31 May 2007


Minor anaconda incident

When Anacondas Attack - Click here for more amazing videos

Not for the squeamish

Ew, I admit...I had to shut it off halfway. That shit looks soooper painful, and gave me the willies.
Erica Homepage 06.05.07 - 3:12 am #
Shouldn't mess with big critters like that unless you are going to shoot and eat them. Wrestling with a carnivore makes no sense.
BobG Homepage 06.01.07 - 8:16 pm #
... whoa...... that dude got what was coming to him..... he should have left that snake alone.....

Eric Homepage 06.01.07 - 3:34 pm #
Maeve Homepage 06.01.07 - 4:59 am #

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30 May 2007


Mothers do what mothers do, regardless.

I would think that, with no cubs present, a couger will give way to a bear.

There is no blood, I wonder why.

But the cat knew enough to let him run away and not pursue the matter. Smart Kitty!
Chickie Homepage 05.30.07 - 11:19 pm #

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Catching anacondas

I have never seen or touched a anaconda but have handled a few boa contrictors, nothing close to the size of this though.
I got the piccies from The Geek Army
Fucking nuts!
Maeve Homepage 06.01.07 - 5:02 am #
I thought that anacondas were from South America.....learn something new every day.
LeeAnn 05.31.07 - 7:52 am #
Would rather see that snake than some spider...ewww...
Chickie Homepage 05.30.07 - 11:20 pm #

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29 May 2007


What people blog about

Go and read about Screws.
Amazing. Just the sort of weird thing I like to read. and this screw reminds me of this sculpture.
decrepitoldfool Homepage 06.23.07 - 7:04 am #
That's a screw? It looks like a hunk of petrified shit.
Erica Homepage 06.05.07 - 3:13 am # .
Screwy site.
LeeAnn 05.31.07 - 7:57 am #

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Wednesday wanimals

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28 May 2007


And The VGod Spoke

And HE said:
I'll cut that Afrikaans bastid!

I feel elated and proud.

Like Guyk said here, I will have to get a bigger hat now.

Lookee on the sidebar, who else can put up words like that.

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Terribly cute on Monday

When last did you see men walk like that and talk?

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26 May 2007



NUMBER ONE: ON GOOGLE for 'Gumbo pot earrings'
Because Guyk is involved.
My post was all about Octopi
And his comment was:
"I use octopus in sea food gumbos..not bad eating
GUYK Homepage 04.22.07 - 3:14 am #.

oh, I forgot to add..best cut them up before you pitch them in the gumbo pot..they will crawl out otherwise..
GUYK Homepage 04.22.07 - 3:14 am #. "

And The Goldbloom reaction was:

"They'll Crawl out??? EWWWWWW! Okay now I'm definitely going to hurl.
MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 04.22.07 - 5:33 pm # "

Still it is Number ONE.
Congrats! I was just number one on Google for "long island guy with spikey haired clown internet meme," (WTF?!) and Walrilla, bless his soul, was number one for "fried food = juicy fart" (without the quotation marks). Nice, right?
Erica Homepage 06.02.07 - 3:00 am #
I love food that wants to play with you! If they crawl out of the pot again, let me know and I'll come and get them.
Aloysius Homepage 05.28.07 - 8:29 pm #
I think you should invent some real gumbo pot earrings...could be a hit!
Chickie Homepage 05.27.07 - 1:08 am #

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25 May 2007


For Chickie

I saw this little guy in the shower and called the Cat's Mother.
Her reaction:
"Ag shame he is so small, only about 3 inches accross"
You can clearly see that she has been married to me for more than 8 years now.

Before our travels in Africa she would have freaked.
He also misses a leg I think, that is if I can still count.
We left him and he crawled back into the drain pipe whence he came from.
I also show typical african standards for tiling in the background.
So all this joy does not come without a price.

Visit the Circus off the Spineless and ask anybody there for the genus or specie or latin name for this boykie. Here they are , depending on where I am posting from. either a snack or a mild pest.

