14 March 2008


Insane Hunt - a Meme

Yabu, Guy, Dax, Rodger, Vman, Eric, MC, Maeve, H2O, Erica(she of the Clock 22 in 40 cal), Hah, Rex (not so much) and others from my "Bloggers I read" sidebar and those that actualy visit here every now and again that comes to mind, that I do not want to fuck with. And I do mean that in a manly physical sense, as SWG has expressed the desire to kiss me.
And the fact that Jim, Eli, BobG and others can slew my ass into jail without the use of arms or force, makes me not to fuck with them either, but as I was new Eli did mention the sweaty madness of Bane.

Now you must realise that I have spent a lot of energy teaching peeps how to live, and I have had no fucking success. This will prove no exception, except, hopefully, that he will go forward believing that we/he/she are not alone.

And most chicks can kick my ass, but he cannot write and publish this shit without a NO,NO

So I take on the biggest, bad-assest, old fucker on my sidebar, the fact that he has only given me one link is immaterail, really.

HE STATES. Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Guess...

My answers or comments in italics and bold

I Guess...
...that I just must be some kind of a freak. I read lots of gun blogs because, hey, I like guns, and I hear guys confidently claiming that certain guns won't shoot certain things at certain distances.

We all hear that at some stage.

Making claims about accuracy that sound like point blank shooting to me.
Makes me feel like some sort of idiot savant.

Idiot, I don't know, savant, yes, my drooling cousin can do that.

One morning, I think I was about 19 or twenty, I woke up to a bunch of Bluejays in a cherry tree out in my yard, screeching over all of the cherries, and dammit, I had a damn hangover, and was still slightly pasted, so I grabbed my 18 shot Winchester .22 I kept next to the bed, and shot them all through the screen, in a matter of seconds. And fell back into my coma.
18 birds, in less than 18 seconds. They didn't have a chance.

What, it took you 18 seconds?, my oldest savant cousin could do it in 2 seconds if they had the proper double barrelled shotgun, maybe it was the coma.

What, you can't do that?

YES?, NO?.

Not my problem.I tell people I killed many a deer, many of them out to 100 yards or so, with that .22, and they scoff.

Maybe I am not people, I have killed deer and Buck to up to 150 meters, (not yards) with a 22 and 222, all mine were at the break off dawn when the sky is not distorted by heatwaves.

Again, not my problem.
I grew up with a slingshot in my back pocket at all times.

At 54 I still have a pair.

Because of my weird eyes, I could follow the trajectory of the various projectiles I fired. When I graduated to bullets, I found that I can see them, as they fly towards whatever I'm shooting at.

This is the minimum that we expect from a SA sharpshooter.

I'm good up to about .308, and then I can only sense where they go, not see. And I thought everybody could do it.

At somany foot per second our natural eyes fail us, I have proved a motoring offence wrong in court because I could judge speed in a BIG TRUCK better than the radar equipment the cops had.
(I can Never prove this again)

I don't think I ever missed a baseball in PE class. They just slow down, and I whack them.

There is a curved ball out there for even Bane, hit them while you can.

Wanna take a swing at me? Fine. I'll watch it come, watch your whole body for that matter (all movement comes from the spine) and then

(I am inserting this comma)

I'll decide if I want to fuck you up, and how badly.

Your wish and how badly you want it, your move.

And I thought everybody could do this.
Now that I know different, it still keeps me humble, in case I meet someone else like me.
Pain sucks.

And it should keep you more humble

Hey, the list of shit I cannot do is far longer than the list of what I can.
I suck at math.
Hate it.
I see an equation, and I have to go crap.

I love Math, go and crap until your ears are clean enough to listen.

I know biology, but I hate it, memorizing all of that irrelevant shit.
I enjoy astronomy, but beyond the moon, and the Big Dipper,
I don't know shit.

