12 December 2009


Kristmas or what the fuck you will

I am KeesKennis.
I am a 1953 vintage, that makes me 56 or so years old/young.
My first wife died from breast cancer at the tender age of 43.
I know a few bits of life, as she is lived, or died.

I do not understand why I have to look out and pay for some lazy cunt that sits around and Hopes.

Get of your ass and start working.
Like I worked.

When I met my current wife I had fuckol and a wife to feed plus 3 kids to put thru tertiary education.
I kakked off.
We, me and my new wife, did it.
Keesie and the Cat's Mother

My Passport
1994 to end 1996 has 10 entry and exit stamps, easy, mid year and end year holidays.
And I earned a good salary for doing this.

152 exit and entry stamps,
Mother, what did I do, do deserve this?
A new company, a new code and vast earnings.
The world is my oyster.

Rock On

All my reader.
Beat this: For 2.36 years:
152 exit and entry stamps, in your passport, that is.
Got you there, Maeve, this is not the same as IN and OUT stamps, but I am overjoyed that you have a second job again, BIGG HUGG AND A KISS.
Then we have The dofuckolstraightwhitewaste wasting his and her time in Tennessee, So what, Enjoy and procreate, If you want.

Half Rubbers, in Bridge, in Bowls, in half arssed games with half broomsticks etc, are hard to judge.
V man is OK though, the amount of sex suprizes him though and he has to kill elsewhere.
The son of Eli, AKA Pete is finding the right notes and is entering the next phase.
AKA GodDaMMit DONT's Boss is doing well as is The big SHE of nature.

And then MC lost some of my dick, 40 lbs of it, I will just have to live with the two thirds that is left, a thin life beckons, GO MY BRO.

I do not feel so alone anymore.

But then again there is "Frosty, distant, Frothy bubbles, frozen, from the heart", KIM

And again I live.

Holy crap! I'm older than Keesie!

Thanks Eli you old son of a gun.

Not only you, man,
I - the unmentionable one - am 'bout a decade older than he

remember . he who dies with the most toys... is just as dead

Ta unmentoni i still loves your dog and your woman and you but you only mathematekally.
CHEERS STU, you old fart

Sweetie, you are but a FUCKING PUPPY! A snapper of the whip.I like that frosty bubbles thingie, though.

GravatarI'm older than Keesie, too, but I have another brother his age...

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