30 January 2009


The Voice

The Voice

When I was a young man of about 26 I was employed on a contract in the Northern Transvaal.
I lived with two others on a farm about thirty miles from a small town.
My housemates were on leave and my housekeeping skills then, as now, were dismal.
So I arrived after work to find nothing edible in the house and decided to, quickly, before the sun sets to bag me pheasant or quail for dinner.
Just back of the house was a vast field with 8 ft tall grass and over the hill it faced onto a pool in a small stream, an ideal ambush spot for any fowl. So I set of with a shotgun and some birdshot cartridges and worked my way through the tall grass for 500 yards or so until only a screen of the grass shielded me from the view of anything in my intended killing range.
Looking at the sun I realised that my hunger and anticipation had led me to the spot twenty minutes early and so I settled down for a relaxing snooze.
A noise woke me up and I peered out from my hidey hole to see a young man, about my age walking towards me. I recognized him as Adriaan Foster who lived on the next farm with his elderly Mother and Father. Although I have met him several times and we were friendly, we were not friends, some of my friends who went to school with him called him aloof and stuck up as he was not a party reveler like ourselves.
Then as now my mind works by a system or systems, unknown, even to me.
And I lay there, thinking “Bummer, I am going to bed hungry tonight”

I must interrupt the story here to tell you that I have a booming voice, I mean military parade ground, BOOMING.

Without a thought or any contemplation I cupped my hands in front of my mouth and shouted “Adriaaaan Fosteerr”
He came to an abrupt halt and quizzically looked around, but the tall grass that hid me from his view also filtered the sound of my voice and hid the direction from where it came. I gave him thirty seconds or so and shouted again, slightly louder “Adriaaaaann Fosterrr”, he was completely taken aback and stood still peering at some bushes off to my right.
By now I had to hold my nose and mouth with my hand to stop the laughter that was welling up, so it was at least thirty seconds to a minute before I composed myself and shouted again “Adriaaaaann Fosterrr”. He was standing with a look on his face that made me grab my mouth and nose and bury my face in the ground and grass so as not to burst out laughing.

Then I heard a noise and looked up. The laughter drained out of my body as I saw the scene in front of me.

Adriaan had knelt down on one knee, his hat was in his left hand and his right hand was pointing skyward. His head was tilted back and he said in a strong voice “Speak my Lord, Your servant is listening”

The silence was deafening.

I coughed and got up, he glanced in my direction but said nothing, I had nothing to say either. As I walked past him I heard a heart rendering sob and then the sound of a grown man crying.
I went to bed hungry that night and I couldn’t sleep, not because of the hunger but because some sounds stay with you for a long, long time.


.... damn.... where does one begin to comment to that......

GravatarRevenge of the hidden Atheist

You could make a movie....

GravatarI must be a real asshole.
I don't see the problem.

You should have commanded him to provide food for Keesie...

hoosierboy 02.01.09 - 4:50 pm #

I must be a real asshole, too.I don't see the problem either, Maxx.

BobG Homepage 02.01.09 - 11:54 pm #

I woulda said, " Get the fuck up and don't sin no more"

As long as he didn't strip and try to wear banana leaves or something.
Keesie, I'm back. Come visit!


The Froth

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29 January 2009


The shoe fits


A friend, who worked away from home all week, always made a special effort to be with his family on the weekends. For years, every Sunday morning he would take his little granddaughter out for a drive in the car for some bonding time - just he and his granddaughter*.

One particular Sunday, when she was about 4, he had a bad cold and really didn't feel like being up at all. Luckily, his wife came to the rescue and said that she would take their granddaughter out. When they returned, the little girl anxiously ran upstairs to see her grandfather.

'Well, did you enjoy your ride with grandma?'

'Oh yes, PaPa,' the girl replied, 'and do you know what? We didn't see a single dumb bastard or lousy shit head anywhere we went today!'

Brings a tear to your eye doesn't it?

Stolen from The Silverbacks


Reminds me when my daughter was 4-5 after returning from a trip to the store...she quickly ran inside and told her mom "I know what a MF'r is".With a shocked expression on her face, Nancy focased her attention on me as Rhonda continued and said "it's someone who don't know how to drive good"

Wm H Homepage 01.30.09 - 5:03 am #

My GF & I were babysitting for a couple once, who wanted to make sure we were not just watching TV, so they left a tape recorder running.....


