31 March 2007


I'm jealous


Jean did the pumping and Vman bled.

"bite marks", "love ", "bad crowd", "sentient life form", "frightening and interesting".

All true, all disclosed here - look in the comments.

From his side we've only heard about the mechanics of this thing.

The mind boggles.

The nicely framed Vman was borrowed from Elisson
oh dear, dear man... I was rewarded with a lovely dinner on the river...
and, please remember that the photo on my blog is almost ten years old.
Although, I do pamper myself with lots of Oil of Olay...
You are sweet.
Jean Homepage 03.31.07 - 10:44 pm #
KK: Welcome to the club Jean, I enjoy reading you.
Oil of Olay...RULES

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