31 March 2007


I'm jealous


Jean did the pumping and Vman bled.

"bite marks", "love ", "bad crowd", "sentient life form", "frightening and interesting".

All true, all disclosed here - look in the comments.

From his side we've only heard about the mechanics of this thing.

The mind boggles.

The nicely framed Vman was borrowed from Elisson
oh dear, dear man... I was rewarded with a lovely dinner on the river...
and, please remember that the photo on my blog is almost ten years old.
Although, I do pamper myself with lots of Oil of Olay...
You are sweet.
Jean Homepage 03.31.07 - 10:44 pm #
KK: Welcome to the club Jean, I enjoy reading you.
Oil of Olay...RULES

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Not competing with Marcus

He showed us How to judge certain elements of our surroundings and so forth (No that is not Froth)
Am I to old to judge the significance of this? (Mohawk and Eric need not comment)
How does this happen, or even more importantly, where was I when this did happen?

Mind You That Is On Keeeesistrechingthetruth so don't look.

Comments left there:
Why I'm speechless!!!
# posted by Infantry Dad : 7:28 PM

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Circus of the Spineless

The 19th edition of Circus of the Spineless! is now running at Burning Silo, a place where nature, photography and writing meet.

Eeewww, jeeeww, aaawww, but very nice, go and take a look, of course I feature, don't you get "spineless"

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Mushrooms II

I have not eaten this variety, but I have eaten the ones I posted about here, but these are edible
Yes, they grow rather big here in this part of the world.

And without fear of repeating myself I will repeat a post from last year.

A Shroom for Libby

Discarded headers:
Sucking up to Libby
I did not grow this
Mine grows faster than yours

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Collective nouns

In the comments please: A what of (raccoons) RINGTAIL CATS?

Them thar is lemurs so I will venture a "Larx of Lemurs". No I have no clue as to what a Larx is but it seemed right for the moment.
RobC Homepage 04.03.07 - 9:08 pm #
Looks like a cluster-fuck to me.
Bane Homepage 04.01.07 - 1:46 am #

That's a lot of ringtail cats (not raccoons).
BobG Homepage 03.31.07 - 4:40 pm # KK: Ta Bob.

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Snakes alive - Or otherwise

Shamelessly stolen from that old timer the Mohawk Chief, he who likes to call himself a "Stud Muffin for all ages, don'tcha know.... ", no really, what can I say?

What makes it even more despicable is that, the Ou Toppie is recovering from surgery and is not able to defend himself.
Do you think that other OLDER and WHIPPERSNAPPER Marines will jump to his rescue?
This Old Timer served with the 1st Marine Division near Danang, Republic of Vietnam.
That is so far back that even Oom Kees has only a faint memory of those days, so the chances of a 33 year old of remembering is almost zilch.
Although "... an alcoholic 80-year old with a huge dick and a mansion... that'll be me in 47 years..." and the statement above about 'stud muffin' by the Mohawk, makes them from the same mould, dontcha think.
The OLDER marine says "When The Going Gets Tough...The Tough Take A Nap"
So lets see.
You can go and read the real story (about the dead snake) at the Mohawk's place
This is, in true SA style, a BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) and EEB (Equal Empowerment Blog).
If their are any other factions of the Army, Navy, Airforce, Coast Guard, Home Guard, or even a Civilian Guard or Rust Guard, that wants to protect THE STUD'S rights, they can join in the discussion.
Why, you dirty dog... Stealin' stuff from a wounded warrior who can barely defend his lodge. Who'da thunk it? Anyhow, I think I managed to getcha back; sure hope so! Man, oh man, some folks is just not to be trusted.
On the upside, I also made a foray into the lady Jean's blog and made her an offer I don't see how... she could refuse!
Oh! And be forewarned: I'll be watchin' you....
Mohawk Chieftain Homepage 03.31.07 - 6:04 pm #

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30 March 2007


Intellectual games

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Exercise bike

Like you needed to know.
In Afrikaans if you are not going away you say " Ek ry met Jan Tuisbly se karretjie", "I am riding with John's StayAtHome's car"
Now this is Jan Tuisbly's bicycle.
Looks like the last corporation I worked for
hammer Homepage 03.30.07 - 3:58 pm #
Piele 1
Eli the Bearded Homepage 03.30.07 - 6:10 pm

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Cute on Friday

Daai laaitie gaan sy gat sien!!
Die pop aan die regter kant gaan hom een moerse klap gee ... wag net
!Eli the Bearded Homepage 03.30.07 - 6:11 pm #
I love the little shoes! I'm sure Keesy still wears his vellies, hey?
Melissa Homepage 03.30.07 - 2:44 pm #
KK: Haai Eli, Pompaandieregterkant is een woord, jou poepol.

