29 August 2008


Where does hits come from - Thank you

Link Whoring
829 http://mostlycajun.com/wordpress - a wired type of guy with a big heart and brain.
610 http://bodocktimes.blogspot.com - believes that a big deer rulrs the world.
595 http://bikerssa.blogspot.com - the less said the better, but he corners well. But he is a wuss and far away, so we, we ,we.
585 http://charmingjustcharming.blogspot.com - Lotsa brain, good wife, alert and very good with a chainsaw, not to be messed with
423 http://bloglines.com/myblogs_display - no sex or gender.
415 http://sitemeter.com - ditto
382 http://www2.blogger.com/publish-confirmation.g - ditto
332 http://irishwhiskey66.blogspot.com - I can't say "no sex or gender" here as this is what she looks like

I rest my case
Beware Steve is armed and dangerous
Should Maeve use this picture of her or the anon version that she is using now, Chickie/Lisa I need your help.
302 http://curmudgeonlyskeptical.blogspot.com - A big fan of Barack Husain Obama.

NOT REALLY BUT ( 1 link in 2 years and this is what you get), do not click on this link as it is exstremely unresponsive.
277 http://www.cowboyblob.blogspot.com/ - the Blob is cool and can most probably shoot my ass off, but he could let me win more.
266 http://ralphd00d.blogspot.com - Dude, we are cool
245 http://deaddogwalkin.blogspot.com - K9 knows more about how your grandaddy dressed and armed himself than your grandmommy.
233 http://banedad.blogspot.com - A cool brother but painfully in trouble, pray for him.
226 http://mrsjosegoldbloom.wordpress.com - a peep that was born straight from the gods.
209 http://gutrumbles.com - Hi Rob, I Miss you
199 http://blogger.com/profile/14806735577756844974 - no, sex or gender
176 http://themodulator.org - He is still good I have been lacking
154 http://screwasylum.wordpress.com - I struck this wierdo just as he had a Boing Boing lanche
149 http://frothingatlemouse.wordpress.com - I love the pure prose that froths from her mouse, I my Good, I did not say that, did I, OK OK I meant mouth.
126 http://www2.blogger.com/navbar.g - lurv ya
119 http://velociworld.com - will you marry me?
103 http://www2.blogger.com/posts.g - shoot
97 http://jaynewithawhy.blogspot.com - ek gaan nog saam met julle kom Harley
92 http://nancysgardenspot.blogspot.com - garden bulbs don't do it, she is pro growth, and we all know where that leads.
90 http://southtexian.com - a little bit of brain, well hidden behind great wordskills and a nice twist to history and a big Texan attitude speaks volumes, if you are a proff that helps
84 http://parkwayreststop.com - the 1 % that the other 99% gives a bad name too, and he lives up to that
81 http://home.egge.net/~savory//blog_apr_08.htm - a Scot that is living in Germany and learned crop spraying in the USA and have lived in Switzerland and drives motorbikes and refuses to grow old, he must be dilly, I honestly believe he is older than me. Fast exit whilst ducking and snoring, Hi STU.
81 http://sammoore.org - Mystery in an enigma
78 http://badbadjuju.com - Enigma in a Mystery in a scabbard
71 http://amazinglyenough.blogspot.com - Psst did you know that GWB and BHO is actually brothers spawned by Vman , this of course before he met the very wise and strong and beautiful and, did I say nice and strong? Key, No more extramarital spawn for you my boy!
68 http://bawi.org/x/read.cgi - WTF
68 http://dacfh.blogspot.com - musical drunk
64 http://messages.finance.yahoo.com/Stocks_%28A_to_Z%29/Stocks_C/threadview - Ok
62 http://whenyouronlytoolisahammer.blogspot.com - our local shrink that packs heat
59 http://primordialslack.blogspot.com - I am not qualified to say anything besides that you does not unnerstand english and she has VERY sexy toes and a cool dog
57 http://sweetthing1942.blogspot.com - For President
55 http://grandpa-oldsoldier.blogspot.com - He knows how to barbeque and have hot kids, and handles all firearms like they grow out of his hand.
52 http://tallcooldrinkofwater.blogspot.com - I would like to visit the amazon with brains
45 http://beauvoirglass.blogspot.com - Class and poetry
34 http://carnival.isfullofcrap.com/oldcrap/2007/03/carnival_of_the_82.html - not
33 http://monkeywatch.blogspot.com - ed is very absent except when he wants to be present, OK
32 http://elisson1.blogspot.com - I am saying to myslef to be carefull here as I might end up in an, or on a blueish flame, watching myself bubble, but solid clever and cool peeps nontheless
32 http://holderofuselessknowledge.blogspot.com - herself, pete and repete, got me covered and fishing
31 http://thevoltagegate.blogspot.com/2007/01/circus-of-spineless-17-symbology-of.html - not spineless, tell me it ain't so.
30 http://heartless-bitches.com/blog/index.php/archives/24 - big dicks abound.
30 http://search.comcast.net - ok
29 http://baboonpirates.blogspot.com - A solid peep with a fuctoid mind.
29 http://decrepitoldfool.com - like I said bfore, Old, decrepit but nobody's fool
28 http://redhillkudzu.blogspot.com - unkwon growth from wher you don't expext it
28 http://walrillasworld.blogspot.com - A man, that can
28 http://www2.blogger.com/profile/14806735577756844974 - woo woo
23 http://smokeymountainbreakdown.blogspot.com - a squirel in a mountain in a goat - she knows how to tell a story
23 http://wikio.com/us/sexuality/nude - woot woo wo what?
22 http://thegreenbelt.blogspot.com/2007/03/i-and-bird-44.html - I like birds and chicks
21 http://ericasherman.blogspot.com - C'mon say some'n about me, I dare ya.
21 http://images.google.com.eg/imgres - fuckin wierdos, shit, penis, cunt, nude, ass licking, thanks Catfish, but does he worry, no he kills sankes and gator's and fishes and fucks me.

