24 August 2011


I WIN - OR - NOT: A Meme

You have a blogroll.

Choose 3 and have a number competitions with each:
Some you lose and some you win:

Like: Contestant 1:

Contest A = Sexy:


Contest B = Longest DICK:
I WIN, Maeve LOSE by a fair margin.

So like some TZU guy you choose your area of warfare.

And Contestant 2:

SWG (Eric)

Contest A = Sexy:
SWG wins and I lose

Contest B = Good looking:
SWG wins and I lose

Contest C = 10 pin bowling:


Please come and play.

And Contestant 3:

Instapundit (Glen)

Contest A = MOST Blog Hits:
Glen wins and I lose

Contest B = LEAST Blog Hits:
Glen lose and I win

Contest C = Biggest nerd:
Glen Win and I lose

The world awaits your response

And Contestant 4 to Eternity:

Please show some class like below:

Category 1: Boobies in good taste.

Category 2: Boobies in better taste.

Category 3: Boobies in beer taste


So please more piccies in Cat 3 is required.

You sure have some staying power, Keesy. This is one of my very favorite blogposts ever.
Whatever happened to content?

If you klik on keeskennis for "content"

I'm always overjoyed when you post, Kees. You are definitely unique, delightfully demented, and bordering on awesome. It's a good thing there is only one of you, because the world could not handle two Keesies.
Once again, I doff my hat to you.
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23 August 2011


DSK escapes from the shores of Tripoli

Libyan-Americans pray in front of the White House, after celebrating and chanting, 'Merci Sarkozy! Thank you Obama!' Photo: Stephane Jourdain/AFP/Getty Images

I am sure Jefferson would have sorted this mess out
Nothing in French law stops DSK from becoming President as yet

Now as MC often say "Peace Justice and Happiness will follow"

Teh Won now have reluctancy as well as stupidity as his trademark

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18 August 2011


21 Dumb things Bikers do :-) UPDATE to CRAZY

STU listed these 21 Dumb things.
But then Stu is a very responsible grown up.

I hereby list idiotic and crazy things bikers should do to go to biker heaven, my bit.

1) Burn out the clutch of your 400 cc Kawasaki by towing a 1 ton van for 46 km
2) Get arrested for having saddle holsters on your bike with rifles in them. (teh live ammo was a separate charge)
3) Being so drunk that you convince everybody that you are OK and sending the bike into a parked car whilst you fall off on your ass, all within 1 meter from where you started.
4) Hit a tortoise on a bike whilst being towed by a car.
5) Rescue a Harley Davidson by taking the engine from the drilling machine it was doing duty in and placing it back in the frame you found in a shed.
6) Abusing your Z1000R to tow a trailer with a cow and a half-born calf to a vet 80 km away, no burnt clutches or damage. But 80 km and not geting into 3rd, by god!!. Both the cow and the calf survived. (Update: Both have been eaten as steaks and mince with not a ta to me)
7) Wiping out a 1200 cc Honda in a tug of war with my Z1000R. (Actually the most damage to the Honda came whilst in was fighting itself under a parked van) We used dog chain and leather belts as a tug'o'war rope.
8) Riding pillion and drinking premix (brandy and coke) from a liter bottle and clocking 2oo kph over a speedtrap.
9) Sleeping next to the road in winter and having the right connections to take the exhaust gasses to your sleeping bag to stop you from freezing.
10) Seeing a speed trap when going fast in open vast country and knowing that you have blotted your registration (number plate) and then accelerating and sleeping in the bush next to the road for 4 days and watching the cops go hither and dither and laughing your ass of.
11) Parasail behind a bike and land in a river while you shit yourself. (This of course happened to a friend of mine)
12 to 21( You are not going to believe this shit in any case(

Tell me your best/worst

thanks O' Great One. Glad you are still keeping everyone Kees Crazy.
Very African, Kees! I've linked back to it :-)
.... the biggest one you can fnd...

I missed a hilarious one :-

Towing a friend on her skateboard, me braking to avoid a herd of cows, and having her overtake me :-)
Stu, if you change cows to buff you sound very African as well

The overtaking is hilarious
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Congrats buddy

I believe he got it with a 22 at over 200 yards with open sights.

So the BC score is 22 x 200 = 4400

Surely this is a Beer Camp record.

Yessir our Rex is a crack shot

piccie from Phil

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16 August 2011


What do you call a black man with a AK 47?


I see a lot of comments about Sweden and the apology to their neighbours.
You cannot win all battles. Sometimes you must survive to fight another day.
I've won and I've lost.
The fight goes on.
I wish Sweden the best in it's fight.
Obviously I've known some good Swedes or maybe some very good Swedesess. Ole. Oy for that matter.

Interesting website. Keep blogging!
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11 August 2011


Showing the kids how to behave

A good mama

If the UK follows the principles of the above picture the riots would not happen again

Good on the pool. Nothing like jumping into the cold water (or snow) after a sauna.makes my nutsack almost normal in size and shape, and less like a bulls.

Sorta look like a vervet monkey, though.
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Da Future, Da present, Da Past and Da Keesie campaign to kill socialists

As all things here we deal in the visual.
The links to my female roll is invisble as I am disapearing into the jungles of siera leone for about 40 day, so my face will be healed by the time I return. The blood of course, I will wear as a badge of pride

So feel free to add your visual bits: NO WORDS alone


ON your own blog of course with links in my comments

BHO just contacted me and told me to say: WE CAN CHANGE ALL OF THIS, yes we can.

Asshole without a pause, dat wat he is.

NOW: Get into my Heading

We can only hope that our aim is true.