For Chickie and other Canadian readers, and readers from other cold climates, I want to add:
: I have seen this youngster's parents, they are 28 inch, flesh eating monsters, they take after my one self, violent to the core. That's why I do not have a photo, yet, I'm still biding my time.
As soon as I have the replacement lens that I ordered from Jo'burg, the one they ate, I will post some piccies.
Oh Sorry, Cowboy blob has posted a picture of the the smaller female

Here is my cousin Keesie the Third (he's a complete nerd) exlaiming:

"I'm sorry Kees, but this one has no fat"

So this is also my entry for the Cowboy Blob Photoshop Competion.

Your benevolence overwhelms me...GAAAACK!
Chickie Homepage 05.27.07 - 1:06 am #
Good lord....that is enough to make you never take a shower again! I thought "Psycho" was the cure for not bathing but your spider is the winner.
LeeAnn 05.26.07 - 6:57 pm #
please ask the cats mother to call me. I can't get hold of either of you.
Lil Pumkin Homepage 05.26.07 - 12:39 pm #

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Have a good weekend: Go green

Al Gore will love you.

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Say no more

I also feel sometimes that I need to be supervised.

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23 May 2007


Walking Miss Sassie Poodle

Have you noticed how many times Guyk says, "Walking Miss Sassie", "Taking Miss Sassie for a stroll" etc.
One of my spies tracked him down to find out what was really happening and took this photo.
Can you see the Outoppie trying to pretend that he has not seen the girl.
I can't begin to tell you how much fun I had doing this post.
The original piccie is here NSFW.
Thanks to El Capitan for the piccie of Guyks head.
DAMN. If I hada known you were gonna take a picture I would have shined my gotdam shoes
GUYK Homepage 05.25.07 - 6:14 am #
I wonder if that is Sweething?
Becky Homepage 05.25.07 - 12:57 am #
lol the doggies are chick magnets.Good job on the photo!
hammer Homepage 05.23.07 - 11:58 pm #

Elisson Homepage 05.23.07 - 10:07 pm #

When he said he was going fishing, I assumed he meant for fish...
ralphd00d Homepage 05.23.07 - 8:04 pm #

looks like the Oklahoma vacation is doing wonders for his health.
Rex Homepage 05.23.07 - 7:41 pm #

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22 May 2007



ONE Tequila !

TWO Tequila !!

THREE Tequila !!!

FLOOR Tequila !!!!




... love that Dorothy Parker quote...

Eric Homepage 05.24.07 - 4:16 pm #


Or as Dorothy Parker is alleged to have said:

I like to have a Martini,

Two at the very most.

At three I'm under the table,

at four I'm under my host.

Snowbug 05.24.07 - 12:15 am #


Ah, good times there are not forgotten

Rex Homepage 05.23.07 - 12:05 am #
I've played this game one too many times! The last time I ended up crashing into the Polka Band.....don't ask.

LeeAnn 05.22.07 - 6:58 pm #

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Big boys playing

Life is tough.

Ooooh! I wanna play!
Elisson Homepage 05.22.07 - 5:23 pm #

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21 May 2007


A feel good show




Not often that a Wildebeest and calf can out-tire a pack of wild dogs or Painted dogs as they are sometimes called.

RobC Homepage 05.26.07 - 12:31 am #


I've had days like that. That is... like the dog's, not the mother and calf.

K-nine Homepage 05.22.07 - 7:10 pm #
The mother showed that her genes were worth passing on to her offspring.

BobG Homepage 05.22.07 - 6:47 pm #


Phew! I almost passed out, holding my breath.

Bonita Homepage 05.22.07 - 6:08 pm #

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20 May 2007


Cat myth # 345,678,943


Mister sassy cat shows how cool you can look like after a mudbath, and how to complain when the Cat's Mother suggests a bath.


That is hilarious! I love the look on kitty's face!

Laurie Homepage 05.25.07 - 11:56 pm #


OH, not a bath! Ish! I mean, hisssss!

