21 March 2007



Look at the picture of two dolphins jumping out of the water in tandem. Research has shown that the more differences you notice between the two dolphins, the more paranoid you are.

Stolen from Scientific Misconduct Blog

a cow and a giant iguana???Rex Homepage 03.22.07 - 4:12 pm #

Their form is impeccable - flawless!

Chickie Homepage 03.22.07 - 1:32 am #
But it's harder to get a bucket under the dolphin at milking time.

BobG Homepage 03.21.07 - 7:01 pm #
I can't tell the difference, they look identical to me.
MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 03.21.07 - 4:03 pm #

Isn't a manatee called a sea cow?
hammer Homepage 03.21.07 - 3:43 pm #

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