20 February 2012


The slippery oil slope of SAE 30

Yabu had a post up Smuggling Oil Can
I left a comment that said in short that I have smuggled stuff but never took or smuggled drugs but that we both could have been locked up, for breaking various laws. Hence the lead lining in our devices.
Yabu replied that he had never done anything that he was ashamed of, and he gave various reasons why he was not ashamed of his actions and why the laws were stupid.

SAE 30 rule: It is fucking slippery, do not base your defence on this grounding slope.
I did not say it in his comments but I will say it here. I have done many, many things of which I am ashamed. Given the same circumstances with a little less alcohol or a little less 'Le armour' and a little less support from my criminal cronies and a little ........ But you get the idea. All excuses for being me.
I have also engaged in various escapades of criminality i.e. breaking laws.
IDB laws which were criminal in itself but could have gotten me 20 years in chookie.
Many and various laws on owning firearms, not only in SA but around the world.
Explosives, oh my fuck, big brass has a lot of explosivy stuff in it that can be taken out and used to make fire crackers, for sue, and brass does not float.

Hunting on the "langplaas"

Actualy my middle name is a toss up between (Stupidity, Criminality) and my real middle name.

Hey I was just growing into a boy at 28 years of age

The government that I fought wars for was apparently or was criminal.
But I can't hide behind the apparent criminality of laws. I broke them and was clever enough not to serve time.
If I was ashamed however and I did fuck up I went back, confessed and tried to make amends. Most of the times I could make financial amends, but how do you make up for you having pissed on a person’s heirloom.
Fuck up or wipe out a blokes BMW, you hurt but you can pay the loss. Fuck up or wipe out a persons precious possesion that they got from a aunt that survived the Holocaust and you just hurt, you can never pay enough.

The challenge to my blogroll is for anybody to come up and say.
I have nothing to be ashamed of.
Or am I just to sensitive?

Sensitive SChenSchitve or whatever.
I am not scared though, sensitive but not scared.
I fisked Bane.
Fuck, how to say this and not threaten, which will be breaking a law?
And nowadays I don't do that at all.
OK I have got it:

Any of these below that do not respond will go into a special pool.
The sadly dead ones will be excused. The living dead will be going into the pool, for sue.
The ones that are generic are cursed into a generic kind of hell, I tried to get rid of them and my whole blog went into wide wide wide wide mode, so they remain but don'y have to answer for their shamey crimes.
Redacted to a previous blog a long list of peeps that made the post to long and to cumbersome

How tha fuck that above at 200 happened and why I am restricted is proof that she is a witch

Double referals have to submit double excuses otherwise their asses are toast.

As we are now sideways, Bane would have said Linkwhoring at its best, and I agree. timpanogos.wordpress.com/wp-admin/index.php

You are all going to die you know, so better confess righgt now.
Lucky for all of you I chose the Agnus Dei movement so there will be resurection
From my point of view, there's a difference between regret and being ashamed. I've regretted many decisions I've made, but I've never been ashamed of any of 'em.
Well, I have several things to be ashamed of, but I've put them in the sinkhole of the backbrain.
If you're talking blog shames, well, I've put them in the sinkhole of the backbrain...
Semantics is a word game.

Mr Jones's bridge is Ok with you?


Mr Jones OK? with this needless destruction of his property and you are not ashamed but PROUD
And if that bridge story is true and that is the case maybe you should stand for elected office as a politician
Mrs Kim, I have been excavating my sinkhole of the backbrain and it seems bottomless
Mr Jones is OK. Like I said, we rebuilt it better than it was before we blew it. I just wish it had been larger. The first and only bridge bridge I've ever blown. Was I proud of it? Yes I was. Was it fun? Yes it was. Look, he got a new bridge out of our shenanigans. Everybody won. Nobody got hurt. Would I do it again? Yes, in a heartbeat. I was proud we were able to time the M-80s to go off almost simultaneously. I guess you should've been there. No regrets, and no shame on this one. You would not believe how high the wood flew. M-80s are potent. After we blew it, I was more worried about setting the woods on fire, than the bridge.

The real question is, why do some parents let their kids have a case or two of some pretty bad-ass explosives? I would have gotten 'em anyway, but still.

It is a true story, just so you know. We blew that fucker sky-high, and I will never forget it. All said and and done, I think Mr. Jones was impressed. We made everything right.

I would love to have a couple of boxes of M-80s right now, but they're illegal now, and the Maker knows, I will not break the law.

No shame, and no regrets on my behalf. If I had it to do over again, would I? Yes, I would've used more explosive. We were young boys...what can I say? We liked blowing shit up.

You ain't lived until you've blown a bridge.
I have blown up real bridges in real life and some of them still hurt, why the waste. The others, done in civvy life, the replacements for new ones don't count.
So much youth that have to made to be adults, still.
With a proud CV like that I am sure the politcians are hinting you.
Scratch my last comment
The utter stupidity of being proud of a stupid small boy prank blows my mind. Get real
Ashamed of? Sure, I got shit to be ashamed of. The skeletons in my closet will come kick your ass, rape the skeletons in your closet, and cook your pet monkey for dinner. I'm the USA Blue fairy godmother of shit I got to be ashamed of.

Shit, just my farts have done more damage to the planet than all the fossil fuels around.

Sheesh. Amateurs.
I can't think of anything I've done that I consider shameful. I have done things I've regretted doing, for one reason or another, but I've always accepted the consequences of my actions, good or bad.

Fuck You. Who in the bloody hell do you think you are to judge me? You don't know me, at all. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

Fuck you...have a good life.

Yabu's first comment says it all. Anything I could add would simply be window dressing.

Or salad dressing. On a really weird salad.
Much, much that I regret now, having done then, some fairly recently, but I'll by golly 'fess up to them, because they are lessons, many learned the hard fucking way, some taking several times to sink in. That don't mean I'm gonna make a habit of letting you know all of them. Most of them will be settled personally with me and the Lord. If that sounds like being ashamed of some things, well yes, some things I just can't bear you knowing. I will tell you about the time I swapped sides of the street with the curbing while attempting to blast for a gas line along one side. I knew that I shouldn't have listened to Pat when he told me how he wanted the blast rigged.
The deponent sayeth not.

Well sayeth not. MC says that if any shamies emerges he will confessessionsnista to a higher blog. Elisson says that he has higher titilation than any of us "en nogal" he will tell that to the highest bidder. How do you read? "Anything I could add would simply be window dressing" onto the vely old sale, And I have more. Excactaly
Yabu you are but a pup, when it comes to screwing with the big dogs, talk again.
Yes Thank You, I am having an excelent life.
Thank you for your considerations on my ole'e blog Oh vey I have a vely pletty asshole fol U, Oh Vey. Don't be such a dick. And if you want to redirect the 'fuck you toos' to Vman he is waiting for them and he is hunting for a poes to kill, not me.
As Bane said "Love ya Bro"

It is almost like a circus where the baboon makes the humans look stooopid.

And then F U oll
I have done much that I regret, and some actions I am ashamed of.

End of Confession. Show me some titties.
It's a long list and it's my list.
Reviewing is pointless, won't make me rich.
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