12 December 2009


A Melancholic or is that Alcoholic look at the past year

Some bloggers from my blogggggggroll called it quits, good for them they got girls/boys to fuck and love and they got a life.
Now we have to talk about those who's are still here.
Rob is still gone and I miss him, fuck.
Bane is still dead and I miss him, fuckit.
Winston Rand ... HE WAS A PRETTY GOOD GUY, and I miss him

Vman is around or sometimes he is asquare. Who really knows?
That one guy is still aranting and araving and he loves himself a Sweething.
Denny is still a SRF© and I still like the OLD toppie.
Roger of cors is a lost kase and we will miss him when him and his B52 takes out all the keneyans from here to hawai. As his Scout extrzordinairre I will exit as well, of cors.
Erica, is so full of wisdom I will let her speak, what?, I didn't hear that, ..............
Maeve still loves her boy and her man and all is well. And she is funny as hell.
Blob - Enogh sed - the effin cowboy cant be paid enough - hell I have tried.
Jimbo, hell he just had his dick and brain removed and he is funnier than me and all of you still. WTF.
Slack - Not. And she makes sense, mostly.
No work lots of parties and still no new PLAN. Solid and mostly sensible, but still retired, I smell a Jewish Piracy or is that a conspiracy?
A Fantastic book in the making ..... yeah .... you al come ...... heah....
Six foot two and 278 pounds, A MAN and some Mecanikel Cannner enjineer of sorts, my BRO, I thinks he gasses up some eletrics for the yanks, up north, or some such.
Bob lives in the same city as my sister and he survives, he must be hardcore conservative.
Yabu comes hear as he must be deaf and he has a cute stretch of a dog, and brings good juju.
Rex, on the udder side took my full frontal nude picture and used my face, (my smallest feature) on his Christmas Card.

It does stink
You are not stupid, or blind.

If you ever decide to visit your sister, let me know so we can tip a beer or two.

hang on till the 20th, your naked self will be surprised.

GravatarYeap...I'm gonna hang for the foreseeable future...just put a new engine in my Juju ride.

When you decide to visit your sister...let me know, and we'll get all fucked up and talk politics, economics, and religion...you know... the boring stuff. Maybe have a game of chess or rugby. Just kidding about rugby. Rugby will kill your ass dead, as they say in the south.

Be cool with it!

GravatarLove you long time Keesie!
Have a great holiday season!

Yep, that would be me: dickless and witless, but I can do laundry.

... straight white waste?.... brother, you don't know what living is!...

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