Aloysius Homepage 05.25.07 - 6:00 pm #

He's one pissed pussy!
Maeve Homepage 05.21.07 - 3:46 am #

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Cats have blue eyes

And swans are made of wood.
Parker Homepage 05.29.07 - 3:18 am #

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19 May 2007


Ducks and other sucks

I like ducks.
Kees's Sucks:
Kees has grown and shrunk over the years, in many ways be that, physically, mentally and para psychologically.
I have never been afraid of anything.
Long before I started blogging I developed little inklings that all was not well in my world.
I grew up up knowing that "A man has to look after himself and his chosen mate".
Even that statement shows a lack of balls.
It should have been:
"A man looks after his wife and children." End of story.
Then slowly but surely my sensibilities got more and more corroded.
I accepted that cheating on taxes was alright.
I accepted men and woman sleeping around.
I accepted divorce.
I accepted Homo's.
And then, a big step. I accepted that we are all human beings and our mistakes should be judged according to where we come from. For example:
If your dad or mom was a paedophile, it's alright, you can be one too.
If you are born poor it's alright to steal.
I accepted that "The World" owes everybody a living.
Right and wrong was subjective.
The lines were blurred.
The clear line of my youth was not so clear anymore when I had my kid.
Did I teach her the strong line of my youth or the watered down version?
I don't really know, but she has turned out more aligned to the stern line than the watery version. Hindsight is alright.
I served as a draftee in two military conflicts, both passed without me putting myself in harms way, to the contrary I did everything to hide myself. This farce was over by the time I was 23.
I went back to a world that saw my sister emigrate to the USA to escape the injustices of our life as we knew it.
Yet I was a chosen one, in our " then", Black and White world. I was White.
Yet, even as a child I never felt White.
And then my perspective changed.
The Soviets with Cuba providing 'fodder,' threatened my Country, minority rule and all, in both Mozambique and Angola. This sent the military scurrying to find good fieldsman.
They got me, this time as a volunteer, with my conditions attached.
I rejoined the army.
My perspective changed again.
The rules of war, the Geneva Convention and being a Gentleman, went out of the window.
Kill or be killed.
When the Cuban choppers had enough fuel, and they had enough spares, they were far superior to anything we had, and they flew over at will, and dropped body parts of the prisoners they had captured - my compatriots - my perspective changed by, a head, a bone, a foot or a hand, whether they were Black or White, did not matter.
My people.
We killed, but not by any means possible, but I personally wanted to kill more, to reverse the unjust killings of civilians that I witnessed. But my childhood training and beliefs held out.
The definition of "Combat Troops", did get upgraded though to, "Anybody who shoots at you".
Let me explain, for every one South African soldier the Cubans' killed, they killed at least 100 civilians of the country that they were "liberating" - socialism sucks.
That "War is Futile" does not enter my mind.
I lost the war but left a legacy that is still fighting on throughout Africa.
Now that you have the gist of my history, I get to my general feeling about life as 'she' appears to be.
She sucks.
But then we make her, she, it suck, by allowing all sorts of freedoms, that have not been earned.
We give the freedom of life to murderers.
We pardon paedophiles.
We condone violent sexual deviants of every kind.
We pardon street protests and people who burn cars because, they are not 'heard'.
Body piercing and tattoos are normal.
If you want you can burn National symbols like flags etc.
You put the Stars and Stripes on your underwear, it's OK.
Muggings are OK, since they don't kill.
We are pussies.
In Europe the Muslims will take over one state, then governments, one after the other, because we are pussies.
In the USA the Mexicans will overrun the Southern states one by one because we are pussies.
This slow insidious inroads into our complacent/permissive sensibilities has turned us all into pussies.
Compassion for those less fortunate than us is very IMPORTANT, it is, it makes us whole.
I am still not afraid of anything.
I have an inkling however that I'd better get better armed, whether that be physically or mentally or para psychologically.
I will have to do some killing again, soon, to preserve what is me and mine at a certain standard.
Whatever the Socialist/Communists/Sexual terrorists/PC persons/Equality people have tried to do, "I'm a man and I will look after my wife and my children."
I still like ducks...
The Cat's Mother suck's:
I am eternally grateful, personally, that I have never had to fight a war.
Kees is seven years ahead of me and my brother, two years ahead.
Both of them fought the war in Angola, and Keesie also in Mozambique.
Both carry the scars. Kees would say memories.
Had I been born male, I would have fought these wars.
In our country 'in those days' female liberation and so-called equality was not 'in'.
I thank God for that because personally if I were a duck that's what I would have done, ducked. It takes a great deal of courage to fight a war.
Not to fight as such, but to have to kill and see your own killed.
I take my hat off to those who do this to defend their countries.
Would I like to walk in their shoes? You tell me.
BIG kudus to our brave fellow countrymen.
For whatever reason.
And I also like ducks ...
Homosexuality does not bug me.
Sleeping around does not bug me.
Tattoos does not bug me.
They were just symbols of my corroding senses.
This ASS RIDER shows a lack of balls.
I missed your birthday too keesie - jammer :-(*mmmmwwwwwaaaahhhh* big kiss & hug!
Jayne Homepage 05.22.07 - 2:50 pm #
Now I know why I like reading Keeskennis... a kindred spirit to mine. Very evocative Kees and damn accurate.
RobC Homepage 05.22.07 - 2:47 pm #
Bravo, Kees. Nicely done.And happy birthday.
Bane Homepage 05.20.07 - 9:37 pm #
Well said Kees.
GUYK Homepage 05.20.07 - 6:43 pm #
off topic, Kees... I missed your birthday and I'm so sorry. Many Happy Birthday wishes to you, dear man!!!
Jean Homepage 05.20.07 - 9:42 am #

