30 December 2009


Peeking Duck

The waiter brings the meal, served in a lidded cast iron pot.
Just as the wife is about to serve herself, the lid of the
pot rises slightly and she briefly sees two beady little eyes
looking around before the lid slams back down.

“Good grief, did you see that?” she asks her husband.

He hasn’t, so she asks him to look in the pot. He reaches for
it and again the lid rises, and he sees two little eyes
looking around before it slams down.

Rather perturbed, he calls the waiter over, explains what is
happening, and demands an explanation.

“Please sir,” says the waiter, “what you order?”

The husband replies, “Chicken Surprise.”

Ahh… so sorry,” says the waiter, “I bring you Peeking Duck

.... man, that is just plain BAD...... and hey, I was expecting a call from you over the holidays!...... I don't have your number or I would have badgered you earlier in the week!....

Eric SWG
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29 December 2009


Did I choose the tits Correctly, OK, or NOT?

Inquiring minds need to know.
El Cap? like i KNOW?
Mrs Ewe?
If you don't know, ask your spouses or girlfriends or boyfriends afore you come shooti'n over here OK.

I have had a wonderful Christmas and am looking towards the new year with a new vision of whatever.
Living is so great.
I like it.


So many degrees of wrong. . .
Damn Man...you ain't right...at least mime are real...I think.
Now I understand the purpose of baggin' the faces first! lol!!
Now THAT'S disturbing; I'm just glad you don't have a good picture of my face.
Mine are just right. In fact, I appear to be admiring the left one in the photo.

Happy New Year, Kees.
Dude, mine are all wrong -- I'm natural, yo...none of those silicone boobies for the Jooette. Zonker's are just right, though.

Hope you have a Happy New Year.
Oh Dear Sweeet Jeebus!
.. bwhahahah!... isn't Zonker cute as a blonde??....

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25 December 2009


With one hour to go

The very breast to you and yours
Merry Christmas, Kees!
Merry Christmas to you & the Cat's mother Keesie!
Complimets of the season mate
I'll have a coldie for you
Easily I to but I about the collection should have more info then it has.
... Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours, Oom Keesie!....

Happy Hooters!
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Small things can drive you crazy
If you worry about it

One Thousand Nine Hundred an Twenty thank you's to HALOSCAN.
I did not pay you one red cent either.

In 627 days you delivered 1920 comments on 517 posts.
Thankee, Thank You, and such.

I do like it vely vely much
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Can someone help me to get a comment thingy going?
email: keeskennis@hotmail.com


And a merry Christmas to all my reader



TA I fumbled thru that and got sometin raait

Merry Christmas Kees!!
Merry Christmas, brother!

Merry Christmas, Kees. Hope you and your family have a good holiday season.
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16 December 2009


Can you "Handle" this

This tree grows on the pavement outside the International airport in Accra, Ghana.

That's nothing!
In OUR forests there are real Ents,
I even got a photo of an Ent walking

http://www.savory.de/ stus_blog_p...ing_gc1jzza.jpg
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Quizz and Movie

Tonight I ended up declining to go to a "quiz" night, where you can win prizes as my hostess said "for your general knowledge"
OK, NO and thank you ma'am.
That reminded me of a previous general knowledge competition that I did enter.
The questions as normally started very, very common and low and I did well.
8 peeps left, and I am one.
4 peeps left and I am one
2 peeps left and it is me and this woman.
I have to answer 5 questions first:
Q1: Who played Captain Kirk.
ME: What is captain kirk?
Q2: What role is Marlon Brandy famous for?
ME: Playing a cask of rum on the Bounty.
Q3:Where did Cruise make his name.
ME: Chevrolet as in cruise control.
Q4&5:Bogaarde is famous for what role in what classic movie?
ME: Die Grootbek in die Bo-Kaap.

Zip out of FIVE, the bitch got her answers right.

The last movie I willingly watched was The Blue Max, it was in 1972, it starred Clint Eastwood, Tom Jones, Elvis Presley, Clark Gable, Vivian Leigh, John Wayne, Errol Flynn, Charlton Heston, Frank Sinatra, Aubrey Hepburn, Steve McQueen and a dozen or so not so well known actors.
I almost forgot Ursala Andress and George Peppard.

It had a story, a plot, drama and was plausible.

I have tried to watch a couple of movies in the next 37 years, but can't beat my cynicism.

So now you no why I don't do quizzes, I don't get beyond the easy stuff like Mathematics, History, Geography and Philosophy, Shit!
Don't even talk about music after the forties, that is the 1840's.