21 http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2007/03/circus_of_the_spineless_18.php
20 http://brainfuel.tv/caption-contest-fridays-118
19 http://crater-outdoors.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php
19 http://journeythroughgrace.blogspot.com/2007/03/i-and-bird-45.html
19 http://nightshift2006.blogspot.com - come and have a daytime coke
18 http://monkeytricksinsa.blogspot.com - and what?
18 http://smokeonthewater.typepad.com - not ded but vely close, surprise me, a fellow yachtie. and come up writing
16 http://hoosierboy.blogspot.com - a friend of the Mz is afriend of me
16 http://ksquest.blogspot.com - The strongest WOMEN in the universe, and funny and good with plants and insects and I think men.
16 http://one.cn.yahoo.com/view
16 http://ramblingbluedot.blogspot.com - come post or at least click more offen
16 http://twhgrafx.com/scribblings/archives/002990.html - woot

I have had them on my roll and have clicked on them and I have sent peeps to them and whot do I gets, fuckoll I tell you

0 Twenty - butt he has allways been a cunt and irish to boot, and he has sold abook to a stupid publisher that gave him six beers in advance, I only got a coke.

0 Billy Beck - bright, likes himslef and very comceited, apparently can ride a big bike when full of coke, and then also shoot straight after giving lip to a cop. My kind of wrong, go man go.

0 Insty - Nice to use my ellie pics but my Victoria Falls slides is not good, that is just plane bullybeef, nothing else, F*ckit, but it is his choice after all, still fuckit!!

0 Michelle Malkin - too hot for me, I suppose, but I like her thinking.

0 Ausie biker - Just because he loves Rossi and beside that he dislikes the same shits that I do

Visit them all they are a good collection of peeps
Of Course you can allways do better.

Thanks to eXTReme Tracking for the data.
All of you can work harder!

If I failed to disgust or ignore or belittle anybody, please let me know, and I will rectify that, pronto.


If I failed to disgust or ignore or belittle anybody, please let me know, and I will rectify that, p

You know, you could meet about half of these peeps if you hauled your ass to Helen this October.

And have some fine Chatham Artillery Punch besides.

Elisson Homepage 08.29.08 - 11:36 pm #

You mean Chatham Artillery Cider, I think.

I am devastated but this year it is SA.

But 10 December 2009 to 15 January 2010 I am in the USA.

No Holds except that I am spending Cristmas with my Sister in Salt lake City.

WOOT and more

keeskennis Homepage 08.29.08 - 11:52 pm #

DAMN! You must be good to get that many hits off links..most of mine come from people googling for wierd shiot like 14 year old indian virgins and Good God Girty what a gash..\GUYK Homepage 08.30.08 - 3:02 am #

I'm honored to be in such excellent company. Thanks.

Jim - PRS Homepage 08.30.08 - 5:22 am #

I am glad to be of service...