"I still like ducks...", you say. But, if you are shooting, I hope your duck is still. Very poignant writing here, Kees Dear. Yes, life sucks; but it still beats the alternative.
Bonita Homepage 05.20.07 - 6:28 am #

A sobering revelation. Too many pussies that never had to work or fight for anything.They'll become slaves and never fight back.
hammer Homepage 05.20.07 - 2:52 am #

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Flowers and trees

The entrance to some industrial complex off the road between Kitwe and Ndola.

Out of the blue a bit of eye candy for the traveler.
Just lovely, like your own 54 year old self. Belated happy birthday my dear. Sorry I missed the party.
Libby Spencer Homepage 05.20.07 - 1:00 am #

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17 May 2007


Bobby's Tour of Duty

He does not post every day, but when he posts it is like the soldier, I percieved I was.

"The KIAs: SGT Joe Polo, SPC Walter Freeman, PFC Derek Gibson (his myspace page...the messages left by friends there tells more than a newspaper article could). The last two were in the platoon I brought over here before joining D Co."

"A few minutes later, one of those trucks took a round to the turret glass. Sniper. The had eyes on the building and returned fire. A good, heavy barrage from their M240. I get the sitrep and ask how far down the house is. 50m is the reply. Cool...let's go get em. I ask permission to enter 822 (since it's not our AO...) and away we go. We bound down the side of the street using backyards. Climbing walls in our gear isn't fun...taxing to say the least. We get to the approximate house and I call for verification. Nope. Not there yet. We look down the street. At least another 250m. Apparently the 50m "guess" was made by the gunner...while he looked through his scope. Frickin privates. We get on the sidewalk and bound back up the street to the market."

Check him out.
War is not fun.

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Don't you think ....

tatooing those dumb animals on their ears hurt tooooo much?
Shouldn't that be a donkey?
I'm just asking, OK.
this reminds me that the gene pool needs to be cleaned
Rex Homepage 05.19.07 - 5:48 pm #

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We must be very PC

Oops...think I left my comment on the wrong post...this one (???) should have the 'equality in action' comment.
Too much wine tonight!
Mrs. Who Homepage 05.19.07 - 4:47 am #

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From deep in Cajun Country

I present some Cajun wiring.