I did see one more movie, it had a weak plot, weak actors, in general, but this scene was good.

Keesie, next time I'm in your area we'll kick ass. I'm great at trivia.
However, movies, not so much. I woulda got yours. But, I'm with you.
We watch ours on Encore and never pay full dollah at the theatah.
Kim | Homepage | 12.16.09 - 3:48 am | #

I want to be the meat in a Johnny Ringo & Doc Hoiday sandwich.

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15 December 2009


Take two - sides, that is

For the hen's party for my daughter, prior to the wedding, a male gay friend was invited and attended.
The organisers of the stag party then disinvited him for their do as this was male only.
A fox in the hen coop had nothing on what followed.
From the hens:

My Take:
Outright laughter from Keesie.
Living is so much fun.
He decided that he was a girl and went to the female do, period.
(Do I still have to put the [.] after the word period?)

What is your take?
Should a AC/DC jobbie be invited to both the hen and stag parties?
What parties do moffies and lesbians have?
A, Stag/Hen/AC-DC/Stag-Hen/Fetish-Hen/Fetish AC/Fetish-Stag/Fetish-DC?
Living is so much fun.


Well, if he was invited to the hen party then he must be perceived as catcher and not a pitcher, so to speak. A stag party is certainly a place for pitchers only (and NO pictures!).

KK: Joan as always is picturesque in her, in mind, images.
Or is that pitcheresque?
I am cutting close to the Bone here, ain't I?

S&M take :-

The M would have enjoyed going to the S&M do, so he didn't.

The S knows the Ms would have enjoyed him attending, so he didn't go either

KK: Stu knows tooo much, and because he would like me to say that he is clever, I will not do so, and he thanks me for that. All very intellectual, which is off post commentary and is banned, so it was said on another site, OK.
I am cutting close to the Bone here, ain't I?

So, why would he want to go to the bachelor party anyway? There would be girlies there.
Unless he was taking notes on outfits or such. I mean. There are Occam's Razors floating around here.

Since Kees solicited my opinion (and since I in any case have lived on this planet about a decade more than Kees), here is my commentary, which is likely of the "off post..banned" variety: during the height of the Caster Semenya revelation, an interviewer asked a doctor specializing in sex-related genetic disorders, "So how does one know whether someone is really a boy or a girl?" Quoth that learned wise man, "You ask them." So, though being attracted to the same sex does not necessarily have any connection to one's masculinity or femininity, I say a gay friend of the bride goes to whatever the hell party she invites him to! And if her husband-to-be is smart enough to invite his wife-to-be's friend to the bachelor party, our gayboy goes there as well. (In gender studies, male rituals invented for displaying the participants' masculinity (such as bachelor parties) is regarded to have a very strong homo-erotic component, so everyone should have a lot of fun!
When I can next tear myself away from the book I'm reading on the Queer Child, I might just tell you the composition of the guests at a stork party I attended for a single lesbian mother who got the baby's genetic material from a single gay college friend, both lawyers...

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13 December 2009


A wise word

When in Cape Town for the Christmas Holls:
: Do not spit or piss upwind.
You are welcome.
Fuck! the shit blows like 25000 big assed compressors in concert.

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12 December 2009


A Melancholic or is that Alcoholic look at the past year

Some bloggers from my blogggggggroll called it quits, good for them they got girls/boys to fuck and love and they got a life.
Now we have to talk about those who's are still here.
Rob is still gone and I miss him, fuck.
Bane is still dead and I miss him, fuckit.
Winston Rand ... HE WAS A PRETTY GOOD GUY, and I miss him

Vman is around or sometimes he is asquare. Who really knows?
That one guy is still aranting and araving and he loves himself a Sweething.
Denny is still a SRF© and I still like the OLD toppie.
Roger of cors is a lost kase and we will miss him when him and his B52 takes out all the keneyans from here to hawai. As his Scout extrzordinairre I will exit as well, of cors.
Erica, is so full of wisdom I will let her speak, what?, I didn't hear that, ..............
Maeve still loves her boy and her man and all is well. And she is funny as hell.
Blob - Enogh sed - the effin cowboy cant be paid enough - hell I have tried.
Jimbo, hell he just had his dick and brain removed and he is funnier than me and all of you still. WTF.
Slack - Not. And she makes sense, mostly.
No work lots of parties and still no new PLAN. Solid and mostly sensible, but still retired, I smell a Jewish Piracy or is that a conspiracy?
A Fantastic book in the making ..... yeah .... you al come ...... heah....
Six foot two and 278 pounds, A MAN and some Mecanikel Cannner enjineer of sorts, my BRO, I thinks he gasses up some eletrics for the yanks, up north, or some such.
Bob lives in the same city as my sister and he survives, he must be hardcore conservative.
Yabu comes hear as he must be deaf and he has a cute stretch of a dog, and brings good juju.
Rex, on the udder side took my full frontal nude picture and used my face, (my smallest feature) on his Christmas Card.

