10 January 2009



A bit of pre history:

I have often been called a racist, always by a white man or woman, never by a black man or a black woman, strange that.
My whole life I have fought against or have run away from communism.
A society structured to keep different cultures apart is not a bad thing, despite what a lot of misguided people say today.
Those that call me names are normally from, as they call themselves, the reality based spectrum. Pure hogwash.

A bit of closer to now history:

I am presently living in a country where a Free market President won by 80,000 votes over a Communist contender in a ballot of just over 2,000,000 votes, that's close.
Not that Free Market or Communist is that far apart in Africa.
So I get along and make money and circumvent taxes and use my brain and help those that I can. Given the oppurtunity the government would have "saved" my taxes in Switzerland, for the future, you know.

Just now:

We have a new threat, not that the old one have died or anything, but it is/was on hold. The new Threat is called Islam, no not Radical Islam, but Islam.
Show me one small group that have edited the Koran and have excised the killing of apostates and I will call the threat Radical Islam.
I am too set in my ways to start pussyfooting now.

My post for today:

If you are a government and you steal from Peter to pay Paul, Paul will vote for you.
Democracy by communist sucks.
Oh, hi all you Americans, got yo'r attention though.
The only lucky thing for you is that W and his communist cronies have left very little for BHO to fuck up. At least your second to last vote was effective in that it killed some Muslims.

My post for the Future:

We will beat the communists, that's a colective we.
We will kill Islam, but many others, that's you and me, will die.
China is a problem, a BIG problem.
My children will have a .......................... fullfilled life.

My comments on the post above:

USA and Gaza should take note: You get what you vote for, that is democracy, and Jimmy Carter said it was fair, didn't he, the fucking asshole.
In any communist state there will be too many mouths to feed eventually.
Out of Topic, Al Gore and his global warmist/changist should go and suck Rudolph's dick

My conclusions of the post and comments above:

I can't write or swear as elequently as Vman but fuckit I deserve a mention.
I would like to dance and flirt like Joan but she passes me the Hat, dammit.
I am not as sexy as Maeve, but I run a close second.
My Brother should not give up the good fight, I have been there Bro.

The Ligher side of this:

Eric might have to start working for a living, not that I wish that on him.
Rex will have to eat those tomcats, not that I wish that on him too, but lion cuts a good, but small fillet.

The final fucking conclusion:

(any new word that pops up below will be given to Elisson or Vman or SWG)

A return comment by the man that can turn it on must take the cake and the trophy.
In his elequent, big dicked, handsome post, of self rightiousness end self embroidary, the Vman takes on one SANDY, the problem is that SANDY has fuckoll to be selfrightious about, according to this writer.


You are so sadly mistaken. I started at the bottom and I've wallowed here contentedly ever since.

Just so you understand: I didn't start this. Sullivan singled me out for opprobrium. And I only bring it up again because he's having his silly little queer popularity contest and continues to traduce me. I'd sooner have public bath house traffic in Port-au-Prince than the commenters I'm receiving of late.

I'm glad your ridiculously empty life has allowed you the opportunity to send a complete stranger such a pompous, ignorant, and self-satisfied missive, however. Now go back and play with the other cunts."

Posted by Velociman at December 31, 2008 6:29 PM

You idiots knock it off. Although Erin and I may disagree politically, she is a woman sending me naked pictures of herself.

And I must respect that.

Posted by Velociman at January 9, 2009 6:10 PM

And Further:

All I can say Erin is that you should not come to a Bullfight armed with a tweezer

Oh and:

I have lot's of Black friends, not that we agree about everything, but they agree that it is good that I do not want to join them on a night out. They have their culture and I have mine.
Money is not the question: Look at President to be Jacob Zuma and then ask.

Does that answer the racist allegations: not: so fine.

Now laaff and rest your body.

Off course if you keep on disrupting my life I will kill you.


I think you're very sexy, Keesie. And what can I say? I'm a sucker for tits. If Sandy had showed me some nipplage I probably would have been nicer to her.

Gravatar I keep staring at the screen, hoping to say something intelligible in answer to this post.

I'll let you know...

Gravatar Ta Vman,
I think you are sexy too, not so much that Key or the Cat's Mother should get jealous but I do, and I love your writing and ranting.

Hi Joan,
I think you are very sexy, (forget what I said Vman) and I understand, "instant chaos" comes from years and years of dedicated practise and from the believe that I WILL make a very bad filling clerk.
I'm Waiting.

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