11 December 2009


Kevin Jennings - a piece of shit

A solid fisty argument for 14 year olds

This safe schools czar for the whole of the USA should come and meet some of my moffie pals.
Some of them are queers, some just like sex without gender coming into mind. All of my friends that are queer do not like sex with minors.
I would like mr moffie Kevin to come and suck my dick.
Before he gets close mr jenning will drown in my vomit.
As this weaselly cunt tries to swim away my moffie pals will kill him and eat him. What a way to GO.
You are a paedophile as sure as shit. You should be killed, legally of course.
Actually I would like to fist you.
Who voted this piece of shit's boss into power?
I would like to fist you to.

Be sure to come around.

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