GravatarWait until your girlfriends daughter turns 18 fuck knows they know everything


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Done lost it all

My informants tell me that the Outoppie lost heavily, please go and give him some tips.
Apparently they cleaned him out and also won mayor concessions as to what they are allowed to do on the property.
PS: Please do not tell Sweething.

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26 January 2009


Old photos 2


Just for Eric, but Bonita will understand how my Mother felt.
Keeskennis and Middle brother circa 19voertsek, we were soooo cooool.

Compare the above pic to this one below.
We are in reverse order on the left.
The baby is my brother from the previos post
And the girls are my eldest and middle sisters


The picture of you and your brother reminds me of this.

BobG Homepage 01.26.09 - 9:46 pm #

You boys were rocking some hawt hair cuts there!

Maeve Homepage 01.26.09 - 11:59 pm #

You be Styling!!!

Sam Homepage 01.27.09 - 4:59 pm #

.... thank you, sir...... you guys look great......... startling to see so much white (both in flesh and in clothes) in Africa, though!........

Eric Homepage 01.28.09 - 4:33 am #

ya look just like Ringo!

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Old photos

Just some pics that my sister sent around. I have never seen these before

My youngest brother and some friends

My youngest siblings

And again

OOOO rats make really good pets. They are not nippy like hamsters.
Maeve Homepage 01.27.09 - 12:00 am #

Well these pics do explain a lot. Ha. Great Pics.

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18 January 2009


Quote of the day

"I haven't met any intelligent cooks, ever, however I have met some, or know of some peeps, that are very intelligent that cook"

KeesKennis: About 6 minutes ago, I would not shit you on that would I, not even when I was pissed, would I sink to that.


...... You know, you are absolutely insane ........ and I kinda like that ...........


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Thanks Joan

Our resident shit stirrer Msss Jahanna van Arkel left a comment
I keep staring at the screen, hoping to say something intelligible in answer to this post.

I'll let you know...

and as a result of extreme lazynezzz I am reposting this.

As Joan was not included because she had not yet discovered KEESKENNIS at that stage I now Include her here.

Joan: Is she really that wise or she a dancing dilitante ........?




Uhm... thanks?

It's an ornery just to be nominated!



Gravatar I'm still trying to figure out what this post is about. Do you think drinking some tequila would help?

Gravatar Hi Joan, does that mean you will come dancing wif ornery ole me?
Then Yes It Is An 'onor.

Gravatar Bob, but it only kicks at bottle number 2, OK.
But only if none of the Lake water was used. Silly me.

"The Thinker" in Cleveland, Ohio got blown up in 1970. I wrote about it here.The vandals were never apprehended, but it was largely believed to be the work of the Weathermen, which was also the organization that Bill Ayres was associated with.Have a good day, Mr. K.

Erin O'Brien Homepage 01.29.09 - 3:04 pm #


MAEVE tagged me with an award. (Thanks Pumpkin) ( yes she is now officially a PUMPKIN)

She also tagged Guyk and he posted.

"MAEVE tagged me with a meme thing what I HAVE DONE DID.

But in any event I must say that I am flattered that ANYONE would consider this bit of shit and wit thinking..more like laughing and ranting to keep from screaming and yelling.."

She also tagged. My beotch Athena over at Athena rises ( bitch thinks waaaaaay too much)

And beotch posted.

"I hate Maeve!!!
and I hate being tagged... especially with complicated instructions!!!"


"So, I felt obligated to post a real thought provoker, but I have to go take a dump!!!"

THE RULES ( I love rules)

1. If you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme
3. Optional: Proudly display the “Thinking Blogger Award” with a link to the post that you wrote.

You Get, in our blogosphere.

Linkers. (that is a chain link fence)

Stinkers. (that is Keesie's paw, and the stain is nicotine)


And those are the standards, by which we get judged.

I would like to add: Captains (Wankers, ran a close second) of Free Reign.

