07 April 2007


Sidebar solitude - How much have you seen

Eric's sidebar:
"Imagine Festus Hagin with a clean shave and no mule. You've got Eric."
"...the quintessential Southern gentleman and not even slightly metrosexual..."
Agent Bedhead

At this point I would like to introduce two piccies.

Ain't I as Metro as you can get me.

"I've eaten nachos with Eric, and I've engaged him in conversation. I would gladly eat nachos with him again...."
Big Stupid Tommy




Holy crap! Keesie, you look like the gay dude in Papillon! And I mean that with all my heart.

Velociman Homepage 04.17.07 - 5:30 am #


Sorta reminds me of this song http://members.aol.com/quentncre...er/ masochis.htm which contained the following:

And I envy the rose, That you held in your teeth, love, With the thorns underneath, love, Sticking into your gums.

Cheers, ou maat, Oubaas

Oubaas 04.12.07 - 6:14 pm #


Hope you got rid of the thorns before you chomped on that rose... ouch!Very manly, by the way...

Jean Homepage 04.09.07 - 8:22 pm #


Hot shot, Kees. You win.

Chickie Homepage 04.08.07 - 4:40 pm #


The safety glasses are what truly complete the ensemble. I think you are ready for the catwalk, Kees.

Rosie Homepage 04.07.07 - 9:01 am #
I vote for you Keesie. Great shot.

Libby Spencer Homepage 04.07.07 - 7:51 am #
lol No comparison, you win hands down!

hammer Homepage 04.07.07 - 7:13 am #
Any man that can match his shirt to his beard is more than enough Metro for me! Great photo.

LeeAnn 04.07.07 - 6:25 am #

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