Da guys and da gals on da right is correct, we do not need no fucking gov'ment

Whoo whhooo, Titties rule

A lady

And a gal , posed or not

Nice eyes

True girl and woman

Legs are vely vely goot

Stu can have his socialistic orgasm right here


He and Germany can go back to the Deutchmark and fuck the Euro in the Eye



It is all about being nice to all peeps all the time no fucking matter how useless they are

C'mon Kees, you can do better than that! where is the

Savage Sarcasm

Indecent Irony

Cheap Claptrap, the

Kees Kennis we all know and love?

How about I was working and did not have time for crap?

The fabulous fantastic twins

But hey, I'm wanking at you (wanking is the correct past tense for having winked)

Your choice ( she will primaty Obama)
You read it here for the 22289076 th times FIRST

False but accurate

Right about here I tink Da Froth would like to say someting about Toads

You better beware

I warned you
And I think you can listen up to da Parkway Guy and learn how to spit (aauughew pqnes)

Ok, Ok I will buy your pussy some corn

"OK I will go with you then as my pussy is right out of corn"

"Mr Obama, I did told you not to put toos many taxes on da donkey"

Goody, photoshop or not

You spent to much, dat is what went wrong

Monica with her mouth open and not full (or partly full) for the first time in the Clinton era

It was only like yesterday that Monica was crawling arround the white house and putting things in her mouth

GB 41 and who?

GB 41 in retrospect

As I am writing this effin awfull postI am tingking

My Ladies can supply beterder pics about "LIPS"

I am Tinkin about

As Dabitches appear on my roll I link dem
Erica (Da Photog and Da Brooklyn gal)

Maeve (Da Mother and Da Witch)
Bonita (Da Mother and Da Cook and Da Photog, not to mention Da canoeing skilz)

Joan(Da Boat Captain and Da Anarchist and Da Fountain of words)

Libby(Da druggie Counselor and Da Whatsis in Fashion)

Misty(Da Lost in the mist of Time but battling with swords, non fluffy whatsis blond)

Key(Da Dead to all of us MF's)

Becky(Da Mother and untrainable woman)

Kim(Da what can I as a mere mortal man say, Da dog is Queen)

Leslie(Da driver of some serious sex and common sense)

Nancy(Da plant gal of choice if you gotta learn sometin)

Dax( Da Mother who who wants to fight but can't travel)

K(Da women for when you lost it and want to go on, courage, go there and help by commenting)

Cindy(Da missing rainbow)

Rosie(Da rough mountain sex gal with way to much love for all Da animals and peeps arround, dis gal skers me, big time)

Jody AKA "The Hunters Wife"(Da Mother that commented here once)

Jayne(Da "Nice to meet you Ma'm, now dat you are living in Africa, can I do someting to please you, I do not want to be chopped up, I retract everuthing I've said before, please)

Megan(Da Business gal with reel sens)

Ann(Da leftie/rightie prof in WI)

Fish(Da Youngster woman and not yet a Mother)


Your guess is as bad as mime

He got what he deserved
(This is Hypo Marx's congrats to JFK for being elected)

Fucking Marxist

Fat Cat

My My what a poepol

A poepol liar

About to kiss who?

Da truth

I am sure dat Da Cajun would agree wid me about da LBj

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08 August 2011



I have my own sauna.
Purpose built in one corner of my property.
After a life of getting by with comercial saunas this one is magic.
2.5 m X 2.0 m by 1.95 m tall.
Double brick walls and a standard solid wooden door.
The insides are finished in Abecha wood with a lower and upper benches.
9 Kw of heating element covered by rocks small to big.
I can induce a heat surge of 130 to 170 Deg F by adding water.

I also smoke cigarettes and drink whiskey in this sacred space.


I am thinking of adding infrared heaters to make my legs sweat.

Is that taking the Finish Sauna model to far?

Happy sweat to you.

I'm telling Al Gore on you. Your carbon footprint is just not acceptable. Poor Al might call BULLSHIT on you! He might flip out! Oh NOOOOOOOOO!
May I join you in a cig and a glass of wine whilst we sweat and swear?
Useless unless you have an ice cold spring to jump into afterwards. or fat finnish men to swat you with birch branches.
You and teh mister and beeb etc is welcome, our Robertson wines is DA Best in DA world and this should be to your liking, Dey are vely vely cheep, and goot

My pool is right next door and at the moment it is fucking icy fucking cold (13 deg F).
When summer comes we will have to see about ice and the jacuzzi (being constructed now)
And then fat finnish men run away in shame when they see me and birch do not grow well here, we use cactus.
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01 August 2011


Hunting thru the night

You have been at it for days and many hours. Finaly your veld skills are paying off, you see this sign in the sand and your day is finaly done.
Suddenly all those hours in the sun and the heat feel worthwhile, the lack of water feels not so bad.
Reading the track left by the most hunted is very pleasing.

Complaints are better left there OK.
You are brilliantly talented (and a touch insane) with Photoshop. Right on, brother.
I'll run it by Stretch. He'd make a good deputy since nothing gets by him. No way anyone could ever sneak up on you.
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Al Gore and AGW scores as Sam and Yabu cringes

Yabu uses same picture for ?nd and 4th destruction

At least he could have used the pic above that I prepped earlier

But Sadly no, same old , same old

I still want my job as:
"The Head Relationship Manager and Vermin Control and South African Relations is KeesKennis. He is fucking crazy. Welcome aboard!"
And now I need to add to that TITLE:
" The head of photo multiplicity protection and nipple size evaluator"

OK I will take Stretch as my deputy, OK?

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