But with CoFR, we stand.

I AM stopping this meme here.

Cos it is stupid.

The originator of this said.

"Now Divya tagged me on the Z list. I wouldn't mind putting it here as well but I don't know if I, or my readers, would relate to any of the blogs listed. That is, provided they click any links there. In fact, I can share my experience with you. I clicked some of them and to be honest I wasn't wrong about what I thought earlier. It is a list but just too random!

This is also the sole reason why I don't have a blogroll. There are far too many blogs I read on a regular basis and not all of them are even closely related to what I blog about. How would I know which ones, from the wide range of blogs, would be of interest you too?"

A person that cannot make up their eenie wweeenie little mind as to whom to include in their blogroll starts a "I make you think" meme.

I am not looking down on the blogs that have been tagged, not at all.

I have visited 200 or more of these blogs.

Some of them will appear on my blogroll soon.

If I had participated in this random pyramid scheme, I could have tagged.

Vman - He makes me think whether he is sane?

Elisson - He makes me think if I have a life?, Watch his blogroll, like his life, Immense.

Eric - He makes me think about popping balloons and squirrel sex?

Guyk - God forbid?

Tanker - Why I am not allowed to post a comment on his site?, I know that he had 200,000 hits lately, but is that a reason to blacklist me?

Bonita - How come some people have got all their Sh*t in one basket, and will I ever get there?

Rex - Can he shoot straight?

Hammer - Am I sane or not? Please DO NOT answer.

Jim - Would you have thought he was only 49 years old?

Jim PRS - How does a New Yorker stay sane?

Cat - Is he real?

Twenty - Is he a C*nt?

Misty - How many 69's can a women survive?

Erica - Have you not wondered about Yewish chicks?

Blob - Will the Military pensions be so that he can keep on blogging?

Froth - How many insects will she kill?

Mrs,J, Goldblooooom - never maaaaaaind the sharp stuff, I love you and yor Sister, OK.

El capitan - Can one person be this rotund and literate at the same time, 99,000 titles, read?

Walrilla - I called him Lefty instaed of Righty, is he offended?

Mohawk - Is he really and Indian and a Marine?

Rodger - Is he as sweet as he is or is he hiding behind Mother Superior?

Chickie - She can't be real, their must be some bedlam around.

Key - Are you giving something in return for the 20 K?

Shadowscope - Did you get laid by This Person? Was there enough Rum? Did Eric fulfill his promise?

Bane - Can he stay Coulter around the issues always? Not Likely!!, his mouth is too big to shut up. I like him for that.

Denny - He has been tagged by Jack, and we have consensus on Vman, I have never met Vman, but I won't take a horse whip to a gunfight with the MAN.

Dax - Will he come to Africa with Vman and Eric and Elisson ?, I hope so. And I hope they bring lots of buddies.



Joe Flirt

Euro Posh or Foolish Mutterings.

For my own sanity we will now follow a single thread as I otherwise I have to link more than a MILLION THINKERS. ( I call bullshit - Ed)

2AM is offline so we have to go the long way around.

Dirty Filthy Princess

Was chosen by Fade to Numb and My Journey Of self Discovery

And at this stage I am LOST.


I've been nominated for a Thinking Blogger Award by Christian Husband, Recovering Soul, and Therese In Heaven. I'm truly flattered,

Sacrifice My Sexuality

These people kept on tagging each other.

A previous time when I was less intoxicated I found 22 levels of tagging.

So Fu*k It.


Elder of Ziyon

BlogBites. like sound bites. but without the sound.

Thinking Bloggers Meme

Who'd a thunked?

Thinking Blogger Award

SmartWealthyRich .com

Loose Leaf Notes

To think or not to think, that is the question. ...

Thinking (about) Bloggers

Thinking Blogger Award

Almost Somewhat Positive

What - Me Think?

IF you , really want to know more go to this link and get your thinking sorted out.




Cute badge. I prefer the silver one for my blog, but am much to humble to post it. Also, I don't have the time with all the thinking and stuff that I do.

Mist 1 Homepage 04.21.07 - 6:09 am #


Lefty, Righty, it doesn't matter. Just don't call me late for supper. B-)>And that sounds like a hell of a group to go to Africa with.

