18 January 2009


Thanks Joan

Our resident shit stirrer Msss Jahanna van Arkel left a comment
I keep staring at the screen, hoping to say something intelligible in answer to this post.

I'll let you know...

and as a result of extreme lazynezzz I am reposting this.

As Joan was not included because she had not yet discovered KEESKENNIS at that stage I now Include her here.

Joan: Is she really that wise or she a dancing dilitante ........?




Uhm... thanks?

It's an ornery just to be nominated!



Gravatar I'm still trying to figure out what this post is about. Do you think drinking some tequila would help?

Gravatar Hi Joan, does that mean you will come dancing wif ornery ole me?
Then Yes It Is An 'onor.

Gravatar Bob, but it only kicks at bottle number 2, OK.
But only if none of the Lake water was used. Silly me.

"The Thinker" in Cleveland, Ohio got blown up in 1970. I wrote about it here.The vandals were never apprehended, but it was largely believed to be the work of the Weathermen, which was also the organization that Bill Ayres was associated with.Have a good day, Mr. K.

Erin O'Brien Homepage 01.29.09 - 3:04 pm #


MAEVE tagged me with an award. (Thanks Pumpkin) ( yes she is now officially a PUMPKIN)

She also tagged Guyk and he posted.

"MAEVE tagged me with a meme thing what I HAVE DONE DID.

But in any event I must say that I am flattered that ANYONE would consider this bit of shit and wit thinking..more like laughing and ranting to keep from screaming and yelling.."

She also tagged. My beotch Athena over at Athena rises ( bitch thinks waaaaaay too much)

And beotch posted.

"I hate Maeve!!!
and I hate being tagged... especially with complicated instructions!!!"


"So, I felt obligated to post a real thought provoker, but I have to go take a dump!!!"

THE RULES ( I love rules)

1. If you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme
3. Optional: Proudly display the “Thinking Blogger Award” with a link to the post that you wrote.

You Get, in our blogosphere.

Linkers. (that is a chain link fence)

Stinkers. (that is Keesie's paw, and the stain is nicotine)


And those are the standards, by which we get judged.

I would like to add: Captains (Wankers, ran a close second) of Free Reign.

But with CoFR, we stand.

I AM stopping this meme here.

Cos it is stupid.

The originator of this said.

"Now Divya tagged me on the Z list. I wouldn't mind putting it here as well but I don't know if I, or my readers, would relate to any of the blogs listed. That is, provided they click any links there. In fact, I can share my experience with you. I clicked some of them and to be honest I wasn't wrong about what I thought earlier. It is a list but just too random!

This is also the sole reason why I don't have a blogroll. There are far too many blogs I read on a regular basis and not all of them are even closely related to what I blog about. How would I know which ones, from the wide range of blogs, would be of interest you too?"

A person that cannot make up their eenie wweeenie little mind as to whom to include in their blogroll starts a "I make you think" meme.

I am not looking down on the blogs that have been tagged, not at all.

I have visited 200 or more of these blogs.

Some of them will appear on my blogroll soon.

If I had participated in this random pyramid scheme, I could have tagged.

Vman - He makes me think whether he is sane?

Elisson - He makes me think if I have a life?, Watch his blogroll, like his life, Immense.

Eric - He makes me think about popping balloons and squirrel sex?

Guyk - God forbid?

Tanker - Why I am not allowed to post a comment on his site?, I know that he had 200,000 hits lately, but is that a reason to blacklist me?

Bonita - How come some people have got all their Sh*t in one basket, and will I ever get there?

Rex - Can he shoot straight?

Hammer - Am I sane or not? Please DO NOT answer.

Jim - Would you have thought he was only 49 years old?

Jim PRS - How does a New Yorker stay sane?

Cat - Is he real?

Twenty - Is he a C*nt?

Misty - How many 69's can a women survive?

Erica - Have you not wondered about Yewish chicks?

Blob - Will the Military pensions be so that he can keep on blogging?

Froth - How many insects will she kill?

Mrs,J, Goldblooooom - never maaaaaaind the sharp stuff, I love you and yor Sister, OK.

El capitan - Can one person be this rotund and literate at the same time, 99,000 titles, read?

Walrilla - I called him Lefty instaed of Righty, is he offended?

Mohawk - Is he really and Indian and a Marine?

Rodger - Is he as sweet as he is or is he hiding behind Mother Superior?

Chickie - She can't be real, their must be some bedlam around.

Key - Are you giving something in return for the 20 K?

Shadowscope - Did you get laid by This Person? Was there enough Rum? Did Eric fulfill his promise?

Bane - Can he stay Coulter around the issues always? Not Likely!!, his mouth is too big to shut up. I like him for that.

Denny - He has been tagged by Jack, and we have consensus on Vman, I have never met Vman, but I won't take a horse whip to a gunfight with the MAN.

Dax - Will he come to Africa with Vman and Eric and Elisson ?, I hope so. And I hope they bring lots of buddies.



Joe Flirt

Euro Posh or Foolish Mutterings.

For my own sanity we will now follow a single thread as I otherwise I have to link more than a MILLION THINKERS. ( I call bullshit - Ed)

2AM is offline so we have to go the long way around.

Dirty Filthy Princess

Was chosen by Fade to Numb and My Journey Of self Discovery

And at this stage I am LOST.


I've been nominated for a Thinking Blogger Award by Christian Husband, Recovering Soul, and Therese In Heaven. I'm truly flattered,

Sacrifice My Sexuality

These people kept on tagging each other.

A previous time when I was less intoxicated I found 22 levels of tagging.

So Fu*k It.


Elder of Ziyon

BlogBites. like sound bites. but without the sound.

Thinking Bloggers Meme

Who'd a thunked?

Thinking Blogger Award

SmartWealthyRich .com

Loose Leaf Notes

To think or not to think, that is the question. ...

Thinking (about) Bloggers

Thinking Blogger Award

Almost Somewhat Positive

What - Me Think?

IF you , really want to know more go to this link and get your thinking sorted out.




Cute badge. I prefer the silver one for my blog, but am much to humble to post it. Also, I don't have the time with all the thinking and stuff that I do.

Mist 1 Homepage 04.21.07 - 6:09 am #


Lefty, Righty, it doesn't matter. Just don't call me late for supper. B-)>And that sounds like a hell of a group to go to Africa with.

Count me in!Walrilla Homepage 04.10.07 - 5:50 pm #
Yes :>

Richard Homepage 04.10.07 - 12:56 am #


Sane is for pussies, Keesie. I'd love to come visit you. Wid or widdout those other reprobates.

Velociman Homepage 04.08.07 - 2:54 am #


Yewish chicks? What's to wonder? I am one, ain't I?

Erica Homepage 04.07.07 - 4:58 pm #
I still haven't figured out how you get blacklisted. Certainly wasn't a specific move on my part. I find the whole thing embarrassing...

I mean, it's not like I get so many comments that I just randomly decide to isolate some poor soul and send him away...

mostly cajun Homepage 04.07.07 - 4:23 pm #


Very impressive, and it requires way more thought than I am capable of. Sort of like calculus.

Jim - PRS Homepage 04.07.07 - 9:53 am #
There is something wrong if you only think about whether V-man is sane. That's definitely a known commodity.

Rosie Homepage 04.07.07 - 8:52 am #
have you gone completely crazy? Put the meme down and slowly step away from the keyboard.

Rex Homepage 04.07.07 - 2:01 am #


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