02 March 2007


The death of a duster

Mister Sassy cat is still very small although he eats like a lion.

It's Friday and the Friday Ark is up and running at the Modulator.

All Arky animals on show there.

And don't forget to post your kitty post to The Carnival of the Cats this Sunday at Tacjammer


Keesie! That is one wicious cat. Heh. How are ya?

Kim Homepage 03.03.07 - 2:54 am #

Better a duster than your arm.

LeeAnn 03.02.07 - 5:57 pm #

a bit of rat poison on that duster will go a long way in protecting the next one you buy

GUYK Homepage 03.02.07 - 5:43 pm #

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