With apologies to Mostly Cajun.

If only he will let me comment on his site I could have given him some nice pictures of Zimbabwe from my recent trip there.

I think they are from Thailand actualy.


Keesie--You think I got all this stuff figured out? I was banned from MY OWN BLOG when I tried logging in from a location on the road.Try another comment, and email me the results.

And that looks like one of jobs my old competition worked on...MC

mostly cajun Homepage 05.18.07 - 3:18 pm #


that looks like the mess I made when my last job put me in charge of wiring the phone system.
hammer Homepage 05.17.07 - 7:57 pm #

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Your worst nightmare

You know, those nightmares where your legs turn to lead and you can't run.
Poor thing.
*Deer in headlights look*
Maeve Homepage 05.18.07 - 2:25 am #

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The Spares cupboard

That's not a spares cupboard, that where Jeffrey Darmer (sp?) keeps his snacks.
Oubaas 05.18.07 - 2:10 pm #

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Now I have to tag some poor suckers.............. Witch

One of the things about living in the bush is the fact that you almost never eat out.
However on my travels I have had some great meals at hotels and restaurants.

Here are the rules:
1. Add a direct link to your post below the name of the person who tagged you. Include the state and country you’re in.
2. List out your top 5 favorite places to eat at your location (locally).
3. Tag 5 other people (preferably from other countries/states) and let them know they’ve been tagged.

Five places I have eaten and will do so again if I get the chance.

The Meditarenea - Dar Es Salaam - Tanzania.
Ras Nungwe - Zanzibar
Mikes Kitchen - Gaberone - Botswana.
Arabian Nights - Kitwe - Zambia.
Mariners Wharf - Houtbay- South Africa.
Serena Hotel - Serengeti - Tanzania.

Most days it is a pork chop that does it for me.

I suck at memes so tag yourself if you want to.



Keesie said:"Most days it is a pork chop that does it for me.

"Me too, Keesie...*wink*

Chickie Homepage 05.18.07 - 5:58 pm #

KK: Chickie you have a dirty mind, I like that. LOL

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My first day as a fifty four year old

It is VERY good that I am not the absolute ruler of the world.

Very few would have survived the last 3 days.

I have managed to register The Cat's mother's new car.


From 9:30 to 12:00 and then from 14:30 to 16:30. (Note: Before Independence these offices were open from 7:30 to 17:30, six days a week)

Now you can call the effective hours 9.45 to 11.45 = 2 hours

And then in the afternoon, 14:45 to 16:45 = 2 hours

4 hours per day and casual at that.

This still does not account for the different religions taking off at strange hours and leaving the counter unattended.

In many ways Africa stimulates me, the people are not like their socialistic governments and want to work.

I love the continent.

Socialism is killing it.

Top of the morning to you as well Melissa.

An African moment.



Oh, dude...I missed yer berfday? Gaaaah! Heppy berfday, Keesie...many, many more.

Erica Homepage 05.22.07 - 4:29 pm #


Happy birthday, youngster. I can say that because I'm 55.

BobG Homepage 05.17.07 - 7:29 pm #
Happy Birthday my dear Keesie! I hope you had a great day!

Maeve Homepage 05.17.07 - 6:31 pm #

Happy late birthday, Kees, many more to you....

holder Homepage 05.17.07 - 1:51 pm #
No telling how long society can survive under the yoke and corruption of socialism.

hammer Homepage 05.17.07 - 7:29 am #

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16 May 2007



Yes I am 54 today.
I must be getting old as I have a problem deciding where to go for some therapeutic relaxing.

Below are some advert blurbs for 2 places.
Please tell me where I should go for my birthday present/party bash.

The attendant in the elephant swim is on the right.





The attendant in the bear swim is on the right.


Please advise.


Happy Birthday Comments, on this post and on others:


Sorry it's late but:Happy Birthday; Veels Geluk Liewe Maatjie; L‡ breithe mhaith agat!; Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!; Ilanga elimndandi kuwe! Penblwydd Hapus i Chi! Heri ya Siku kuu! Hope there's many more!!!