MCmostly cajun Homepage 08.30.08 - 7:07 pm #

Let me know before you come to Salt Lake; I'll want to put some bars on my windows and stock up on shotgun shells...LOL.

BobG Homepage 08.31.08 - 9:21 pm #

.. damn, I send you no traffic?!?...... dude, I am sorry!......

Eric Homepage 09.01.08 - 2:24 am #

Keesie in the U.S.A??!!!??HOLY.SHIT.I'd better start saving my money for THAT blog meet!!!!And lucky for me Chickie is too busy for you two to cook up something to rearrange my blog! Maeve Homepage 09.01.08 - 8:11 am #

Eric: See the post aboveMaeve: You can not be more wrong. Just saying.Thanks JimPrs, MC, Guyk.

keeskennis Homepage 09.01.08 - 6:35 pm #

Dankie vir die link Keesie & humble apologies that I don't visit your spot often enough - I shall try & rectify that in the future

Jayne Homepage 09.01.08 - 6:47 pm #

Hey, thanks for the mention! As for attitude, yep, we Texans prefer everything bigger!

Mike LaRoche Homepage 09.02.08 - 7:08 am #

Thanks for the mention, your is a daily stop for me, and thanks to GUYK for turning me on to your little bit of heaven.

Old Soldier 09.02.08 - 11:16 pm #

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Nice doggie

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28 August 2008


All's well, NOT.

A) Public Parasite (Predictably, Pregnant) Portends Perpetrating ‘Plosion
B) Baseball brouhaha goes into extra innings
C) Scratching, all is not right, it is wrong.

Christians 2 - Lions 0

Growing up in South Africa might have warped my brain somewhat.
Growing up the son of my Father might have warped my brain somewhat.
Growing up the child of my Mother might have warped my brain somewhat.
Growing up the Sibling of my Oldest Siter might have warped my brain somewhat.

But mostly growing up with a functioning brain Ie. a brain that is in modern terms, a left hemisphere brain, a logical one, 1 plus 1 is 2, etc, shaped my life.
All other human life forms follows from this.

Talking to C) above.
Eric, dear chap, "wrong" is only wrong if it actually attacks the basis of mankind.
Guys kissing guys kissing girls kissing frogs (if they are not French) is okey dokey and can be tolerated.

Talking of A) and B) above.
When anybody assumes that they can take from me and mine, without my consent, like tax, they are fucking wrong, I and most others will tollerate this for a certain period. We have an excample of the people in the USA and the EU, we must remember that these peeps have been led by the nose for a very long time, and they will come back from their submisive posture.

This is balanced by those that need because of injury or not being able to look after themselves.
I will give until I bleed.
The shylocks and the shysters can fuck themsleves and die.

We as a people must look at our ultimate survival.

So sorry Eric, I have had wonderful parties with queers of all kinds and have dressed as woman, men, monsters, vaginas, pricks, and assholes, I have even dressed as a politician, I regret that though.
Anybody that touched me without permission lost teeth, and that was OK.

But, god, I digress.
We as humans have come so far, but much, much less than we think.

On a personal level I have lost my social/evolutionary/wordly virginity about 1000 times. I am slow to learn.

Financially I have given and will not ever give any more, fuck that.
(I have about the same earthly value as what SRF© boasts) and I have given more that that.
If these commies treated me better I would give more, fuck them.

Paying 60 dollars for a bottle of whisky is not right, or is it wrong?

All rights other than the natural laws are given by man and therefore are transient and tempory.
The right to bear arms.
A Constitutional Republic, god, get a tree to pronounce that!

To all my readers from the USA:
WTF can I tell you.
If you are lucky, we get to live another year, howzat!

Keeskennis approves of this Message, or was that massage?


.... brother, I have no problem with gays or lesbians.... I have no problem with folks wearing whatever they wish to wear.... hey, to each their own.....
.... all I'm sayin' is that those hammerheads dressing in drag and NOT nailing the hell out of Marilyn is just plain inexcusable...... and that, my brother, is a fact......
Eric Homepage 08.29.08 - 12:59 am #

I agree, I could have been dressed as a "what not" and would have nailed "Her", now where have that gotten us (you see this "downspeak", after all he IS from Tennesee, ya know ) as far as Constitional Republic goes.
But then, brother, I have exercised more facial muscles than you in the act of knot paying taxes, so I have the libertarian Haai Ground.
"Great sex rocks"
keeskennis Homepage 08.29.08 - 1:24 am #

.... I think that you misunderstood my post....... then again, I appreciate the 'downspeak'.... I do read slowly...... and it helps that you use small words.....
Eric Homepage 08.29.08 - 4:18 am #

Great sex always rocks...........
You cannot pay enough for good Irish whiskey.
Um, I lost my train of thought....uh,
I'll just have more whiskey and enjoy the view as I always do here.
Maeve Homepage 08.29.08 - 8:07 am #

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27 August 2008


How many?

