25 December 2007


Table Hill

Guyk and BobG said here that our famous Table Mountain should be "table hill"
What those two learned gentleman don't know, most probably because of the inferior schooling system they were subjected to, is that the mountain looked like this picture in 1652.

When Jan van Riebeeck had to go back to Holland for more wine and other stuff, he told the locals, "don't touch the mountain, leave it alone"
I suppose that makes Voluptuousman's "Space mountain" on the same post, correct. Good going there Ou Toppie.

Happy 44th aniversary Guyk and Sweething


Happy New Year, Keesie!

Kim Homepage 01.01.08 - 10:59 pm #
It is still a nice-looking hill...

BobG Homepage 12.26.07 - 4:47 pm #
Merry Christmas to you and yours Kees. I covet those dotted boots.

Libby Spencer Homepage 12.26.07 - 3:32 am #
Hell, Keys, you can call it what you want I reckon. One shithouse philosopher opined that since Denver Colorada in a mile high city..and it ain't on a mountain..that a pile of dirt in Denver could be named a mountain if mountains were based on the height of a hill from sea level..works for me!

GUYK Homepage 12.26.07 - 1:28 am #
Merry Christmas. Have a wonderful day.

LeeAnn 12.25.07 - 10:44 pm #

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22 December 2007


Dreams etc. & others

Here we have a collection of the Cat's Mothers' new garden clothing.
The Middle Pumpkin treated us to a dinner with a difference at "Madame Zingaro and the theatre of dreams"
Pure Magic.
Marie Antoinette flirted with me, a woman was hung by her neck, Pan ran riot and talked to my girls, ( I almost cleaned him up), we were served by an angel and drank lots of very good sauvignon blanc.
That is where we got the hat.
We bought the pretty boots in a normal store.
Better hide that hat from Vman! The boots too.
Maeve Homepage 12.24.07 - 2:40 am #
Great looking shoes and a very pretty hat.
Happy holidays.LeeAnn 12.23.07 - 6:57 am #
Sounds like a wild hell of a revel! Do you have any recollection of capping off the evening by drinking out of one of the boots bought in a normal store? If I was there, there's a chance I woulda made you do that.
Erica Homepage 12.23.07 - 1:51 am #

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Africa, My Africa

Well, the very southern tip.

The pictures below-below is the view from the flat of the middle pumkin, Ondria.

This is Ondria with the child of a childhood friend, Rory the Angel.

All you have to do is name the mountain.

As most of you come from the americas, and we know the state of that education system, a few clues.
Pla(T)o mountain.
(A)tta level Mountain.
(B)arely level Mountain.
(L)evel Mountain.
(E)ven Mountain.

Good luck.



Who cares about the mt. your daughter is more lovely and breath taking.

Maeve Homepage 12.24.07 - 10:55 pm #
I'm with GuyK; around here that is a foothill.

BobG Homepage 12.24.07 - 6:47 pm #


.... Ondria with an angel?..... dude, Ondria IS an angel!..... Merry Christmas!....

Eric Homepage 12.24.07 - 4:37 pm #


what mountain..I see a hill in the picture..

GUYK Homepage 12.23.07 - 3:41 am #
Um... Space Mountain?

Velociman Homepage 12.23.07 - 1:32 am #

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15 December 2007


Whatevah - USD 29,305.122.70

For a Quantity Surveyor to sign off on a USD (not to be mistaken for the Zimbabwean Dollar) 29,305,122.70 contract, even here in Africa where we wallow in the largesse of aid is remarkable.
To do it in the same year as the contract finishes is exceptional.
To do it within 3 weeks of completion is a miracle.
Keesie (ta Maeve) have just performed that miracle.


I am heading into my Krismis Break with my year end resolutions firmly in place.
Now this completion of a task executed on time is something that the Great White Sloth will have no idea what we are talking about.
The Wierd Seller of Spleens has some knowledge of this, but over the last 17 years he has deterioated into a hater of guts etc. Go South Young man Go south: You should have listened.
The Hair Boy is very active in looking after dead old brooklynites and such, but shall we leave him the space to elect another fief?
I thinks he should play The NAME game with MC and that Very nice Jooowes from Brooklyn and come up with a name for that other joo.
I mean that one that explained to that little girl that with bread alone you cannot become human, and that you had to believe that there is more than one plus one is two. Dammit.
Hey Jimbso, you think that you and Ericsa and mister (No can leave comment) can come up with a name that we can all use.
Once you have done that, give the name to the Fisherman and his Sweets and between them they will give us the lowdown. Guy you should give us some examples of how Elisson reacted when the Rabbi first told him that he was to read the prayers in Yiddish.

