13 March 2007


8 Years ago

Something momentous and glorious happened.

The Cat's Mother and I got married.

13 March 1999

Eight years and it feels like a moment.

I love you so
I’m like dough

That smile
I’ll walk a mile

The house you keep
The joy we reap

Cooking up a storm
Nice and warm

The love we share
Nice to bear

I love you so
I’m like dough


Keesie, ya done good! Many more happy years to the both of you. Elisson Homepage 03.15.07 - 6:44 am #

Happy Anniversary to the lovebirds! That was a sweet poem. Cindi Homepage 03.14.07 - 9:17 am #

.. cheers, big guy... keep on truckin'.... all the best to you and your Missus from over in Tennessee.... Eric Homepage 03.13.07 - 11:50 pm #

Happy Anniversary Kees & may you have many, many more! Jayne Homepage 03.13.07 - 8:54 am #

Happy Anniversary my dears and many many more to come. Hope you're enjoying yourselves in some private little love nest. Love the poem. Libby Spencer Homepage 03.13.07 - 4:08 am #

Congrats! Blessings and many more years to you! Cowboy Blob Homepage 03.13.07 - 2:40 am #

Does this make you the Kitty-Step-Dad? ConGrats - KeeKennis & Mrs. Kees!Many Happy Returns. KarenMcL Homepage 03.12.07 - 2:48 am #

Contratulations and many happy retoins! Jim - PRS Homepage 03.12.07 - 2:31 am #

if she had known the trouble she would have with you, she might just stuck with the cats. Happy anniversary! Rex Homepage 03.12.07 - 12:18 am #

Happy Anniversary my friends and I hope you have many more happy ones. GUYK Homepage 03.12.07 - 12:04 am #

Hello you two Love you plenty and plenty.The following words from Walter Rinders describe the two of you. "there is greater motivation than simply my spoken words" Love to you both thanks for all the motivation and love. Vida 03.11.07 - 8:58 pm #

Congrats! and many happy more! hammer Homepage 03.11.07 - 2:34 pm #

A very happy anniversary to you both.The Cat's mother is so gorgeous and a lovely lady. You are one lucky man! Maeve 03.11.07 - 4:40 am #

Happy Anniversary Kees & Cat's Mother. May you have 88 more. G & I are coming up on number 10 in April - the time flies.

You plan on being away this week? I see you're posting with a March 13 date and today is only the 10th! You just REALLY wanted to make sure you didn't forget the anniversary, didn't you? Smart boy. Lisa W. Homepage 03.11.07 - 1:32 am #

Dude, that poem rules. Happy anniversary, ya mush. Erica Homepage 03.11.07 - 12:07 am #

May the next 13 years be a wonderful as the first. Happy anniversary. LeeAnn 03.10.07 - 11:44 pm #

Happy anniversary you softie! That's so great. You make a beautiful couple and obviously y'all keep the humor flowing. And stuff. Enjoy your celebration. Kim Homepage 03.10.07 - 11:43 pm #

Kees your such a sweetheart! Becky 03.10.07 - 9:25 pm #

KK: Thank you all so much. CM: Love you all.

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