X plenty
(If it wasn't for my Black Brothers, and I had 9 lives like a cat, the score would have been " not so plenty - 3"
Still in my favour but these are real killers.
I might also add that alcohol kills.

X 4

That is what is proven, I believe X 6 (fucking "kloof's" and thick forest)

Black or white, if you wait until you see the white off their eyes, you WILL die

X plenty

They like to hunt, back

Drink at your peril

X Many

Slow and fucking fast, your choice



So 3 (three times) is as many times I shot and killed the BIG FIVE.

A leopard can vanish as you are watching it

Elephants do not vanish, even if you smoke

If lions vanish they have turned around and are hunting you

I think Bane have said a bit about that, somewhere, he mentioned a minor creature like a rock rabbit or Mountain Lion or something obscure, that scared him, that might not be much

This was all before I stopped hunting professionally at the age of 28


{this also shows that keeskennis is a pussy}

I have gotten to0 close to puking whilst I have been defending myself to the fucking self rightious pricks that populate the "LEFT"

The big five are among the most dangerous mammals:

The Lion (Panthera leo) is a large carnivorous feline of Africa and northwest India, having a short tawny coat, a tufted tail, and, in the male, a heavy mane around the neck and shoulders.
The African elephant is a very large herbivore having thick, almost hairless skin, a long, flexible, prehensile trunk, upper incisors forming long curved tusks of ivory, and large, fan-shaped ears. There are two distinct species of African elephant: African Forest Elephant (Loxodonta cyclotis) and the African Bush Elephant (Loxodonta africana).
The African Buffalo or Cape Buffalo (Syncerus caffer) is a large horned bovid. It is the most dangerous of the Big Five, reportedly causing the most hunter deaths.[citation needed]
The Leopard (Panthera pardus) is a large, carnivorous feline having either tawny fur with dark rosette-like markings or black fur. Leopards are the most difficult to acquire hunting licenses for and are often difficult to hunt due to their behavior and their nocturnal feeding habits. Leopard hunting usually overlaps several weeks of baiting.
The Rhinoceros is a large, thick-skinned, herbivore having one or two upright horns on the snout. In Africa, there are two distinct species of rhinoceros; the Black Rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) and the White Rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum). Both of these species have two upright horns on the snout.
The 1990 release of South African rand banknotes feature a different Big Five animal on each denomination.

Countries where the big five can all be found include South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and Botswana. According to recent studies it is difficult to spot the Rhinoceros in Botswana.

Conservation status
If the white rather than black rhinoceros is chosen, the Big Five do not include any endangered species. However, the lion and African bush elephant are classified as vulnerable (the African forest elephant is not yet evaluated as of 2008); African buffalo are conservation dependent. The leopard and white rhinoceros are of less concern


I have done more than any and I mean ANY non hunter to preserve wildlife.

Of the lesser buck and creatures, I have killed enough.

Or get yerselves out here to teach me a lesson

If I failed to disgust or ignore or belittle anybody, please let me know, and I will rectify that, pronto.

If you are tired of B-O and HRC and Fuckitt McC 08 go and read this.

mr. smith goes to washington

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Camry 3 wheeler, Audi takes over and Finaly Guyk


And now I am thinking of Guyk

Hi Guy this is even better than mules, and you could use all the diff size wheels that you have at Sweething's half acre.


by golly that would be easier for the mule to pull than the Red Ram
GUYK Homepage 08.28.08 - 2:11 am #

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Camry 3 wheeler, Audi takes over

And you thought that the USA saw the new models first, Hah.


It does have two different width tires; I guess he just used whatever he could find.

BobG Homepage 08.27.08 - 6:18 pm #

Now I gotta get me one of those.. Looks like a mexican dune buggy.

Old Soldier Homepage 08.26.08 - 6:28 pm #

Is it just me or does that thing have two different size tires on the back?

hammer Homepage 08.26.08 - 5:23 pm #


After the questions about the size of the wheels I loaded the picture and played with the contrast and balance.

