
Congrats, can you send me one of your big game guns for the hell of it?
Damn...I missed most of yesterday while having fun somewhere else. Over 200,000...verah kewl! My pitiful blog hasn't reached 60,000 yet and I've been doing this since Jan. 2006.
Keep going, Keesie!
Congratulations on getting the 200,000th hit.
I missed it. Talking killing creatures with Og. Dammit.
Just Damn!
Congrats on the Milestone!
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22 January 2012


Who is the Cajun and who is the Boer?

OK the Titles will tell you, but listen, please.
Many thousands of miles apart and we make the same music.
Happy "Cajun's Day" to you my brother.
Oh that was last week was it, well dang

Boeremusiek vanaf hier many more Boere/Cajun pieces from here

I do not have a musical bone in my body but play the two together and they sound the same - almost

Although it is not PC to say it anymore. I was raised to this.
Your own space?
Your own culture?
Your own language?
Your own morals?
Your own laws?
Your own ways?
Your own {Fill in the Blank}?

I Will. And fuck you.
Not so much god left in me after a long and happy life, but enough to fuck you with. OK

We also had a couple of peeps grabbing woman at taxi ranks and such and we also had talks about how the woman deserved that, nogal. Keep your paws to yourself please or I will cut them off.

My life and morals is depicted below.
The words are simple "Hou jou hanne van my lyf af" = "Keep your hands from my body"
And this is repeated thruout.

I had to recoup and calm myself down with this.
Beutiful ain't it.

I met a girl last night that charged by the inch. I didn't have enough money but I figured she’d be a good deal for you.
C'mon Vman you can't just throw away a good hooker like that, what will she make of his foreskin and how will she measure that.
25% is a lick if you ask me.
Blow by blow
You lose
Win is all
Sorry to all
uh...that 3 line comment was not me....?
uh...that was me
C'mon Cheese, how would you know what a hooker looks like and how she/he would recact, the payment is all about how drunk he is and how many inches his wallet can handle, I thort all peeps knew this fact. Weed did play a role a while back tho.
I think I met her. I only paid for 12 and held the other half to prevent kinking.
Blob wins the mystery prize
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21 January 2012


Now be honest

If it is all peeps mentioned here are/is tagged.
Can you trust your blog roll to vote if they can't answer this?

Pictures if you have them are welcome and WILL be published.
I just discovered a picture of a girl which I will not publish who insisted on shaving me every time we had sex.
How many times and when last did you have your pubic hair shaved by or have shaved someone of the opposite sex?
My blog roll IMHO fares like this:
If you are not mentioned (or even if you are) I need to have proof that I am wrong and it actually did or did not take place.
Rob: Plenty : Before he went to rehab? : All guesses now or not.
Bane: We can only guess but I liked him a lot when he lived , I don't think he got shaved that often.
Vman: Plenty : When he had something on with Watsername, I think a good story from him will help to clear the (h)air with a 10 inch Bowie knife in his left hand, and a Guatamalan machete in his right
Guy: Never : Maybe in Canada or with a fish - Maybe?
Denny: Often but not in the snow : He has to leave something to stick out after a avalanche when on skis
King of Greece: Lots and losts : The mother Superior knows a lot. USA, UAS etc.
Erotica: Whatevah : Whenevah
Witch: Ooh again : Last night
Blob: Mil Secret: since 1989 daily : He believes it makes you shoot straighter not screwer... I mean skewer... I mean straight not happy as in gay.

Hapiness is a long beard and a longer trigger finger, go figure.

