29 March 2007


My Darwin

In a another couple of millions of years you all will have the same supreme insight that the Kees has.
Remember the Friday Ark at the Modulator

Kees, where in the world did you find that old photo of my X girlfriend and her brat kid?
Wm H Homepage 03.29.07 - 9:19 am #
Damn that looks painful!
You give us something to strive for Kees.
MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 03.29.07 - 12:15 am #

I didn't know that you knew my family!
Rex Homepage 03.28.07 - 10:14 pm #

LeeAnn 03.28.07 - 8:23 pm #

You may wanna fix the word, "another"... in this post. KK - Done TA.
MohawkChieftain 03.28.07 - 6:05 pm #

We can only hope, Kees...
Chickie Homepage 03.28.07 - 5:58 pm #

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