27 March 2007



Don't forget to wash your hands after you have been to the loo.
talk about custom features
and definitly a conversation starter...or stopper.
Twisting the balls...that reminds me of a story involving my first husband...hehhehehhehe
Nancy Homepage 03.29.07 - 6:41 am #
Why do I feel like washing my hands all of a sudden?
MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 03.29.07 - 12:18 am #
Damn, Kees. I mean...well...Damn.
Rosie Homepage 03.28.07 - 6:11 am #
Now that's what I call balls of steel!
Chickie Homepage 03.27.07 - 10:32 pm #
For some reason I don't see to many men using this facet!
LeeAnn 03.27.07 - 6:11 pm #

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