Flitzy Phoebie: Take your guess, she is so sweet, pubes or not.
Da big hair lawyer: He took haircuts for his clients but I think he took a few and not tooo long ago. I wasn't expecting such fast results but Jimbo is giving the assholes a shave allready
Aaargh: She trims the sails and cuts you short if you talk kak like I do, so no guesses.
Cheese: More times that his rabbi would think but then that first time when he lost a foreskin has held him back.
Libby: Goody : Again
Catfish: Plenty: Last week
Marcus: When fish bait is in short supply : This morning
Bob: ????? : 1967
SWG: .... Nevah .... : ......  ?   .......
Tanker: You can't trust a clean shaven electrician : He shaves pussy's for the vet, that is what he does.
Becky: Give me a ladder and I will try or maybe die
AB5Y: Maybe when he was younger
Yabu: Only when he is sober and mean : Yesterday
Grandpa: Many : Last while active on the border : Some of it was was done by Mexican bandits - struth.
Tommy: Stupidly I think not to much : He will tell a big lie about it two weeks ago.
Driver: On Major stops only : When last on full duty
Dax:  Often : Before his last major trip to Africa
El Baboon: Never : Was born bald - struth
Dazd: Once or twice : 17 years ago
Froth: Maybe 3.5 times : After she hides the bodies she dances and sings, in french. strange but true and the pets join in: In french, you tink I lie - nevah
Stu: Often : He also likes dogs and nurses.
Rex: Never : The knives in his life is toooo big to allow close to his pubes.
DoF: Conjecture : I will just be kakked out for not following good research methods.
Holder: Useless to guess : Her husband is a ex marine : Talk amongst yourselves
Shadowscope: SEE HOLDER ABOVE, they have cute kids and the one is a repete.
Dog: Plenty, with every lick : I mean tattoo or is it a revamp of some old crap with old guns etc.
Og: Nevah : Maybe every six months if his knees are/is OK and his car's clutch is working.
Insty: Indeed: Heh
Cory: Boing : Boing
Pondering: Haiku, not so fast, don't cut so deep, however shallow that may sound. (NEW FORM)

Got my MoJo workin'
I am and have alawys been like the African bush -- wild and uncut
... no comment.....
I miss doing memes. Speaking of pubes, did you see this?
That's what I like about this blog: You're not afraid to leap off into untamed areas.

I'm just happy you didn't post more pictures.

You haiku'd! I'm so proud.

I'll only say this...I like haiku better than shaving.
The only thing I shave is my noggin; no way I'm getting a razor anywhere below my neck.
All my commentors are to be thanked for keeping this POS alive, they are still Pussies tho.
Except Jean
Any hair I have is luxurious and minklike. Why would I let anyone shave it?
Heh, I nuked the beard after I got Home. Hadn't seen my chin for 12 years, then discovered I'd grown another one. :(
"they are still Pussies tho."
You are what you eat.
Who told? Sheesh... a girl can't have any secrets these days...
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18 January 2012


Captain Schittino

Read this captain SHIT

-De Falco: "No, please. You now get up and go on board. They are telling me that on board there are still..."
-Schettino: "I am here with the rescue boats, I am here, I am not going anywhere, I am here..."
-De Falco: "What are you doing, commander?"
-Schettino: "I am here to coordinate the rescue..."
-De Falco: "What are you coordinating there? Go on board! Coordinate the rescue from aboard the ship. Are you refusing?"
-Schettino: "No, I am not refusing."

Nobody knows how they WILL react but my history shows, and I know that I will not react like this.

Fucking coward ass pussy.
What Yabu said. Captain Assface should be made to wear cement shoes. I look at photos of that ship and I'm just dumbstruck that anyone could do such a thing.
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13 January 2012