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Photography = Patience & Anticipation

The other day while watching this guy spray paint this statue, I said to myself, Keesie be patient, you will get a perfect shot later.

And as sure as little green apples grow on trees, I got that one in a million chance.

Super ain't it.




yep, you got just the right one..lol.

You do take the most interesting pictures!

Nancy Homepage 03.30.07 - 11:26 pm #


KK: Gee, thanks Nancy, I neeevver thought that I could fool somebody as smart as you.


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Well Done!!

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29 March 2007


Ferrari and Shell - Cool ad

Ad or not this is good filming.

Turn your sound way up and listen.


Pretty cool Tarzan

Rex Homepage 03.29.07 - 7:42 pm #

Very cool!

hammer Homepage 03.29.07 - 5:47 pm #

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My Darwin

In a another couple of millions of years you all will have the same supreme insight that the Kees has.
Remember the Friday Ark at the Modulator

Kees, where in the world did you find that old photo of my X girlfriend and her brat kid?
Wm H Homepage 03.29.07 - 9:19 am #
Damn that looks painful!
You give us something to strive for Kees.
MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 03.29.07 - 12:15 am #

I didn't know that you knew my family!
Rex Homepage 03.28.07 - 10:14 pm #

LeeAnn 03.28.07 - 8:23 pm #

You may wanna fix the word, "another"... in this post. KK - Done TA.
MohawkChieftain 03.28.07 - 6:05 pm #

We can only hope, Kees...
Chickie Homepage 03.28.07 - 5:58 pm #

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Tennessee Ten Commandments

Some people in Tennessee have trouble with all those "shalls" and "shall nots" in the Ten commandments. .
Folks just aren't used to talking in those terms.
So, some folks in middle Tennessee got together and translated the "King James" Bible version of the Commandments into "Jackson County" language,....

No joke, read on...

"The Hillbilly's Ten Commandments"
(posted on the wall at Cross Trails Church in Gainesboro, TN.)

(1) Just one God.

(2) Honor yer Ma & Pa.

(3) No tellin' tales or gossipin'.

(4) Git yourself to Sunday meetin'

(5) Put nothin' before God.

(6) No foolin' around with another fellow's gal.

(7) No killin.'

(8) Watch yer mouth.

(9) Don't take what ain't yers.

(10) Don't be hankerin' for yer buddy's stuff.

Stolen from Smoldering Embers In A Mohawk Campfire

The Mowhawk Chieftan is going in for some surgery, go and wish this crusty old Marine a speedy recovery.

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The Cat's Mother's new wheels

New, Not.

You can buy anything in Africa but you pay thru your butt.

This wasn't so bad.

It is a Honda Oddessy, 4 wheel drive, 9 years old, but in really good nick and a brand new engine for USD 10K.

That is 42,000,000 Zambian Kwacha.


Oh no !Not a Honda!

Eli the Bearded Homepage 03.30.07 - 10:08 am #

But I like nice Mini-Vans in *Good Nick*...mine 1999 Villager has about 90,000 miles on it...but still waiting to trade her in for that Hybrid Flex Fuel vehicle that will get me 60mpg!

KarenMcL Homepage 03.29.07 - 5:03 pm #

I'm having some "minor, outpatient surgery" done today, and so I told my visitors to visit your blog instead, until I'm recovered... maybe tomorrow, or so. I hope you can handle all that additional traffic, in the meantime....

MohawkChieftain Homepage 03.29.07 - 12:03 pm #

KK: Thanks Chief.

KK: Hi Karen,

I like things in good "Nic(k)", and the adage, in the "Nic(k)" of time, however I intensely dislike the sayings, " he Nic(k)ed it, He Nic(k)ed himself with a knife, He is like the DEVIL, old Nic(k), himself.

In another persona though I would dislike it even more if a fuck up was referred to as a Kees'ed job, that would really piss me off.

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Bat fashion

After requests for new ideas I emailed this picture of a cute lamp to a couple of designers in Paris.

Now this is being reported

Bat crazy if you ask me, where do the spots shine once you've gotten her clothes off?