I couldn't belive what I found.

The wheels are not the same.

Things must be tough down in Tennesee

If he had a tipjar up I would drop a buck or two

These photos where you use extra light and contrast reveals so much more.


.. .bhwhaahah.... excellent!.. .

Eric Homepage 08.28.08 - 11:15 pm #

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26 August 2008


Camry 3 wheeler

And you thought that the USA saw the new models first, Hah.


It does have two different width tires; I guess he just used whatever he could find.

BobG Homepage 08.27.08 - 6:18 pm #

Now I gotta get me one of those.. Looks like a mexican dune buggy.

Old Soldier Homepage 08.26.08 - 6:28 pm #

Is it just me or does that thing have two different size tires on the back?

hammer Homepage 08.26.08 - 5:23 pm #

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25 August 2008




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24 August 2008


The Blob rules

The Cowboy in all his innocence leaves these pics for us to abuse. And that we do.
Can I borrow her - just for some rodent-ridding. Ya unnerstand....
Ralphd00d Homepage 08.26.08 - 1:12 pm #

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23 August 2008


Comment Successfully Posted

I do not know what the fuck I am doing and I am loving it.
Allmost like real life.
keeskennis Homepage 08.24.08 - 12:19 am #

I am in the hands of the geeks, heeeeeellllppp

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Loved it and stole it from Here

This might or might not be the right moment to make a speech.
Who the fuck cares?
I do not live in the USA
I am not voting as I am not qualified to do so.
I do not want to become qualified, nor do I want to become a citizen.
This is not because I don't believe in all of the wonders prescribed in your Constitution.
It is just that am a student of humans, and they will never fullfill those Ideals.
We as humans have the tendency to gather about the LOWEST COMMON DENOMITATOR.
Nevertheless the election of a American President does influence me and mine.
I earn lots of dollars every month, and I would like those dollars to sustain their market value.
So if you guys and dolls vote shit and get BHO elected, I lose, big time.
If he (BHO) had a policy, I could have said because of his policy, but he has gotten shit.
Hey Froth and Joan, are this Inglish and cleer or can I translate it into Afrikaans.


Most excellently clear-ish. Selah indeed.
Kim Homepage 08.24.08 - 7:04 pm #

Keesie,I'm not sure which pesticides you've been exposed to, but you may want to stand UPwind next time they're spraying for mosquitoes.
Joan of Argghh! Homepage 08.24.08 - 4:58 am #

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How tall?


That is so sad!!
Maeve Homepage 08.24.08 - 2:08 am #

How tall?
Too tall.
Elisson Homepage 08.24.08 - 1:47 am #

This is one risk of flying a small plane in Africa that you don't have to face anywhere else.
Elisson Homepage 08.24.08 - 1:46 am #

Just goes to show what happens to one who goes around with their nose stuck way up in the air, huh?
GUYK Homepage 08.23.08 - 6:20 pm #

Pretty hard luck for everyone involved.
Joan of Argghh! Homepage 08.23.08 - 2:58 pm #

The Blob has the "After" Picture for the giraffe

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22 August 2008


Real pics

Go to Abigail's site to see the rest.
I am pretty sure that Rodger will be pissed off as he can't get his birds to do the same.
Wow, that's SIX in the bush
Ole Phat Stu Homepage 08.22.08 - 7:12 pm #

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21 August 2008


True, words, jest

What's the difference between light and hard?
You can sleep with a light on.


That reminds me of the russian guy who married into a famous cosmetics family.
He always got a lot of hassle crossing borders from the ladies at the customs and immigration desks :-
"Ivan Arden"
"Well that's nice to know, sir, but I just need to know what you are called...."
Ole Phat Stu Homepage 08.22.08 - 7:15 pm #

wot's a hard?
GUYK Homepage 08.21.08 - 4:08 pm #

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There was a tradesman, a painter called Jock, who was very interested in making a buck where he could, so he often would thin down paint to make it go a wee bit further. As it happened, he got away with this for some time, but eventually the Baptist Church decided to do a big restoration job on the roof of one of their biggest churches. Jock put in a bid, and because his price was so competitive, he got the job.

And so he set to, with a right good will, erecting the trestles and setting up the planks, and buying the paint and, yes, I am sorry to say, thinning it down with the turpentine. Well, Jock was up on the scaffolding, painting away, the job nearly done when suddenly there was a horrendous clap of thunder, and the sky opened, the rain poured down, washing the thin paint from all over the church and knocking Jock fair off the scaffold to land on the lawn, among the gravestones, surrounded by telltale puddles of the thinned and useless paint.

