30 November 2007


Daily wisdom # 2 to 4

Well this day was a total waste of make-up

You say I'm a bitch like it's a bad thing.

Chaos, panic and disorder ... my work here is done.
How brave are these okies?
I mean, is that brave?
Yes those are real men, cos real men do whatever the fuck they want to do.
It is real stupid, but I can live with and admire that.

I've got to start getting eyebleach in bigger bottles, I'm running low again...
BobG Homepage 12.04.07 - 5:05 am #
.. everytime I see that photo at the top, I just get completely envious..... I'd so love to be able to grow facial hair like that....
Eric Homepage 12.04.07 - 2:39 am #
GUYK Homepage 12.03.07 - 12:45 am #
It takes a real man to wear a dirndl. I'm secure in my machismo.
Velociman Homepage 12.02.07 - 3:20 pm #
Maeve Homepage 12.01.07 - 5:09 pm #
Some crazy bastiges, for shit sure.
Jim - PRS Homepage 12.01.07 - 10:19 am #
ummmm, yeah. Okay. You win.
Ralphd00d Homepage 12.01.07 - 1:07 am #
Stupid is as stupid does,
That's what wise men say.
So if you'd be a Stupid Ass,
Do this every day:
Get undressed and wear your shorts
The ones with David's dick;
Then get out your camera
And take yourself a pic;
Put it up upon the Web
For all the world to see -
Then you'll be a Stupid Ass,
A blogger, just like me!
Elisson Homepage 11.30.07 - 7:37 pm #
... amen, amen, and amen...
Eric Homepage 11.30.07 - 7:29 pm #

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21 November 2007


Daily wisdom #

Okay, okay! I take it back. Unfuck you.

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Apparently Tony caught it with the tiniest of worms.
The girl seems to have a couple of good lures...
BobG Homepage 11.21.07 - 6:44 pm #
nice fish
GUYK Homepage 11.21.07 - 3:41 pm #
.. and the fish is impressive, too - although I'd be loath to describe MY wedding tackle as "the smallest of worms" ..
Oubaas 11.21.07 - 1:43 pm #

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18 November 2007


Pissing upstream

Ta to Holder for missing me,

HOWEVER, the rest of us with have to deaL WiTh GloBal wasrmingf, or is it cooLLingf, i THINK this hurts undergraduates in Montana moRRe than others.

kos sadly they haf been tot to fink, so sad, ise loved him as da
simpleton from da mountain, so sad.

tHE IMAQGE IS to assure Dax, RSM,Eric, Erica (NY as a symbylle of life wiill remasin forw3ver, The hair man, that Neewq choiiiicy, is an electro LANDmark.

The biggeszt chanllenge is off corrse those that came from the haaaaaaier instetootiotions.
As chickie is now a lower kase chick, ise am tooo smart.
ThE Witch will have my balls on toast if I don't tell her that she is marvelous, HAPPEE MAEVE.
(*nobody wants to know shit from this one, believe me, STEVE).
besides the shitttttt above.
1) How does a rational person address climate change, (like it havevn't and will never happen in a 1000 years{{serious speakersz of ENGLISH will now FUUUUUUCCKOFF}} and only scientists will remain.

I will now call on my peeps
You have been called above

I think I know where dax is from, where d f does rsm and sam moore and richard ?? come from. VMAN actually knows but is very wary of letting this out, he is so kerfulll that even aric and alyson is be4ing kherppthet secret

CLIMATE as we know it is from various set pieces of information. As per our daily weather forcast.
Now a YEARLY shot is repeated Monthly, Weekly and Daily. (That bit with 3,456,780,000 pounds/kiligrams/square hectares, of Ice thundering into the sea. AL GORE image is optional at this stage.

So soon Thousands of DOLLLLLARRS of information will come my way.


THE HOTTER THE FIRE Betterder for our Kos.

Hi eric you cant even hide behind a female car anymore.

What shall we do?

Kill and maim normal politicians?

No, all this is normal, we will watch and act if we find it neccessarry to do so.

Cheers and love to all who cares


Pretending to be huntersz in the lower missssipppie helps f*ckall.

Hi Rex, plse put down that gun!!!

serfs you raait dax yu shit\


Guyk with exeptionial referance from Sweething

Please tell us mortals what it is all about, this weather bit that is eating my big toe.

Hi Eric, the meds is alcohol based, so OK.

This whole Climate thing rattles my seat tho.



Huh? WTF?(That is in English, not Afrikaans)

BobG Homepage 11.21.07 - 3:50 am #
.... heh... Guy has a very, VERY good point about global warming there, Ooom Keesie....

Eric Homepage 11.20.07 - 1:27 am #
Bawahahaha must be some good stuff you be a smokin'all that climate change is the fault of the United Nations..too gotdam much hot air coming from there

GUYK Homepage 11.19.07 - 9:59 pm #
Keesie, what ever you are taking can I have some?

Maeve Homepage 11.19.07 - 5:53 pm #
Hi Kees, welcome back! I was worried that the Malaria had come back. Global warming is just this decade's Major Catastrophe. In ten years the politicians will be saying an ice age is coming.

holder Homepage 11.19.07 - 1:33 pm #
Have you had a few too many? Regardless, "NY as a symbylle of life wiill remasin forw3ver" -- You have no idea how much I appreciate that.You are good peeps, Keesy...mi casa es su casa, anytime you decide to make the transatlantic journey.

Erica Homepage 11.18.07 - 9:40 pm #
.... duuuuude... how are the meds?... heh heh.... no global warming here in Tennessee that I can see....

Eric Homepage 11.18.07 - 7:03 pm #

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03 November 2007


I think it needs more research

Study: Multiple Stab Wounds May Be Harmful To Monkeys

What do you think?
Is this conclusive?
Surely not, you can't find the trooth with a mere 1,2 million dollar study.
I say give them more money.


Are you ok, Kees? Haven't Heard from you in a while.
holder Homepage 11.15.07 - 12:44 pm #

... where do I volunteer to do the stabbin'?.... I have a few sharp knives around here....
Eric Homepage 11.15.07 - 1:55 am #

Yes, more reserch is need. Hopefully the Dems will pork out more of your money.
Wm H Homepage 11.03.07 - 7:45 pm #

I'll donate if necessary
hammer Homepage 11.03.07 - 2:18 pm #

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