15 December 2009


Take two - sides, that is

For the hen's party for my daughter, prior to the wedding, a male gay friend was invited and attended.
The organisers of the stag party then disinvited him for their do as this was male only.
A fox in the hen coop had nothing on what followed.
From the hens:

My Take:
Outright laughter from Keesie.
Living is so much fun.
He decided that he was a girl and went to the female do, period.
(Do I still have to put the [.] after the word period?)

What is your take?
Should a AC/DC jobbie be invited to both the hen and stag parties?
What parties do moffies and lesbians have?
A, Stag/Hen/AC-DC/Stag-Hen/Fetish-Hen/Fetish AC/Fetish-Stag/Fetish-DC?
Living is so much fun.


Well, if he was invited to the hen party then he must be perceived as catcher and not a pitcher, so to speak. A stag party is certainly a place for pitchers only (and NO pictures!).

KK: Joan as always is picturesque in her, in mind, images.
Or is that pitcheresque?
I am cutting close to the Bone here, ain't I?

S&M take :-

The M would have enjoyed going to the S&M do, so he didn't.

The S knows the Ms would have enjoyed him attending, so he didn't go either

KK: Stu knows tooo much, and because he would like me to say that he is clever, I will not do so, and he thanks me for that. All very intellectual, which is off post commentary and is banned, so it was said on another site, OK.
I am cutting close to the Bone here, ain't I?

So, why would he want to go to the bachelor party anyway? There would be girlies there.
Unless he was taking notes on outfits or such. I mean. There are Occam's Razors floating around here.

Since Kees solicited my opinion (and since I in any case have lived on this planet about a decade more than Kees), here is my commentary, which is likely of the "off post..banned" variety: during the height of the Caster Semenya revelation, an interviewer asked a doctor specializing in sex-related genetic disorders, "So how does one know whether someone is really a boy or a girl?" Quoth that learned wise man, "You ask them." So, though being attracted to the same sex does not necessarily have any connection to one's masculinity or femininity, I say a gay friend of the bride goes to whatever the hell party she invites him to! And if her husband-to-be is smart enough to invite his wife-to-be's friend to the bachelor party, our gayboy goes there as well. (In gender studies, male rituals invented for displaying the participants' masculinity (such as bachelor parties) is regarded to have a very strong homo-erotic component, so everyone should have a lot of fun!
When I can next tear myself away from the book I'm reading on the Queer Child, I might just tell you the composition of the guests at a stork party I attended for a single lesbian mother who got the baby's genetic material from a single gay college friend, both lawyers...

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