29 December 2010



Only the USA have {made a fuss of} a rule like this.
Soldiers the world wide have handled this like boys or girls would.
Ogle me all you like, touch me and your teeth falls to the ground.
Your touch or feel may differ.
You can not hide whether you are a queer, male, or female.
Gay people can be unhappy and not gay when they feel so.
With my downward vision at the moment restricted by my stomach I will only see the flaccid penis of the "man" one or 2 showers from me, so I would not be inclined to be touchy feely.

BUT AS THIS IS "KEESIE" We have to carry on

A MEME (as a form of defense)

YOU my dear BLOG ROLL have just changed SEX, not orientation, just sex.

Possible conversations. (KK talks first, as the opposite sex: And then the blogrollee has a word or two) [ They can improve on this in the comments]

To the dead:

Hi Robin, you are really scrawny with not much of an ass: That might be your opinion but I will still screw the ass of you and then fuck you while drinking.

Hi Banita, you talk tough but can you handle a thing like this: What? A small insignificant little piece of shit like that? I will suck that up and blow bubbles.

Hi Wistonia, I like you: Yeah stay clothed, OK. (sadly his site is no longer living)

To the almost dead or those presumed MIA.

Hi Kimber, you know you talk a lot but can you really suck: Man, you should see my CV.

Hi Doll-ImeanGuy, you know you smell less of fish than when I first met you: Yeah right, that is just charming.

And now to the LIVING AND complaining:

Hi Schlingly, does your hubby know that we are dating: Have I showed you my new B52 Tattoo

Hi Eric, I would like some photos of your pectoral muscles, please take of your shirt: Stand down and do twenty, you big shit.

Hi Erica, have you shown the Scot's Lass my up skirt photos of yourself: We will have to meet somewhere at dawn, or was that dusk?

Hi Mavin, you have got big pectoral muscles, you think you can (B)eat me while riding a horse?: Wait, you just stand around and I will make you piss Irish Coffee.

Hi Blobbie, you are so cute, please take a photo of me as I pose nude: OK, but can we do a video later?

Hi Jemima, you know I have been had by many lawyers, north and south, but the way that you PARK your WAY is very bestest: If you even come to NY, I will have you mortgaged.

Hi Jan, I do love a good party on a boat, but please stop carrying on more crates of beer, I am just a single female: WTF

Hi Alice, I like the fact that you have lost weight and that your colandish attitude have increased but I still think HWMBO, somehow rules: SureShit or whatish. (see my dictionary)

Hi Lu, (some names are hard to take tits off) I hear that you now bench press 220 kg of cocaine, you think you can have me have a snort: You sniffling bitch, you.

Hi Bobbie, all that salt from the Lake must have had an effect, are you an easy lay or not, cos despite airport searches I am packing a big gun: You better unload before you get here.

Hi Danielle, I have always loved me a girl in uniform and I will cook up some electric meals, not to talk of the high voltage afterwards: You are more than a hours drive away and BTW I love Mr Criss.

Hi Beck, can I please kiss something higher than your knees: Stand on a chair, shorty.

Hi Kimber, Can you train me like a dog, a Lab, and I will obey: You know fockall about dogs.

Hi Stuvinia, No we cannot rejoin the mile high club on your compulsory hours, last time was scary enough, I need to be booked into a hotel: I'm a retired socialist, who's paying?

Hi Regina, your obsession of pointing guns at me must stop, please use something more receivable: A bullet will cure that.

Hi Iglia, we must see more of each other: Watch the TV for my boobs.

Do you miss that I have missed writing you up as a queer or a faggot, then leave your comment.

Nevermaaind this is not an easy meme, the switching of orientation is queerly difficult, try it.

DO NOT ASK AND DO NOT TELL, we all know in any case even UPPER

Going abroad to Sweden is not the same as coming back a broad from Sweden.

Funnel your hormones this way, Keesette. But, ya gotta shave your legs-forget the earthdogs. And, I have a collah for ya with studs and squeakers.
Oh yes, if I'm ever to be reincarnated, let it be as a biker babe in Sturgis ;-)

Kees, you are always a pleasure and an amazement to visit. You manage to reach heights of oddness that I would have to drink a whole liter of Tequila to achieve.
I doff my hat to you.
Keesie, you ain't been had until you've been had by a lawyer. Oooops, I seemed to have dropped the soap. Perhaps you could fetch it for me, dear fellow?
Could be that you're onto something. Oops, I meant "on something"

Anyoine that would try to imagine me as a woman needs a check-up from the neck-up
Hi Kimber, I tried to shave my legs and have so far ruined 7 of my wife's shavers

Hi Stuvinia, let us meet for a photo shoot

Hi Bobbie, Thank You, but I had far more than that.

Hi Jemima, you Lawyer You.

Hi Iglia, yes, I said it would be hard, but then my mind have been freerange for a long time. TRY HARDER
Now that I'm sporting Lady-Parts, I can not only wear a colander, I can use one to drain pasta.

Also useful for catching the odd Kidney-Stone, if the mesh is fine enough.

not hard for me at all. Trouble is the damage it would do. I'd prefer you to hold on to what little sanity you have left.
.... sister, you haven't SEEN handsome until you've seen me in a kilt..... real men look great in skirts....

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