Wonder if there's anything on the back of that dress or if it's just her ass sticking out...looks like a great 'peep show' dress

Chickie Homepage 03.29.07 - 9:07 pm #

The lamp is great but the dress sucks.

LeeAnn 03.29.07 - 5:24 pm #

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27 March 2007



Don't forget to wash your hands after you have been to the loo.
talk about custom features
and definitly a conversation starter...or stopper.
Twisting the balls...that reminds me of a story involving my first husband...hehhehehhehe
Nancy Homepage 03.29.07 - 6:41 am #
Why do I feel like washing my hands all of a sudden?
MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 03.29.07 - 12:18 am #
Damn, Kees. I mean...well...Damn.
Rosie Homepage 03.28.07 - 6:11 am #
Now that's what I call balls of steel!
Chickie Homepage 03.27.07 - 10:32 pm #
For some reason I don't see to many men using this facet!
LeeAnn 03.27.07 - 6:11 pm #

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I dont know anything about this piccie. It does not look like an African bush pig to me.
Melissa? Is your blog protected? I get a "Blog not found" when I clicked on the link... On the preview "Snap" thingy it looks interesting.
RobC Homepage 03.28.07 - 11:49 pm #

Yep Mellissa, one can see a "wart" halfway between the tusk and the ear, I think this was a youngish piggie... probably not very au fait with crocs wich led to its's demise. Warthogs are pretty quick of the mark so to nab one was pretty good for the croc.
RobC Homepage 03.28.07 - 11:45 pm #
Well, THAT just loosened my bowels.
Jim - PRS Homepage 03.28.07 - 10:11 am #
I'm 99.9% sure that is half a warthog. Shampies...poor bugger.
Melissa Homepage 03.27.07 - 5:46 pm #
KK: That makes it African then, Ta Mel.

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The missing u

Well I hope you all enjoy the convention, sound like a rat assed idea to me.
Knowing the churches in my area it's probably spelled correctly
hammer Homepage 03.27.07 - 3:29 pm #

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26 March 2007


Too much skin or too little dog

Has anyone ever owned a mutt like this?
What are they like, besides funny looking?


How can you see if they're male or female?
BobG Homepage 03.28.07 - 9:06 pm #

Cute dog and no dog hair--that's a plus.
LeeAnn 03.27.07 - 5:20 am #

*sigh* - I can empathise with that dear little doggy.
Chickie Homepage 03.26.07 - 9:32 pm #

I'm calling the S.P.C.A. - The Society for the Promotion of Cute Animals!!! *wink*and links to you!
KarenMcL Homepage 03.26.07 - 8:05 pm #

Hi Keesie. My soon-to-be neighbours have one of these. I'll be sure to take pics and send. I'm quite curious to know if the layers of skin muffle the bark... or yelps... if Jasmine is involved.
Lil Pumkin Homepage 03.26.07 - 5:22 pm #

Ahhh...it's sooooo adorable.I've never owned one, but I do think they're cute. Like Hammer at first glance I thought I was looking at a bath towel.
MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 03.26.07 - 4:16 pm #

I thought it was a discarded bath towel at first.
hammer Homepage 03.26.07 - 3:57 pm #

I've never owned a Shar pe. A neighbor of ours used to own two of them.
Maeve 03.26.07 - 3:47 pm #

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25 March 2007


A meme

Sub Title: drunk blogging (again- ED).

How many JOB titles have you had?

Rules of the road (Can be ignored- ED)

You should have had some fiscal or payment in kind, income from a title that you list.
Be proactive – ‘Whorehouse Manager’ can go under Guidance Councilor.

