10 April 2007


Group Photo

I'm sure everyone was thrilled to bits.

Christmas Cards! BRILLIANT!!! Gotta run, gotta get in touch with hallmark and get them to put words to it. Or, email them to me, I'll post it with the best!! lol, Hope you don't mind me horning in Kees?
DaD Homepage 04.14.07 - 9:52 pm #
Now let me see,,, whaere are the beach balls?
DaD Homepage 04.13.07 - 6:03 am #
Omg...that is hilarious!
Cindi Homepage 04.11.07 - 11:14 am #
Where are my golf cleats
hammer Homepage 04.11.07 - 8:35 am #
Keesie, are you sun bathing nekkid again? The Cat's mother is not going to be happy with you!
Maeve Homepage 04.11.07 - 6:51 am #

He's a happy little fellow isn't he?
holder Homepage 04.11.07 - 3:01 am #

Oh my goodness...if I were equipped, thusly, as that man hanging out in the background, I'd apply some sun-block to that/those thing[s].
Erica Homepage 04.11.07 - 1:26 am #

PS a thong? Heck, I am trying to figure out what strength SPF I would need to keep my whiteys from broiling! Never could understand the concept.
ralphd00d Homepage 04.11.07 - 12:35 am #

Too funny!
LeeAnn 04.10.07 - 6:50 pm #

MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 04.10.07 - 6:41 pm #

LOL!You'd think somebody would have bothered to PS a thong on him or something before posting it on the Web. Not exactly the sort of thing you use for making your Christmas cards.
BobG Homepage 04.10.07 - 6:27 pm #

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