08 August 2011



I have my own sauna.
Purpose built in one corner of my property.
After a life of getting by with comercial saunas this one is magic.
2.5 m X 2.0 m by 1.95 m tall.
Double brick walls and a standard solid wooden door.
The insides are finished in Abecha wood with a lower and upper benches.
9 Kw of heating element covered by rocks small to big.
I can induce a heat surge of 130 to 170 Deg F by adding water.

I also smoke cigarettes and drink whiskey in this sacred space.


I am thinking of adding infrared heaters to make my legs sweat.

Is that taking the Finish Sauna model to far?

Happy sweat to you.

I'm telling Al Gore on you. Your carbon footprint is just not acceptable. Poor Al might call BULLSHIT on you! He might flip out! Oh NOOOOOOOOO!
May I join you in a cig and a glass of wine whilst we sweat and swear?
Useless unless you have an ice cold spring to jump into afterwards. or fat finnish men to swat you with birch branches.
You and teh mister and beeb etc is welcome, our Robertson wines is DA Best in DA world and this should be to your liking, Dey are vely vely cheep, and goot

My pool is right next door and at the moment it is fucking icy fucking cold (13 deg F).
When summer comes we will have to see about ice and the jacuzzi (being constructed now)
And then fat finnish men run away in shame when they see me and birch do not grow well here, we use cactus.
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