Jock was no fool. He knew this was a judgment from the Almighty, so he got on his knees and cried: "Oh, God! Forgive me! What should I do?"
And from the thunder, a mighty voice spoke:

(You're going to love this...)

"Repaint! Repaint and thin no more!" >


GUYK Homepage 08.21.08 - 4:08 pm #

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20 August 2008


"Tame" elephants

Whre the above took place is anybodies guess.

In the bottom picture it does look that they are driving on the correct (right) side of the road.


Lower is a Yurpean numberplate, France (or Holland?).The elephant trailer number looks Belgian.

Ole Phat Stu Homepage 08.20.08 - 10:27 pm #

It would be safe enough behind that plastic elephant, Hammer!

Joan of Argghh! Homepage 08.20.08 - 10:18 pm #

From the signage in these photos, the top one was taken somewhere in the U.S. Judging by the license plate in the bottom photo, it was not taken in the U.S.

Omnibus Driver Homepage 08.20.08 - 9:19 pm #

Driving behind that elephant trailer could be hazardous! I could just see 30 pounds of dung hitting a windshield at speed.

hammer Homepage 08.20.08 - 7:45 pm #

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17 August 2008


A repost, why not?

The History

KeesKennis was 22 years old and hanging around in a country now called Namibia.
He was hunting when such jobs was available otherwise he would be bar tendering.

The Scene

KeesKennis was looking after a bar in Outjo, a very small town.
He had a new friend, Allen, a 26 year old guy which stood 6' 4" and was just as horny as KK.
Outjo offered very little and all the fathers were armed.

The coincidence

Something slightly bigger than this, it had a bedroom at either end.

A small caravan with 2 Gypsy fortune tellers had moved into town and was parked outside my hotel.
Actually the one was a Brit and about 45 years old and the other about 35 years of age came from Belgium.

It was 2 days before the weekend and the town and the hotel was very quiet.

The Story

The four of us started drinking.
We paired off, oldest male to oldest female and the young ones together.
The owner of the hotel did not like doodling by staff so the four of us ended up at the caravan.
We had another couple of drinks and repaired north and south, about 10 feet apart.
Mindful of the others not a lot was said.
After a while the caravan started to rock slowly with a regular north/south beat, very enjoyable.
The rocking got more violent as is wont but the weight ratio was biding its time.

A badly inserted strut gave way on the heavy end and KK and the Belgium gypsy was catapulted to the wall, still locked in that age old embrace.
As we slid to the floor we did manage to disengage.

Shocked silence all round, and then laughter.

We finished the coitus the next evening.
You guess what "bad" word that is linked to?


Now, that's a fuckin' good story. And a good fuckin' story, too.
Elisson Homepage 08.20.08 - 4:08 pm #

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16 August 2008


Nothing .....

... wrong with a bit of ingenuity, even if it is rednecky.
It just figures GUYK would know what to do!
Vipergirl 08.19.08 - 9:15 pm #

Just remember to put that back in the horse stable when you're finished with it. OK?
K-Nine Homepage 08.16.08 - 9:04 pm #

Hey! Works don't it? You just gott be sure you burn all the paint off the rake and keep it in the fire long enough to sterilize it before you stick on the hotdawgs..

GUYK Homepage 08.16.08 - 7:20 pm #

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10 August 2008


In the fucking detail, that is the shit

Also visit Holliday Snaps
Sorry Oldie, but the "FINGA" wins
keeskennis Homepage 08.15.08 - 9:35 pm #

She may have crabs.. itch, itch itch. or she is getting horny
Old Soldier Homepage 08.11.08 - 6:41 pm #

Don't know what to finga that
Ole Phat Stu Homepage 08.11.08 - 7:29 am #

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If .......

....... Me and Eric ever meet, there will be a blade or two to discuss, that is guarenteed.

Women will come to mind.

Guns and rifles and sundry might be discussed and shot.

Holy Cow, I look forward to that.


And Hey miss Moanie of Aargh, Please change the revereswe order of my comments, yu being so clevar ant oil, PLEEEEASE.
The detail is in your mail, justasx soon as I FIGURE THIS OUT.
Send witty notes to joanofargghh *at* the standard gmail type of address. Figure it out.