I love authority - Not

                                                           CLICK on PHOTO to MAKE BIG
This is a very nice photo of my love of authority
It depicts me after a 3 month "You cannot refuse" call up for a Camp in the NDF.
If you click on the photo and make it bigger you will see that my eyes are clear, the right hand index finger nail is dirty, the pay packet shows that I spent some months in pay of the army, etc.
So how did I get to look so much like a hippie after 60 days being controlled by an orginistion that prides itself shaving peoples hair?
"So Fuckemall" is a starter.
I received the invitation this call up, non refusable camp.
I go and buy hair nets and hair pins and gel to limit my hair from showing.
I and my friends do undercuts up my neck. As high as my ears.
I reported for duty as called for but slightly late with a good excuse with my hair all gelled up under a cap, regulation size.
Because I was late with a good excuse I was rushed past a lot of prying/testing peeps and onto a departing Bedford.
During a mass prayer meeting the next morning I had to take off my head covering and I hear the Officer behind me proclaim " Goeie Christus God" as my locks start tumbling down.
During interrogation and questioning I maintained that my hair was principle to my earning a wage as I was employed as a Drummer in a band called "The Gutter Kids"
Remember that I do not have a smidgen of music in my body.
Anybody with any sense (Somebody in the Army?) would have asked me to do a drum solo with two forks, nobody did, and I survived with my hair intact.
The next day I was interviewed by a senior Predikant (Priest, Rabbi) and during this I found my way to salvation (His Beard). He was mistakenly advised by me that his Beard and my Long Hair was on the same level.
I survived with my hair for another 8 days.
These camps were always expanding. You were only called up for 22 days, then it was expanded for another 22, and you ended doing 3 months.
So on day 28 I had to go and shoot on the range.
Hair in a net and mosdop on  top.
"Mosdop" is the plastic inner of a Metal helmet.
Because of my genetic inheritance I manage to outshoot everybody that day
And I keep my hair for a another week or so.
I then arm wrestle a Corporal and gain a week.
By then the Man of God is on my side and me and him go and see the COMMANDANT, the guy in charge of the whole camp.
He thought that I looked like a young diety (Jesus) and forgave me my sins and there I was back in civvy life with my long hair.
You all can do it with smoke and mirrors or with "fuckemall"

Not even if it is good.
Hey Ray my GRANDSON my advice to you is to do what you want.

Your picture reminds me of this guy.
You looked dangerous. In a good way...
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12 January 2012


My grandson and me

Ray was resting very comfortably on my belly

Where is the "Love" button?!
# posted by marcus : Friday, January 13, 2012
# posted by Joe : Friday, January 13, 2012
Congrats, Kees. He is just beautiful.
He's a handsome young man, even if he has 25% of your DNA. Congratulations!
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11 January 2012


My grandchild

Hi Vida me and Cindy love you Ray and Pierre

Let the accolades flow in

Congratulations, grandpa, to you and your wonderful family on their newest member.
Mazel tov -- what a beautiful little blessing you have there! Much love and congrats to you and your fam.
Cher bebe' ! As my grandmother would say...

Congratulations to you and your family!

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A grandchild - The Waiting

Cindy and me took Vida out for a bite to eat.
She looks heavy, that is the struth, heavy.
All 5 foot and 3 inches of her.
I love all of her pounds

And then I get the sms "On our way to meet Ray"
Vida and Pierre is mostly Afrikaans but I get this sms on Cindy's phone and Cindy is mostly English, but in a good way.
And I send back " We love him verskriklik alreeds"
That means " We love him so much already"

And the latest news:
The birth is happening and the docter gave her a pill to sleep and it will happen soon


Vida insists that the birth will be natural and not induced  and she will wait for the boykie to battle his way into this world.
Wish her strength, will ya.

Ooooh, how exciting! Grandpa Keesy has such a nice ring to it. I wish for you and your family an abundance of love, good health and never-ending blessings.
Yayyyyyyy kittehs! And doggehs!!!! Merv the cat says hi to your babies.
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03 January 2012


The Cats Mother joined the SPCA as a volunteer

As we started many moons ago when she asked/told me to marry her I had Snoekies and Tatsie and she had Maniesi, That made THREE in Cape Town.
Then Tatsie gave birth to JJ, Liksie @ Wiley that made SIX in Cape Town.
All SIX moved to Botswana.
Maniesi and Snoekies were buried in Botswana and we moved to Pretoria where JJ strayed to far and never came back. That nade THREE in Pretoria.
We asked Ondria to look after Wiley and Liksie
And then in Mozamdique Babaloo joined us and Tatsie and that made TWO in Mozambique and TWO in Cape Town
The whole kaboodle moved to Zambia via Tanzania and we were promptly joined by "Whatsis Name" Sassy Boy and That made FIVE again.
Ms mz mrs RooRoo arrived and bore PushPush and Dessie and in tow came Big Boy
That left us with NINE
Babaloo a special cat was only around for the short term and was burried in Zambia, that left the number of specials at EIGHT.
Mr Sassy Boy was taken out by a mamba and that left us with SEVEN

