03 January 2012


The Cats Mother joined the SPCA as a volunteer

As we started many moons ago when she asked/told me to marry her I had Snoekies and Tatsie and she had Maniesi, That made THREE in Cape Town.
Then Tatsie gave birth to JJ, Liksie @ Wiley that made SIX in Cape Town.
All SIX moved to Botswana.
Maniesi and Snoekies were buried in Botswana and we moved to Pretoria where JJ strayed to far and never came back. That nade THREE in Pretoria.
We asked Ondria to look after Wiley and Liksie
And then in Mozamdique Babaloo joined us and Tatsie and that made TWO in Mozambique and TWO in Cape Town
The whole kaboodle moved to Zambia via Tanzania and we were promptly joined by "Whatsis Name" Sassy Boy and That made FIVE again.
Ms mz mrs RooRoo arrived and bore PushPush and Dessie and in tow came Big Boy
That left us with NINE
Babaloo a special cat was only around for the short term and was burried in Zambia, that left the number of specials at EIGHT.
Mr Sassy Boy was taken out by a mamba and that left us with SEVEN

We moved to SA with that number, actually 2 strange kittens were moved here and the Cats Mother send them back and demanded that PushPush and Roo Roo was returned to her and all was well. Multi country angst and loss (financial) was felt, but all was as it was supposed to be.
Then Liksie departed to the Mouse field in the sky and we were down to SIX.

And now with the Cats Mother in said position as SPCA volunteer we have received the joy's and attention's of Miss Moustro and Miss Tinkerbell and joy behold we are up to the proper number of EIGHT.

I do love them all, the new ones are so special : As the Cat's mother say they arrive in their "Forever Home" and into our hearts for all time.
Bless Them.

Judging Others.
MC has his share of specials I think
Maeve has 1, those breasts can take another 2, at least. ( Duck & Run)
Cheese Aisle have 1, but they must/will get another 2, I think.
SWG has 2 but need more as he have discovered a world outside blogging, 3 to 4 cats will bring him back.(Lock & Load)
Yabu will get his Anger tuned out by just one, although I love The Stretch
Vman might get personal, if you know what I mean, wink.
Talking of pussy, GuyK might get a life other than ...
Animal Catharsis might have to rethink his strategy, but he can do with a few.
I am shure Erica can take a photo of one and love one if she can find one in NY.
Jimbo can sue one or call her Sue as he wish.
Stu can make Bulley Stew for plenty cats, not that I would like that of course.
Confession: I had a dog called Dapper that chased cats and killed them in an instant and then pissed on them and then came back to me for acknowledgement and love.
K9 is a lost cause I would presume
Mrs AAAARGGGHHH might throw a Frothie if I bring my cats aboard
Luck as it falls will have Rex miss all EIGHT with seventeen shots (that is 5 magazines with 6 rounds each including the ones that he missed to load)

Stu's comment below refers to this
Average cost breakdown for dogs and cats

Dog food $3,900 Cat food $2,444

Vet bills $2,860 Cat litter $1,560

Boarding $1,586 Boarding $1,300

Vaccines $940 Vet bills $800

Heartworm $676 Flea control $780

Misc. $3,368 Misc. $1,622

Dogs $13,330  Cats $8,506 per year

So how do you justify all this extra energy that was used to produce for your lump of effection.
I know that he has 2 dogs versus my 8 cats but I here in SA sure as shit do not spend that amount on my cats. But in socialistic Stu's life I think that might be poss.

I still think that Cats WIN

Suggested reading : http://news.sky.com/home/world-news/article/16142111 ;-)
Happy New Year to all the Keesie household, including the furry members and the cats.
Not a lost cause at all my friend. I have a blue heeler named Jack and a horse named Hermanito. The Red Queen (my love) had a Bouvier des Flandres also named Jack, a british shorthair cat named Merlin, a thoroghbred horse named Lancelot (A Secretariat grandson, no less) and a hannovarian warmblood horse named Andy.
Happy new year to you my friend.
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