Count me in!Walrilla Homepage 04.10.07 - 5:50 pm #
Yes :>

Richard Homepage 04.10.07 - 12:56 am #


Sane is for pussies, Keesie. I'd love to come visit you. Wid or widdout those other reprobates.

Velociman Homepage 04.08.07 - 2:54 am #


Yewish chicks? What's to wonder? I am one, ain't I?

Erica Homepage 04.07.07 - 4:58 pm #
I still haven't figured out how you get blacklisted. Certainly wasn't a specific move on my part. I find the whole thing embarrassing...

I mean, it's not like I get so many comments that I just randomly decide to isolate some poor soul and send him away...

mostly cajun Homepage 04.07.07 - 4:23 pm #


Very impressive, and it requires way more thought than I am capable of. Sort of like calculus.

Jim - PRS Homepage 04.07.07 - 9:53 am #
There is something wrong if you only think about whether V-man is sane. That's definitely a known commodity.

Rosie Homepage 04.07.07 - 8:52 am #
have you gone completely crazy? Put the meme down and slowly step away from the keyboard.

Rex Homepage 04.07.07 - 2:01 am #


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11 January 2009


I'm clean - Any Questions?

This is such a magic shot, I believe it must belong to somebody.
Please let me know and I will acknowledge you


I love this pic.

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10 January 2009


True or futuristic or just that

There is an interesting debate over at Erin's about Magnets and moonbats and our famous Vman leaves a comment, he must have had been full of the birds and the bees and could have been thinking about this "atomic weight is 85.4678
A MAS (Mutual Admiration Society) was formed just then.
Argue as you will.
He is no slouch on the periodic table though.

No key or smelly type comments will be allowed.

The Cat's Mother better come and cast some Angel spells arround here, soon.

That should get you back for this at least:

Twin tailpipes. You and Keesie can do a threesome!

Bullshitted by Velociman on February 10, 2007 09:53 AM

And the year is but a pup.


Actually, Tellurium (as hydrogen telluride) smells MUCH worse than sulphur. You can get quarantined just for breathing a microgram of it!

Apropos atomic weights : take the molecular structure of Viagra, round the atomic weights to the nearest integer (e.g. Oxygen=16, carbon=12) and sum to get the molecular weight of Viagra. It's 666

Gravatar Thank you for your continued adoration and support.

Gravatar Hi Stu,
Thanks for the stinking comment.

H Erin,
I'm 55 years old but The Cat's Mother, my wife, proclaims that I am an Old Soul.
Nevermind that, I do not do sarcasm.

I do do truth though.
I like you and your blog, and no, I do not think I will ever buy your books.
My late wife and my present wife have never and never will (swat) understand science or hardcore mathematics, so as I loved her and I love them, I have grown to understand them/her more.
I often tell her "Do not use grown up words like 'Energy flow' when you talk about Angels, because you can't measure it" (swat).

Me and Stu, above, see life completely differently as far as politics is concerned but we remain blog buddies because we have the same interest in the real world, that world around mathematics, cars, planes and motorbikes, and I think life.

Stu is a very well read, kind gentleman and he is more learned in the sciences and mathematics than me.
I believe that if you ask Stu he will explain the fallacy in your magnet theory to you, without swearing.

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A bit of pre history:

I have often been called a racist, always by a white man or woman, never by a black man or a black woman, strange that.
My whole life I have fought against or have run away from communism.
A society structured to keep different cultures apart is not a bad thing, despite what a lot of misguided people say today.
Those that call me names are normally from, as they call themselves, the reality based spectrum. Pure hogwash.

A bit of closer to now history:

I am presently living in a country where a Free market President won by 80,000 votes over a Communist contender in a ballot of just over 2,000,000 votes, that's close.
Not that Free Market or Communist is that far apart in Africa.
So I get along and make money and circumvent taxes and use my brain and help those that I can. Given the oppurtunity the government would have "saved" my taxes in Switzerland, for the future, you know.