A: Aroma therapy Massage therapist. (the Cat’s Mother attests to this here)
B: Butcher, Civilian and Army: Baker.
C: Cannon Fodder: Candlestick maker, part time but it paid well. Cook, various restaurants and homes.
D: Diver, I sampled most of the research sample for the Nu Ke lar power station at Koeberg: Democratic voter - NOT: Driver.
E: Editor, of a campus newspaper.
F: Modesty cuts this title down to ziltz.
G: Gunner, tank, sea, air, ac ac, private:
H: Hunter:
I: Insurance salesman:
J: July replacement manager for PEP stores, Niewoudsville.
K: KeesKennis
L: Lecturer, I actually lectured in Hydraulics and here, a subject that I never studied formaly, cos’ it is a passion of mine I could do and was asked to lecture: Let us Play Counselor, for Play With Wolves workshops.
M: Manager, Shoe shop, Civil engineering, Commercial: Male nurse, army and parabats.
N: Not to be trusted, police report.
O: Occupational Therapist – Husband to.
P: Part Player in Shitty movies and picture serials. Pussy Lover,.
Q: Quantity surveyor.: Queer escort.
R: Red Hot Prospect, only sometimes.
S: Salesman Real Estate.
T; Tactician sea, air: Technician, army, air force, Parabats, civil: Team leader, hunting, tank:
U: Underlying bad cause.
V: Vermin hunter and Exterminator, an actual title: Very experienced TRACKER. Vet assistant, I performed a cesarean section on a cow with the vet standing by on the telephone 160 kilometers (100 miles) away.
W: Whore (escort) manager and planner, a future post, for sure.
X: Xtreme Bullshitter. YOU NAME THE POSTS.
Y: Yse guy.
Z: Z Only One.

Do your worst.

Some helping tips.

ERIC can say.

A: ....After hitting the jackpot I now stay at home and write a novel ...
L: Lizard .... I once was a big lizard made of copper... it's now hanging in the garage...

S: ... she (SYLVIA) is verrrrrrry nice ..: Semper Fi.

ELLISON Can write.

E: English ,perfessor, as she is writt in 100 words.
C: Chemistry .. Engineering that is, That damn degree.

Hammer can add:

C: Cold I was called

Guyk can quote the alphabet.


S: Shyster: Shipping clerk: Snake handler: Sharp writer: Senators Son: Shit talker, etc.


I: I missed, but is was sooooo close


H: Husband to the extremely lovely and talented Priscilla


B: Bitch


D: Dolly, Ike, Mike and The Pork chop, story to follow

A: Armatures as big as your aunty Sylvia's mouth.


S: Seriously the answer is only six extended calcs away.

A: Allways interesting.
G: Goat, milk cheese, illness
I: Interesting, allways.

C: Coulter ......
F: Faggot hater ....
P: Pay or ......

G: Good story teller....

L: ...Last time I had ex marital powow with my legaly married husband I was called Last...


A: Absent, cos I don't .....

L: Lefty

S: Sixty Nine

Eniwaai you get the drift.


A: All the peeps on my blogroll is tagged.
E: Everybody that reads this is tagged. LeeAnn. Oubaas, take note.
H: High and mighty, Glen, Kim, Tim Shultzie are not excused, damn I have sent at least 0.00000073 % of their hits that way.

Well, in case anybody is still interested, I'm in.
Libby Spencer Homepage 03.29.07 - 12:48 am #
Great lists. I love this meme. I'm going to do it sometime this week.

Libby Spencer Homepage 03.28.07 - 9:13 am #
Thanks, Kees!

A. Artist
B. Baker
C. Costume Designer
D. Dog Rescuer
E. Episcopalian
F. Farmer
G. Goatherd
H. HairdresserI.
Idiot (multiple positions)
J. Jelly Maker
K. Knitter
L. Lesbian media whore
M. Media Whore
N. Nymphomaniac
O. Opossum Murderer
P. Parochial School Girl
Q. Quilter
R. Rugby prop
S. Smartass media whore
T. Tailor and tu-tu maker
U. Underwear Expert
V. Vegetable Picker
W. Wigmaster
X. X-Ray Super Model
Y. Yogurt Artisan
Z. Zipper Fixer
Rosie Homepage 03.28.07 - 6:09 am #

A: Art director
B: Babysitter
C: Clothing store functionary
D: Drug and pharmaceutical manufacturer
E: Engineer, chemical
F: Fine art collector
G: Gelding lessor/owner
H: Herpetologist/hashish evaluator
I: Import-export manager
J: Jew (unpaid position)
K: Killer of assorted miscellaneous vermin and insects
L: Lover (not a fighter)/liver tonic formulator
M: Monkey trainer
N: Narrischkeitnik
O: Orgasm grinder
P: Pharmaceutical and drug manufacturer/propulsion engineer
Q: Quality control consultant
R: Rattlesnake reporter
S: Sommelier
T: Tummeler
U: Underground railroad engineer
V: Vehicle, motor, owner-operator
W: Warehouseman
X: Xerographer
Y: Young scalawag
Z: Zone defense player

Curriculum Vitae? Gawd awmighty!
Elisson Homepage 03.27.07 - 2:51 am #
Mines' done too.Come visit!

