03 November 2007


I think it needs more research

Study: Multiple Stab Wounds May Be Harmful To Monkeys

What do you think?
Is this conclusive?
Surely not, you can't find the trooth with a mere 1,2 million dollar study.
I say give them more money.


Are you ok, Kees? Haven't Heard from you in a while.
holder Homepage 11.15.07 - 12:44 pm #

... where do I volunteer to do the stabbin'?.... I have a few sharp knives around here....
Eric Homepage 11.15.07 - 1:55 am #

Yes, more reserch is need. Hopefully the Dems will pork out more of your money.
Wm H Homepage 11.03.07 - 7:45 pm #

I'll donate if necessary
hammer Homepage 11.03.07 - 2:18 pm #

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