It does stink
You are not stupid, or blind.

If you ever decide to visit your sister, let me know so we can tip a beer or two.

hang on till the 20th, your naked self will be surprised.

GravatarYeap...I'm gonna hang for the foreseeable future...just put a new engine in my Juju ride.

When you decide to visit your sister...let me know, and we'll get all fucked up and talk politics, economics, and religion...you know... the boring stuff. Maybe have a game of chess or rugby. Just kidding about rugby. Rugby will kill your ass dead, as they say in the south.

Be cool with it!

GravatarLove you long time Keesie!
Have a great holiday season!

Yep, that would be me: dickless and witless, but I can do laundry.

... straight white waste?.... brother, you don't know what living is!...

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Kristmas or what the fuck you will

I am KeesKennis.
I am a 1953 vintage, that makes me 56 or so years old/young.
My first wife died from breast cancer at the tender age of 43.
I know a few bits of life, as she is lived, or died.

I do not understand why I have to look out and pay for some lazy cunt that sits around and Hopes.

Get of your ass and start working.
Like I worked.

When I met my current wife I had fuckol and a wife to feed plus 3 kids to put thru tertiary education.
I kakked off.
We, me and my new wife, did it.
Keesie and the Cat's Mother

My Passport
1994 to end 1996 has 10 entry and exit stamps, easy, mid year and end year holidays.
And I earned a good salary for doing this.

152 exit and entry stamps,
Mother, what did I do, do deserve this?
A new company, a new code and vast earnings.
The world is my oyster.

Rock On

All my reader.
Beat this: For 2.36 years:
152 exit and entry stamps, in your passport, that is.
Got you there, Maeve, this is not the same as IN and OUT stamps, but I am overjoyed that you have a second job again, BIGG HUGG AND A KISS.
Then we have The dofuckolstraightwhitewaste wasting his and her time in Tennessee, So what, Enjoy and procreate, If you want.

Half Rubbers, in Bridge, in Bowls, in half arssed games with half broomsticks etc, are hard to judge.
V man is OK though, the amount of sex suprizes him though and he has to kill elsewhere.
The son of Eli, AKA Pete is finding the right notes and is entering the next phase.
AKA GodDaMMit DONT's Boss is doing well as is The big SHE of nature.

And then MC lost some of my dick, 40 lbs of it, I will just have to live with the two thirds that is left, a thin life beckons, GO MY BRO.

I do not feel so alone anymore.

But then again there is "Frosty, distant, Frothy bubbles, frozen, from the heart", KIM

And again I live.

Holy crap! I'm older than Keesie!

Thanks Eli you old son of a gun.

Not only you, man,
I - the unmentionable one - am 'bout a decade older than he

remember . he who dies with the most toys... is just as dead

Ta unmentoni i still loves your dog and your woman and you but you only mathematekally.
CHEERS STU, you old fart

Sweetie, you are but a FUCKING PUPPY! A snapper of the whip.I like that frosty bubbles thingie, though.

GravatarI'm older than Keesie, too, but I have another brother his age...

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Bigger? - ask Joan

a 2000 lbs special from Australia - fuck tejas


I got recipes...


GravatarCrikey that's a big Crocie.

I'd feed that piece of shit Kevin Jennings to it in a heartbeat.

He'd make some great boots.

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11 December 2009


Kevin Jennings - a piece of shit

A solid fisty argument for 14 year olds

This safe schools czar for the whole of the USA should come and meet some of my moffie pals.
Some of them are queers, some just like sex without gender coming into mind. All of my friends that are queer do not like sex with minors.
I would like mr moffie Kevin to come and suck my dick.
Before he gets close mr jenning will drown in my vomit.
As this weaselly cunt tries to swim away my moffie pals will kill him and eat him. What a way to GO.
You are a paedophile as sure as shit. You should be killed, legally of course.
Actually I would like to fist you.
Who voted this piece of shit's boss into power?
I would like to fist you to.

Be sure to come around.

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