Ator Homepage 05.19.07 - 10:37 am #


Happy belated birthday sweetheart...

Chickie Homepage 05.18.07 - 6:00 pm #
Kees dear, my photos are average....but all yours are FUNNY! Keep up the good work - and Happy Birthday!

Bonita Homepage 05.18.07 - 3:06 am #

I forgot to say 'Happy Birthday, my friend, keep on bloggin'

Rex Homepage 05.17.07 - 3:11 am #

. KK: Ta Rex, maybe my mind will catch up with my actual age sometime, it is about 20 years behind right now.

I would suggest the bear swim, but you had better take the elephant swim. Your wife is nice and I would hate to see her a widow after she kills you.

Rex Homepage 05.17.07 - 3:08 am #

. KK: Yeah, but with a elephant swim I would be as dead.

Hello Papa. HAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY. JY is reg, brandewyn het nie brieke nie. Hope the year outshines all the rest. Lots and Lots of love Pierre en Vida. PS ons drink n polisie koffie op jou.
Pierre en Vida 05.16.07 - 10:21 pm
# FROM Here

. KK: Ta Pumpkin, yes brandy has no brakes, enjoy your coffee.

He's just engaging in a spot of car jousting.A very happy birthday to you, Kees!
Homepage 05.17.07 - 2:47 am # FROM Here

. KK: Thanks Rosie and I enjoy jousting.

Happy Birthday Kees! May you have a fantastic, Klipdrift filled birthday day!Mwah - birthday kiss! xxx Lis
Melissa 05.16.07 - 12:02 pm
# FROM Here

. KK: Thank you Melissa, hope you are well, love to the kids.




Getting older.

I did not start off as young.

And I did not end up as youmg. Damn.

Guyk, Rob , MYSELF and a flippen lot of bloggers should check out THIS site.
She can take pictures.

Hey Bonita do you run a school over weekends that I can attend?. (over the net of course)

The Kees now sports a No 3 cut in the higher regions.

I had box cameras then instamatics and I followed the whole proccess by staying behind by about ten years.

Then I got this Sony.
I battled to use it until I became a woman and asked for some directions.
Good advice cause it is now, once again, an extension of my manliness.

All 3 of my kids got hold of me over the airways to wish the oldtoppie another few years.

Bonita zei...
KeesKennis, Happy Birthday! I hit 62 the other day....so I'm catching up to you (KK: I must explain That I was listed in Blogger as 73 years old at this stage). I'm using an older Sony Mavica, 2.0 mega pixels, made about 5 - 8 years ago.
I ordered it through the company's back stock, as it is easy to use. Point and shoot. No lessons here, just get good color by shooting early in the morning or late in the day. Unfortunately, most of my filming is from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m on canoeing trips, so the color is washed out - but video cameras do just great. Polarized lenses in video cameras do wonders.
Wednesday, May 17, 2006 3:06:00 AM



Even then I was posting more than once a day, call me crazy.


This should be an aim for any serious traveler (the only all year entry to the Crater.
Don't let anybody tell you otherwise, traveling in Africa is hard.
Domestic animals, wild animals.
Domestic people, wild people.
All combine to make a 200 km trip into a, 3.5 hour experience, and that is on a good road, in the rainy season add 1 hour at least.

The Crater is about 8300 sq km.
It is 500 meters down from this position to the crater floor.
We are now at about 1950 m above sea level.

It was a mountain bigger than Kilimanjaro.
This is before KeesKennis was born.

It blew its top and the settled down to form the crater.
All the ash and minerals is what keeps the Serengeti going after all these years.

Now it is is a special place.
If you live your life at the normal 100 to 120 km per hour, think of this as life at 10 km per hour.

Magic, surreal.

Olduvai Gorge where your g,g,g,g,g,grandfather started walking upright is about 120 km from here.
The ash from this crater/volcano most probably presevered his footprints for us to marvel about today.

So wear a hat. This is a serious place of respect.

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