Just now:

We have a new threat, not that the old one have died or anything, but it is/was on hold. The new Threat is called Islam, no not Radical Islam, but Islam.
Show me one small group that have edited the Koran and have excised the killing of apostates and I will call the threat Radical Islam.
I am too set in my ways to start pussyfooting now.

My post for today:

If you are a government and you steal from Peter to pay Paul, Paul will vote for you.
Democracy by communist sucks.
Oh, hi all you Americans, got yo'r attention though.
The only lucky thing for you is that W and his communist cronies have left very little for BHO to fuck up. At least your second to last vote was effective in that it killed some Muslims.

My post for the Future:

We will beat the communists, that's a colective we.
We will kill Islam, but many others, that's you and me, will die.
China is a problem, a BIG problem.
My children will have a .......................... fullfilled life.

My comments on the post above:

USA and Gaza should take note: You get what you vote for, that is democracy, and Jimmy Carter said it was fair, didn't he, the fucking asshole.
In any communist state there will be too many mouths to feed eventually.
Out of Topic, Al Gore and his global warmist/changist should go and suck Rudolph's dick

My conclusions of the post and comments above:

I can't write or swear as elequently as Vman but fuckit I deserve a mention.
I would like to dance and flirt like Joan but she passes me the Hat, dammit.
I am not as sexy as Maeve, but I run a close second.
My Brother should not give up the good fight, I have been there Bro.

The Ligher side of this:

Eric might have to start working for a living, not that I wish that on him.
Rex will have to eat those tomcats, not that I wish that on him too, but lion cuts a good, but small fillet.

The final fucking conclusion:

(any new word that pops up below will be given to Elisson or Vman or SWG)

A return comment by the man that can turn it on must take the cake and the trophy.
In his elequent, big dicked, handsome post, of self rightiousness end self embroidary, the Vman takes on one SANDY, the problem is that SANDY has fuckoll to be selfrightious about, according to this writer.


You are so sadly mistaken. I started at the bottom and I've wallowed here contentedly ever since.

Just so you understand: I didn't start this. Sullivan singled me out for opprobrium. And I only bring it up again because he's having his silly little queer popularity contest and continues to traduce me. I'd sooner have public bath house traffic in Port-au-Prince than the commenters I'm receiving of late.

I'm glad your ridiculously empty life has allowed you the opportunity to send a complete stranger such a pompous, ignorant, and self-satisfied missive, however. Now go back and play with the other cunts."

Posted by Velociman at December 31, 2008 6:29 PM

You idiots knock it off. Although Erin and I may disagree politically, she is a woman sending me naked pictures of herself.

And I must respect that.

Posted by Velociman at January 9, 2009 6:10 PM

And Further:

All I can say Erin is that you should not come to a Bullfight armed with a tweezer

Oh and:

I have lot's of Black friends, not that we agree about everything, but they agree that it is good that I do not want to join them on a night out. They have their culture and I have mine.
Money is not the question: Look at President to be Jacob Zuma and then ask.

Does that answer the racist allegations: not: so fine.

Now laaff and rest your body.

Off course if you keep on disrupting my life I will kill you.


I think you're very sexy, Keesie. And what can I say? I'm a sucker for tits. If Sandy had showed me some nipplage I probably would have been nicer to her.

Gravatar I keep staring at the screen, hoping to say something intelligible in answer to this post.

I'll let you know...

Gravatar Ta Vman,
I think you are sexy too, not so much that Key or the Cat's Mother should get jealous but I do, and I love your writing and ranting.

Hi Joan,
I think you are very sexy, (forget what I said Vman) and I understand, "instant chaos" comes from years and years of dedicated practise and from the believe that I WILL make a very bad filling clerk.
I'm Waiting.

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New tech is dangerous

Webcams and web telephones do come with some built in risk

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09 January 2009


Well that figures

You Are 1% New Jersey!

You are definitely NOT New Jersey. In fact you are very far from it. You must not be from this state, or anywhere nearby. Why not stop by sometime and see what you're missing?

How New Jersey Are You?
Take More Quizzes

I scored about like you. We are both from the South.

89% I'm surprised my score was that low.

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08 January 2009


Stu makes me cry - Explain why you love Lefties

Sorry all lefties.

