24 December 2008



Hi all,

Merry Merry and another Merry CHRISTMAS to you all.
Coming from a heathen this should be very merry!
Try and avoid hard drink if you can. Oh stuff that, I hate dressing up anyway.

Did any of you notice that I am posing next to an angel?
The best of wishes go to my darling wife, Cindy, Cats Mother, wife and woman of my dreams and my beautiful and hardheaded daughters.
Love you all.
I now hand the mike to Cindy the Cat's Mother.

Hi All,

Cindy, The Cat's Mother:

YAY, Keesie gives me  so much SPACE. Then again, the man needs space. So we balance out our needs, a bit like a see-saw in a park for kids. Now we're up, now we're down but mostly we're on an even keel - as in, we balance out one another. 

In our world it is good. It's so great to be with one another because we love each other and  nature and we both love cats and I love creating gardens and he loves admiring and breathing it. He has given me and my two girls from my first marriage and his daughter from his late wife Esta, space to grow- stability, encouragement, laughter and joy - a surprise a minute and mostly pleasant. 

Keesie hasn't felt a need to change although I'm evolving all the time and it's good because if you are a Keesie Reader you are sure to know that he is thoughtful, deep, light, obnoxious, and irreverant. We can go on here (ad nauseum). Kees is a free spirit and with him I'm free. Without him and because of him, I am still free (born on the 4th of July) - my destiny I reckon. I would have found my way anyway. But we're doing it together - what a pleasure. 

Mannnnn, dressed up or undressed, Keesie makes me look good!

Love and light to you and yours.
Christmas blessings.
May God's angels be with you.
Kees Speaking.
I love this woman, yes I do, Oh yes I do.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, even the heathens.


Merry Christmas to the whole bunch of you fine folks!


Merry Christmas Keesie & Cat's mum!

At first I thought bible thumpers were coming to your front door again and the Cat's mum got the photo proof that you DO answer the door nekkid if they stop by.

KK: That's not nekkid, it is very close to fully dressed, for me, that is.

.... what a team you two make!..... when I come to visit you guys in Africa, I'm going to show you how to make Tennessee Pulled-pork on the bbq...... 

... Merry Christmas to you both!...

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