Very True

I have always admired the Samurai tradition, and thus can cook, sew, paint and draw, write poetry, and...
I can pick up any weapon, even one I've never held before, and fire a bolt or a bullet through your eyeball and into your brain with it.

You think?
YOU ARE NOT, and please write on, I like you're style.

And I literally thought, for the longest time, that everybody could do that.

A lot of peeps can, really.

Bane could get me back of course, except I don't write as good or as long.

Keesie...I'm so confused, I don't even know what to do with this. Oh, and two things...it was a GLOCK 22, and also, you linked to Rodger's name with my url.
Oh, Keesie, I couldn't, well I could, but I would not harm a hair on your nappy head.

I have always sensed in you, a brother, though you have certainly lived larger than I.
Dude, what was it? Vodka?
Kees, you sure your not from Texas??? You sure sound like one. Ha and that's a good thing.
Well that is Africa for you.
I stayed up late so that I can comment on comments as they come in and the power fucked out just after I posted.

Erica dearest, you are not the only one who is confused and thanks I have rectified the link.

Hi Bane I actually had a lot of fun inserting those snarky's and I really read you everyday cos I like how and mostly what you write.

If only I had more I would have made that 150m kills at 200m or more.

Old Soldier,
Africa is a lot like the rural US, and we can tell lies as good/bad as anybody.
That's just like Keesie - to take a risk
And write a post of Banedad-Fisk.
... for what it's worth, there was some shooting and stabbin' in there too, big guy....

.... word up on the 22, 22mag, and 223's.... I qualified in USMC bootcamp one point off of perfect with the M16-A2 back in the day.... dinging man-sized targets at 500yds with iron sights... high shooter of the series, I was.... good times, brother....

I reckon seein' is believin' and until I see anybody kill a deer with a .22 at 150 meters..not yards..I ain't believin'

dinging the target with an M16 at 500 yards I believe and have done so with an M1 myself..but it takes some might fine Kentucky windage to know down a deer with a .22 at 150 years..let alone meters. Just sayin
You mean ther was some risk?

Shoot all the long distance shots that you can now.
When I use metal sights now I can see the target at any distance but the front sights disappear and when I have found them again the target is gone.

I was just taking the piss out of Bane. I will believe it when I see it myself. Like I told Jimbo above with more wodka it could have been 200m or more.
You shoot them in the head, dummy. Several times. They begin to hop like rabbits, so you have to lead em. And my favorite deer gun of all time was my .38 S&W Combat Masterpiece (K-14) with an 8 3/8th inch barrel, loaded with Hornady 125 gr SJHP's, 8 grains of Herters shotgun powder, and a .357 primer. I'd hit a deer at sundown, the dying of the light, and I would get this lovely spray from the other side of them, and they just dropped and died. None of that boinging around nonsense.

Haven't you heard? It ain't bragging if you can do it.
OK Bane
I,in those days 75kg, raced a herd of Sprinbok (30kg)on horseback and slid off the horse onto a Springbok and smashed it to the ground and then cut it's aorta first and then it's neck and spine with a knife.
Can't do it?

Of course I chose a female buck with smaller horns.
I had plenty of ammo and arms, so it was just to brag.

And I got laid that night.
An hey Bru, we are talking .22's here.

You're welcome.

Yabu can tell you that some Tzu character said and that Dax has done, choose your fight where and when and about what, to favour yourself.

Thanks for the compliment in your comment, brother.
And now at the flimsiest of excuses you have to give me a link, link whore that I am.
Keesie, you are the most shameless, skirt up int the belt link-whore I have ever seen. Congrats.

So, you jumped off a perfectly good horse to tackle a dumb animal? Good on ya, mate. Better you than me. I've chased creatures in Jeeps, and gunned them down while driving, but never that.

And if you talk about me, IT"S ABOUT ME!


I don't care how I kill it, as long as it dies. And then to the barbecue pit.

Love ya, bro.
I see.....
you are both crazy
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