22 December 2007


Africa, My Africa

Well, the very southern tip.

The pictures below-below is the view from the flat of the middle pumkin, Ondria.

This is Ondria with the child of a childhood friend, Rory the Angel.

All you have to do is name the mountain.

As most of you come from the americas, and we know the state of that education system, a few clues.
Pla(T)o mountain.
(A)tta level Mountain.
(B)arely level Mountain.
(L)evel Mountain.
(E)ven Mountain.

Good luck.



Who cares about the mt. your daughter is more lovely and breath taking.

Maeve Homepage 12.24.07 - 10:55 pm #
I'm with GuyK; around here that is a foothill.

BobG Homepage 12.24.07 - 6:47 pm #


.... Ondria with an angel?..... dude, Ondria IS an angel!..... Merry Christmas!....

Eric Homepage 12.24.07 - 4:37 pm #


what mountain..I see a hill in the picture..

GUYK Homepage 12.23.07 - 3:41 am #
Um... Space Mountain?

Velociman Homepage 12.23.07 - 1:32 am #

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