Rex Homepage 03.27.07 - 1:41 am #
Hmm, I think I've had less than 10 jobs in my 40 odd working years, and all of them more boring than the ones you list, Kees. Is it too late to get a life?

Stu Savory Homepage 03.26.07 - 8:12 pm #
... man, this thing looks hard.....
Eric Homepage 03.26.07 - 5:19 pm #

hmmm, diver...does muff diving count?
GUYK Homepage 03.26.07 - 3:50 pm #
A: airline agent; admission secretary for a preschool

B: baby sitter; buyer of clothing
C: chinese goods buyer
D: dishwasher
E: educator
F: flower lei greeter
H: housekeeper
I: inventory taker
J: jewelry seller
L: label orderer
M: mens wear seller
O: order taker for snack shop
P: perfume maker
R: reservations for airline
S: suntan lotion maker
T: trademark and patents watcher
W: watch seller
I think that's all I've been paid to do.
LeeAnn 03.26.07 - 12:46 am #
Mine's done!

Chickie Homepage 03.26.07 - 12:18 am #

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24 March 2007


I don't doodle, I Photo Shop

Our Maeve, spot the diff.

Our Chickie helped her to get her piccie back.

Maybe this actual photograph will be better.
I used my ultra night zooooooom lens and I caught her at three in the morning.
We all luff you, Maeve.
Hope you luff the photo shop too...


I think she should post it like that on her blog!!

Chickie Homepage 03.26.07 - 2:35 am #

ROFLMAO!You crack me up.
Maeve 03.25.07 - 3:16 am #

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Cowboy Blob

Photoshop competition

Blob gave me this.

Thru my utter drunken genius I created this.

Go and tell Blob that I am the best.




All hail Keesie!

Maeve 03.25.07 - 3:18 am #

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A Helping Hand

Or make your own CAPTION.

Who said I can't find my ass?
Bane Homepage 03.29.07 - 4:33 am #
"So THAT'S what my butt looks like..."

BobG Homepage 03.25.07 - 8:35 pm #

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23 March 2007


Please be carefull

I do not subsribe to everything that Eli posts, but he is a good read as far as voting for socialists go.

Eli posts a Serious Warning
This is serious ... Azanians please be very careful ! Here is a "heads up" for those of you who may be regular Makro customers. Over the last month I became a victim of a clever scam while out shopping. Simply going out to get supplies has turned out to be quite traumatic.
Don'tbe naive enough to think it couldn't happen to you. Here's how the scam works:
Two seriously good-looking 20-21 year-old girls come over to your car as you are packing your shopping into the trunk.
They both start wiping your windshield with a rag and Windex, with their breasts almost falling out oftheir skimpy T-shirts. It is impossible not to look! When you thank them and offer them a tip, they say "No" and instead ask you for a ride to Woolies.
You agree and they get in the back seat. On the way, they start having s e x with each other!Then one of them climbs over into the front seat and performs oral sex on you, while the other one steals your wallet!!!!!!
I had my wallet stolen January 4th, 9th, 10th, twice on the 15th, 17th,20th, & 24th. Yet again on February 1st, 2nd, twice on the 3rd, 4th & three times just yesterday and very likely again this upcoming weekend.
So please be careful!!
Bosted Py Eli the Bearded at 9:58 AM 8 fucking complaint(s)
Kees,Linked ya right back mate!
Eli the Bearded Homepage 03.24.07 - 8:41 am #

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Technology - update - this is the same man

The reward is still to get your 3 bucks worth, but to get your man is worth thousands of bucks.

Photo about now.

About 3 years ago, you can see that the extremes of this outlaw living is counting .

Ha, "the Idol of outlaws is caught in their extreme", Ha.

Snicker, snicker, 3 bucks, snicker.

He thought that the endless getting close to "TURKEYS" and actually hearing them gobbling is a hunting story, fair enough, but to EXPOSE the YETI CONSPIRACY, was his downfall.

Making light of a T Rex steak is not excusable, you might as well join PETA.

Let us all hope and aim that this youngster redeems himself, right smartly.

What is this shit about "Shed hunting" and then they go into the woods, and they pick up old horns.

I would have thought that you hunt something in a "shed"

I am good at that.




3 bucks? Yeah! They have tripled the reward! I'm an outlaw of the worst kind!