You all might wish to be kind, like I was to Eric, kos, itis the season, afterall.

Even MisribleRichFuckers have to relax somewhat in the season of goodwill, so if you are homeless you should grab your oppertunity now, just before krismas, tough love, though.
Hi Denny, hows jor m3?
If chicken and catfish is all you can cage, you should try some alligator.
Bob says that we should teach our kids some kommon sens, that works for this kees.
You peeps know that my sister settled about these salty shores?
You should be scared shittlesss
Dax 'The famous trainer of GOLDFISH' is also into the krismAs cheer.
Yabu, as in whobu, and wothefuckbu is posting again.
Rex wants to kiiiil, Bill, Brother, deer, anyfuckingthing so all lets sing, whatevah.

Hey, so I am back at my heading.

But then, I have not upset That Ardent Supporter of Ron Paul, so no comments from Bane either.

I am hoping to post over the season, but if I don't, HAPPY TO ALL.

Bonita found that after a couple of months that this place was not so evil after all and she left a comment again. Thank You.




The pygmies were after him, but I gave him some Voodoo mojo and he turned them in to zombies. He sent them state side to Eric.

Maeve Homepage 12.22.07 - 10:14 am #

KK: Ta Maeve and that is good, that will learn him.
Gesëende Kersfees.

BobG Homepage 12.21.07 - 4:44 pm #

KK: En vir jou ook Bob.
Yup you guessed it. I tag you for a Meme. Instructions can be found at my blog.

Wm H Homepage 12.21.07 - 7:31 am #

KK: Dang, this being the Christmas season all.
Good to see you back, Kees! Merry Christmas!!

Ralphd00d Homepage 12.20.07 - 8:34 pm #

KK: And to you Bro.
I thought he'd gone for a visit to the Big Pit over in Butte, and get a look for himself. Have a great holiday, Keesie Dear.

Bonita Homepage 12.18.07 - 10:12 pm #

Ta Bonita and be good, dont do anything I won't do, OK?
Merry Christmas, Bro. I'll percolate on a name for that "other Joo," but he'd probably come up with a better one hisownself. The guy wears colanders on his cruller, ferchrissake.

Jim - PRS Homepage 12.18.07 - 1:20 pm #

KK: Evidence is what we need, send him a better camera. BTW, can one use "ferchrissake" in this sense?
Merry Christmas Sweetie!

becky Homepage 12.18.07 - 5:41 am #

KK: Thanks Becky and the same to you and yours.
oh, dang...Merry Christmas!

Erica Homepage 12.18.07 - 1:32 am #

KK: Thanks Pumpkin, and I will drink some vile green stuff with you sometime.


TWO PEOPLE HAVE MANAGED THAT ON THIS BLOG, JOO- ESS and a WITCH . The last two did it previously.

If such clever peeps and a supranatural do it, maybe someone that knows howto should fix my blog to prevent this. Not as an order but as a Christmas present or something.

Gesëende Kersfees, Keesie - maybe you can take that pile of Bonus Money your kind employer will give you and fly out here...us Jawja blodgers will show you a good time...

Elisson Homepage 12.18.07 - 12:29 am #

KK: Shortly I will take you up on that, promise.

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04 December 2007


Evel Knievel - Rip

"All the money in the world can’t buy your way into heaven, it can’t buy your way out of hell, it was made to be spent right here. And I’m gonna have the best clothes, best boots, best diamonds, best cars, trucks, motorcycles, booze and women on the face of this earth, just as long as I can keep going."

What is not to like about a statement like that.


... another great Evel quote? ... "bones heal, pain is temporary, chicks dig scars, but glory is eternal." ..... quite a guy, our Evel....
Eric Homepage 12.09.07 - 12:09 am #
I agree with that statement. Evel lived up to every word.
hammer Homepage 12.06.07 - 8:11 pm #
RIP Evil, but I still want my money back from the fuck up at Snake River Canyon where you ripped me off when YOU pulled the chute at the point of take off. You and I both knew there was no way in hell you could have jey'd across that canyon.....I paid to watch you crash into the far wall.
Wm H Homepage 12.06.07 - 5:33 am #

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We all know that there are some strange tastes in the blogosphere, but to try to titillate an ocelot, my, my, my.

Elisson my man ocelot's live in your backyard not mine. (South America up to Tejas)
They are beautiful animals though, if I was 'that way' inclined I would have liked to titillate an ocelot.

My answer at his place was to add a "c". In retrospect that might only titillate lady ocelots

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