We moved to SA with that number, actually 2 strange kittens were moved here and the Cats Mother send them back and demanded that PushPush and Roo Roo was returned to her and all was well. Multi country angst and loss (financial) was felt, but all was as it was supposed to be.
Then Liksie departed to the Mouse field in the sky and we were down to SIX.

And now with the Cats Mother in said position as SPCA volunteer we have received the joy's and attention's of Miss Moustro and Miss Tinkerbell and joy behold we are up to the proper number of EIGHT.

I do love them all, the new ones are so special : As the Cat's mother say they arrive in their "Forever Home" and into our hearts for all time.
Bless Them.

Judging Others.
MC has his share of specials I think
Maeve has 1, those breasts can take another 2, at least. ( Duck & Run)
Cheese Aisle have 1, but they must/will get another 2, I think.
SWG has 2 but need more as he have discovered a world outside blogging, 3 to 4 cats will bring him back.(Lock & Load)
Yabu will get his Anger tuned out by just one, although I love The Stretch
Vman might get personal, if you know what I mean, wink.
Talking of pussy, GuyK might get a life other than ...
Animal Catharsis might have to rethink his strategy, but he can do with a few.
I am shure Erica can take a photo of one and love one if she can find one in NY.
Jimbo can sue one or call her Sue as he wish.
Stu can make Bulley Stew for plenty cats, not that I would like that of course.
Confession: I had a dog called Dapper that chased cats and killed them in an instant and then pissed on them and then came back to me for acknowledgement and love.
K9 is a lost cause I would presume
Mrs AAAARGGGHHH might throw a Frothie if I bring my cats aboard
Luck as it falls will have Rex miss all EIGHT with seventeen shots (that is 5 magazines with 6 rounds each including the ones that he missed to load)

Stu's comment below refers to this
Average cost breakdown for dogs and cats

Dog food $3,900 Cat food $2,444

Vet bills $2,860 Cat litter $1,560

Boarding $1,586 Boarding $1,300

Vaccines $940 Vet bills $800

Heartworm $676 Flea control $780

Misc. $3,368 Misc. $1,622

Dogs $13,330  Cats $8,506 per year

So how do you justify all this extra energy that was used to produce for your lump of effection.
I know that he has 2 dogs versus my 8 cats but I here in SA sure as shit do not spend that amount on my cats. But in socialistic Stu's life I think that might be poss.

I still think that Cats WIN

Suggested reading : http://news.sky.com/home/world-news/article/16142111 ;-)
Happy New Year to all the Keesie household, including the furry members and the cats.
Not a lost cause at all my friend. I have a blue heeler named Jack and a horse named Hermanito. The Red Queen (my love) had a Bouvier des Flandres also named Jack, a british shorthair cat named Merlin, a thoroghbred horse named Lancelot (A Secretariat grandson, no less) and a hannovarian warmblood horse named Andy.
Happy new year to you my friend.
# posted by K-nine : Thursday, January 12, 2012 6:50:00 AM
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If Obama had a drone

But as we all know Obama has fuckall.

If he had a left a shrunken left ball he would have dron this

In this target rich enviroment Obama had no balls left not even a dro
Then he ran out off o's
Anf he ended up with no dr
Then he had no d
And America got screwed, just like he intended
You are welcome.

Butt he liked it as it was
He had no balls to start with, struth.

Happy belated New Year, dude!
Hi you special Dudess, as you most prolly commented on the post before this, but blogger put you here, you are in for some special name calling.
Frothwith the Obama admin shall grow balls.
Frothwith they shall install ID for voting.
Frothwith they shall apply the constitution.
Alas the balls only grew as big as nits.
Forthwith we shall ignore them
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