Rex Homepage 03.24.07 - 12:42 am #

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It still amazes me that I can post this from Solwezi, no phone lines, no dish, just a card that costs less than $300 and a fee for down/up loads.

Life is good.

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Men of Steel

LeeAnn asked for men of steel, here, how can I not oblige.

From Here

From Here

From Here


I obviously posed for number 3, who do you think posed for the other two?
The dimensions of my sculpture is Width: 3 feet, Height: 3 feet, Depth: 3 feet.
I do think that the artist took poetic licence a bit to far.

... I once made a big lizard out of copper... it's hanging in the garage...
Eric Homepage 03.24.07 - 11:07 pm #
A man of steel is useless unless he has some wood...
BobG Homepage 03.24.07 - 6:47 pm #
*sigh* I envy people who have such creativity!

Jayne Homepage 03.24.07 - 10:47 am #
Or maybe it was just poetic justice...LOL. Hey I wonder how long it would take to make a man of steel?

MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 03.23.07 - 10:42 pm #
Thanks. Love the teddy bear look.

LeeAnn 03.23.07 - 6:37 pm #

KK to MrsJoseGoldbloom: Sorry I don't understand, make a man of steel do what?

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When thigns go wnorg

Retaining wall breaking. Read the story and more pics

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22 March 2007


Steel birds

The two above is from Knuttz's steel animals, go take a look.

This one is from the mind of a male, lordy.




I think us women need a steel man to look at!

LeeAnn 03.23.07 - 12:20 am #

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Fishermen !!!

Guyk said:

"A hobby of fishing and maintaining and repairing my own equipment led to a fishing tackle business that soon grew into a small corporation."
Hey, don't shout at me, it's his words. I only supplied the undoctored pics.
The mirror image in the water reflects lettering in blue. Wonder how that can be. Just shows you how crafty these Americans can be.
That fisherman has impeccable form!
MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 03.22.07 - 6:27 pm #
GUYK Homepage 03.22.07 - 4:48 pm #

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A Hammer for Hammer

This looks like a very handy tool.
If you use the one side too much you might injure yourself though.

That is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!
hammer Homepage 03.22.07 - 4:56 pm #
Perfect for Hammer, you can beat on things with one side and open beer bottles with the other!
Rex Homepage 03.22.07 - 4:11 pm #

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21 March 2007



Look at the picture of two dolphins jumping out of the water in tandem. Research has shown that the more differences you notice between the two dolphins, the more paranoid you are.

Stolen from Scientific Misconduct Blog

a cow and a giant iguana???Rex Homepage 03.22.07 - 4:12 pm #

Their form is impeccable - flawless!

Chickie Homepage 03.22.07 - 1:32 am #
But it's harder to get a bucket under the dolphin at milking time.

BobG Homepage 03.21.07 - 7:01 pm #
I can't tell the difference, they look identical to me.
MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 03.21.07 - 4:03 pm #

Isn't a manatee called a sea cow?
hammer Homepage 03.21.07 - 3:43 pm #

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Saying farewell - a repost.

This amazing sequence starts with the lions eating on a dead elephant.
Then another elephant comes closer and chases them off.
He places a leg on the dead elephant and finaly rubs his backside softly on his dead relative.

This sequence came with this tag http://www.e-gnu.com/images/elephant-kill.gif, but this just leads the sequence above
This leads to the home page, but you cannot access the pictures from there.

I am reposting this as it is so thought provoking and noboby so far have me in their "Bloggers that makes you think" catagory. Life is tough.


Of all the non-humans, the Big Ones seem to be the only ones that have an actual sense of their mortality, and its implications. I have never felt right about people shooting them for food or sport, since they seem to have more complex emotions than most animals.Just my opinion.
BobG Homepage 03.21.07 - 7:06 pm #

BAWAHAHAHAHAHA A shameless plea for a link? Ok.
GUYK Homepage 03.21.07 - 3:24 pm #

I was lucky enough to spend heaps of time in Kasane, Botswana, many moons ago. The Botswana guvmunt had a heap of low cost housing built in the area. What no one in the guvmunt thought to do was a recce of the area to see how it would affect the elephants, particularly from the Chobe district. As a result, sed guvmunt built the houses, right across decades old elephant trails. The elephants knew no better, so they carried on their 'walks' as if nothing had happened. I have some amazing video footage of an elephant climbing over a neighbours garden fence!
Jayne Homepage 03.21.07 - 12:28 pm #

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