16 December 2009


Quizz and Movie

Tonight I ended up declining to go to a "quiz" night, where you can win prizes as my hostess said "for your general knowledge"
OK, NO and thank you ma'am.
That reminded me of a previous general knowledge competition that I did enter.
The questions as normally started very, very common and low and I did well.
8 peeps left, and I am one.
4 peeps left and I am one
2 peeps left and it is me and this woman.
I have to answer 5 questions first:
Q1: Who played Captain Kirk.
ME: What is captain kirk?
Q2: What role is Marlon Brandy famous for?
ME: Playing a cask of rum on the Bounty.
Q3:Where did Cruise make his name.
ME: Chevrolet as in cruise control.
Q4&5:Bogaarde is famous for what role in what classic movie?
ME: Die Grootbek in die Bo-Kaap.

Zip out of FIVE, the bitch got her answers right.

The last movie I willingly watched was The Blue Max, it was in 1972, it starred Clint Eastwood, Tom Jones, Elvis Presley, Clark Gable, Vivian Leigh, John Wayne, Errol Flynn, Charlton Heston, Frank Sinatra, Aubrey Hepburn, Steve McQueen and a dozen or so not so well known actors.
I almost forgot Ursala Andress and George Peppard.

It had a story, a plot, drama and was plausible.

I have tried to watch a couple of movies in the next 37 years, but can't beat my cynicism.

So now you no why I don't do quizzes, I don't get beyond the easy stuff like Mathematics, History, Geography and Philosophy, Shit!
Don't even talk about music after the forties, that is the 1840's.

I did see one more movie, it had a weak plot, weak actors, in general, but this scene was good.

Keesie, next time I'm in your area we'll kick ass. I'm great at trivia.
However, movies, not so much. I woulda got yours. But, I'm with you.
We watch ours on Encore and never pay full dollah at the theatah.
Kim | Homepage | 12.16.09 - 3:48 am | #

I want to be the meat in a Johnny Ringo & Doc Hoiday sandwich.

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