In his post "A bit on the side" Stu anounces that I have no purpose, no idea, no fuckin clue and do not deserve to live, that is why I have about 8% of the hits that he has.
Pe We Stu, all my hits come from those with a mental age of less than 16.
Keeskennis and all those associated with this bolg also announces that this blog might or might not be sublet to real life.
Also, if I rebember, my post heading will from now on be linked back to the post, which will automatically link you back to Keeskennis and the Post, and all this will happen automatically and you do not have to worry your sorry ass about it as it will happen by the grace of Blogger.
So there.


I do what?

Did I offend you in some way?

Why not?

Hi Stu
Thanks but I am unoffendable.
Years and years of practise, I can assure you

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Man alone - eating - 1


Or, as you wish, SERIOUS COOKING.
As Elisson says "link-whore extaordinaire"
So if that is so who can resist. Down the blogroll cooks we go.
And, Hey, If I missed your best recipee, please send.
Acidman: Boiled peanuts: I never told him so, but I shudder ...
Vman: He must have boiled a few 16' whips and ate them with gravel for seasoning, but who knows, maybe there is a Key, somewhere!
Guyk : Who loves to boast that he cooks most of the meals, except for breakfast and supper and dinner. He does know about a few seafood dishes, I must admit.
Denny: I love his cooking, it is always done in a upper class setting by a proper chef. He maintains it is all about the wine.
Roger: Mostly French and Bacon, he did not comment, but he will approve, he is the Weal Kwing of Fwance after ALL.
Erica: She does not cook and never eats anything if it is not cooked in BROOKLYN. She is waiting to read "Aunt Bee's Maybury Cookbook" gifted to her by the Socialist Woman Gathering or SWG of whom we will talk later.
Ed: He cares and will never cook this. He is fun to read though.
Maeve: Sex and Whisky, the best cooking guide since the misconception of man or woman, and with love:
"And here is the finished product. Steve has finished the breakfast dishes, so now it is time for me to start cooking dinner. We are doing the traditional Italian dinner (Steve is Italian) of all fish. I've got shrimp scampi, crab cakes, battered halibut and tempura shrimp. I even got some cheesy bread.
Every one have a good day. Say a prayer of thanks and protection for those in our military and give a big hug to those in your family or circle of friends"
Love to you and your, as you put it, "My fine Celtic ass", on a horse, that is.
Blob: Lead and dust, mostly, but is easy on your blood pressure.

If you do not want your cooking talked about please mail $1,000 to my account.
The rest of the blogdrool have been warned.

MY RECIPE for MAN ALONE (americanised)
1/4 Lb of butter heated to silence in a pan.
Add 2.2 Lb's of pre cooked shrimp.
Spice as you wish.
Love and Enjoy
Use a straining spoon if your MD says so.
No need for salads or other distracting dishes.
Rinse and Repeat.

And, Izzy above, the owner of my middle Pumkin, Ondria, was not on the menu, she was delightfull though.

The Cat's Mother is only back in twenty days or so, so prepare yourself for lots more treats from my "Man Alone" cookbook.
Roasted Skunk just noses ahead of stirred shite, I think.


I'm wounded! Devastated!

You didn't publish one of MY recipes and I'm likely the ONLY Cajun you know...



Gravatar Hi Muster CayJon
I'se coming to you
Can't waste all da goodness on one post, can I?

Gravatar OMG Kees, you crack me up!

My Secret Christmas Polecat Recipe
Chicken-Fried Skunk Nuggets

2 skunks, skinned and cleaned
1 tbsp, salt
2 cups bear fat or lard
3 beaten egg yolks
1 cup, milk
1 cup of flour
2 tbsp, baking powder

Cut skunk meat into bite size pieces and drop into a kettle of cold water. boil meat about 40 minutes. Heat bear fat or lard to 360 degrees in a deep fryer. Mix egg yolks, cheap beer, flour, salt and baking powder. Dip meat in batter and fry to golden brown. Drain and serve.
Homepage | 01.13.09 - 5:53 pm | #

Gravatar ... dude, I made some pork ribs last night that were so good.... that if you put one on the top of your head, your tongue would knock your brains out trying to get to it......

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