27 June 2013


Trans something or other

The sorry story:
My queer friend Wessel asked me to be his bodyguard when he visited a new nightclub.
I also had other queer friends, one liked to eat underboiled grasshoppers.
Wessel was queer because he wanted to stuff men, and as that was not the norm at that time and he called himself queer.
As I had no problem with him wanting to stuff other men I agreed to escort him to this new club and agreed to stop men from stuffing him, if he didn't want them to.
These queer club members were awfully aware of senses.
After I felled the first guy, that kissed me, with an elbow to his teeth, they all realised that I was, in their lingo, a babymaker.
We realy had fun finding the teeth, that was scattered all over the floor.
While we were hunting for teeth, on our hands and knees, I met a female escort of one of the other male queers.

Now that we have met Suzen, we can continue. (Names changed to protect the innocent)
With Suzen and me both having a background of queerness, we clicked.
We had sex on any notion that nobody had done so before.
On park benches.
In trains.
On planes. (I only said that because it rhymes)
In Taxis (It cost her/and me a fair number of bucks)
On the back lawn of her and my parents house.
In the movies.
In queer clubs, with our charges finding new experiences on the dance floor or the toilets.

The background has now been established so we continue with the story.

We did not love each other, we did not even like each other.
She was hard to come, I was good at making it happen.
I on the other hand was not good at making my age group accept my do it or effoff position (watch them youngsters)
We rocked.

The story continues.

The mayor of Verwoerdburg (Verwoerd = the founding father of Apartheid) sent a invitation to a mayoral ball to her parents, which she intercepted.
I made sure that the same invitation did not reach my parents.
Wessel from earlier in the story was involved.
Wessel by the way was built like a greek god, but walked funny.
He played the piano like a god, greek or otherwise.

By the time the speeches were finished, I was made up like a harlot and proposing to the mayor's aides, and with Suzen (made up to look like a masculine Kerry) and with Wessel in the background (looking like a daffy duck but with his muscles and genitals showing) they ran as hard as they could.

Once we chased all the queer people (those that believed they had god's handle on sex) away, we had a mayoral ball.

The police that was sent to clear us out (according to the capitan) was all cleared away by our own force of drink, sex, f*ck me, or all three.

Those that were not convinced was "klapped" hard by me or some very big queers.
I must add here that the queer's that did the "klapping" could have been male or female.

Am I queer or normal?

That was some party!!!

Real men can effin do what they like.
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