And I will do mine.
keeskennis Homepage 08.15.08 - 10:09 pm #

... that reminds me, I need to take some photos of the 'blades' in my garage for you..... I'll do that this afternoon......
Eric Homepage 08.10.08 - 3:05 pm #

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Even if you are stupid, it hurts, and we all are stupid at one time or another.
Luister na Oom Kees, altyd.
Marie, jy kan nou jou gat gaan vaseline smeer en slaap, onnosel kind.

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09 August 2008


Which of the Eric's approve.

Blues ...

Your dad is fifteen or so years older than me, that in itself is scary.
I am sure that he did his level best to raise you to be the best.

However you are a youngster and a "blougat" to boot, so here!!

.... you know, when I finally meet your sorry ass, I'm not going to know whether to shoot you, stab you, or kiss you........ what turmoil you have caused.

Ya did knot tink that that would go unpunisht did ya ?
All of my readers can tell me which of the Eric's is the one pulling back the covering.

I you are cowering because of the SWG retaliation, please comment as A Non.
Do not worry, we have before and after photograhps, and BOY Q!Q!!


I am sure it is and in a private ceremony we could have Eric as the judge and Steve as the Executioner.

(Just Pissing You Off, Not Looking For A Fight Or A Fuck)
Or maybe?

Homepage 08.15.08 - 9:40 pm #

And sorry, but my rack is better.
Homepage 08.11.08 - 6:42 am #

... bhwhahahaaah..... I had forgotten that I had ever posted that old photo!.... .... nice tits on the lassie, though..... and she seems quite happy!...
Homepage 08.10.08 - 3:03 pm #

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Safety first

My life have led me into the darker places on my continent so I did not have any of the internets to connect to, so posting have been sporadic.

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Carry tools - as for beer

Sorry Ms Arch, I am management.

I saw this at Joan's place and thought that that was only half the issues

I had to correct the mistake.

Comment and retribution:

I'd bet that Velocidude would wear that at the Blogtoberfest.:o)
Joan of Argghh! Homepage 08.09.08 - 10:37 pm #

I personally think that he have been scared and scarred by the Drindl, and posting of getting married in the Sistine chapel or some such, have lost him the 29 year olds, however slim and trim they are, unless he have married them.
Am I losing myowsnself here, yes.
Rock on. Half Rubber is the thong, I mean Thing, OK Thong.

keeskennis Homepage 08.10.08 - 12:54 am #

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05 August 2008


Fun, but how bright?

Comments; and others:

Nic kom jy joburg toe dan gaan ons jou mos sien...
lana leuner 08.09.08 - 11:31 pm #

nic kontak my asb ek sien jy leef maar wil graag met jou praat..lana 083 308 0113l
ana leuner 08.09.08 - 11:28 pm #

Also, very sorry to hear about Mr Sassy Cat!!!
Oldest Pumpkin Homepage 08.08.08 - 10:55 am #

Hello!!! Thinking of you.
Hope trip to JHB goes well. Love you lots
Oldest Pumpkin Homepage 08.08.08 - 10:51 am #

Nice parking job!
hammer Homepage 08.07.08 - 7:50 am #

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04 August 2008


Cool even slightly cold.

Was that a flying squirrel?

Indexed is where I stole it from.

Eric is still to young to worry about this.

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A challenge

I am 95% Idiot.
Friggin Idiot!
I am such a friggin' idiot. The good news is I don't care if I annoy people because I am too stupid to realize it. I count with my fingers and live in ignorant bliss. Weeeeeee!
Take the
Idiot Test
@ FualiDotCom

I could not figure out how to get a 100% score.

All my readers are hereby challenged to get higher than me.

Taken without permission from Anti-Strib



Joan of Argghh! Homepage 08.06.08 - 4:27 pm #

They probably give you the 10% just for being able to finish the test without help.

BobG Homepage 08.04.08 - 6:01 pm #

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Taking life seriously

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02 August 2008



That is plenty of HOOT.

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Maybe you should spell that "Advice" as in squad.

This is how it started

And ending like this

Not that that is a bad thing, I have to add.

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Say it ain't so

Bet you that Guyk is very good at this.


But you have to admit that is a very Redneck thing.
"Hold my beer and watch this"
keeskennis | Homepage | 08.02.08 - 4:52 pm | #

naaaa, man that watermelon juice will fuck up a chainsaw chain!
Unless you mean doin' the eatin' and I am pretty good at making watermelon disappear

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