26 May 2006


Tweegatjakkals - Two hole jackal - Politics

KeesKennis is very careful about trusting any politician.

My dad called them Tweegatjakkals, translating as TwoHoleJackal or TwoAssJackal,, your choice.

After all we have president's for life here in Africa.

KeesKennis: What is the difference between a whore and a politcian?
Answer : Nothing realy, exept when they both live past the f**king and backstabbing, the one is called "your honour" and the other "madam"

Hastert et al is not good news for the USA, whatever party he represents.

Here we have a politician with two heads, one of which he stole.
And he is using it for his own purposes.
Not realy he is,after all only a tweegatjakkals.

The photo from Vearl our retired Marine.
Visit his site, he posts the most beautiful pics.
I will most probably use a lot of his shots in the future.
His pic's is just so much better than mine.
Not because he uses better equipment, I could buy that.
Not because of the eye for compostion, I have it and can practise more.
He has PATIENCE, KeesKennis does not.

BAHAHAHAHAHA Good name for politicians.
Good name for some of them, Kees... PS get ready for your first "Acid-bath"..heh heh heh
He does have lovely photos.
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