25 March 2007


A meme

Sub Title: drunk blogging (again- ED).

How many JOB titles have you had?

Rules of the road (Can be ignored- ED)

You should have had some fiscal or payment in kind, income from a title that you list.
Be proactive – ‘Whorehouse Manager’ can go under Guidance Councilor.

A: Aroma therapy Massage therapist. (the Cat’s Mother attests to this here)
B: Butcher, Civilian and Army: Baker.
C: Cannon Fodder: Candlestick maker, part time but it paid well. Cook, various restaurants and homes.
D: Diver, I sampled most of the research sample for the Nu Ke lar power station at Koeberg: Democratic voter - NOT: Driver.
E: Editor, of a campus newspaper.
F: Modesty cuts this title down to ziltz.
G: Gunner, tank, sea, air, ac ac, private:
H: Hunter:
I: Insurance salesman:
J: July replacement manager for PEP stores, Niewoudsville.
K: KeesKennis
L: Lecturer, I actually lectured in Hydraulics and here, a subject that I never studied formaly, cos’ it is a passion of mine I could do and was asked to lecture: Let us Play Counselor, for Play With Wolves workshops.
M: Manager, Shoe shop, Civil engineering, Commercial: Male nurse, army and parabats.
N: Not to be trusted, police report.
O: Occupational Therapist – Husband to.
P: Part Player in Shitty movies and picture serials. Pussy Lover,.
Q: Quantity surveyor.: Queer escort.
R: Red Hot Prospect, only sometimes.
S: Salesman Real Estate.
T; Tactician sea, air: Technician, army, air force, Parabats, civil: Team leader, hunting, tank:
U: Underlying bad cause.
V: Vermin hunter and Exterminator, an actual title: Very experienced TRACKER. Vet assistant, I performed a cesarean section on a cow with the vet standing by on the telephone 160 kilometers (100 miles) away.
W: Whore (escort) manager and planner, a future post, for sure.
X: Xtreme Bullshitter. YOU NAME THE POSTS.
Y: Yse guy.
Z: Z Only One.

Do your worst.

Some helping tips.

ERIC can say.

A: ....After hitting the jackpot I now stay at home and write a novel ...
L: Lizard .... I once was a big lizard made of copper... it's now hanging in the garage...

S: ... she (SYLVIA) is verrrrrrry nice ..: Semper Fi.

ELLISON Can write.

E: English ,perfessor, as she is writt in 100 words.
C: Chemistry .. Engineering that is, That damn degree.

Hammer can add:

C: Cold I was called

Guyk can quote the alphabet.


S: Shyster: Shipping clerk: Snake handler: Sharp writer: Senators Son: Shit talker, etc.


I: I missed, but is was sooooo close


H: Husband to the extremely lovely and talented Priscilla


B: Bitch


D: Dolly, Ike, Mike and The Pork chop, story to follow

A: Armatures as big as your aunty Sylvia's mouth.


S: Seriously the answer is only six extended calcs away.

A: Allways interesting.
G: Goat, milk cheese, illness
I: Interesting, allways.

C: Coulter ......
F: Faggot hater ....
P: Pay or ......

G: Good story teller....

L: ...Last time I had ex marital powow with my legaly married husband I was called Last...


A: Absent, cos I don't .....

L: Lefty

S: Sixty Nine

Eniwaai you get the drift.


A: All the peeps on my blogroll is tagged.
E: Everybody that reads this is tagged. LeeAnn. Oubaas, take note.
H: High and mighty, Glen, Kim, Tim Shultzie are not excused, damn I have sent at least 0.00000073 % of their hits that way.

Well, in case anybody is still interested, I'm in.
Libby Spencer Homepage 03.29.07 - 12:48 am #
Great lists. I love this meme. I'm going to do it sometime this week.

Libby Spencer Homepage 03.28.07 - 9:13 am #
Thanks, Kees!

A. Artist
B. Baker
C. Costume Designer
D. Dog Rescuer
E. Episcopalian
F. Farmer
G. Goatherd
H. HairdresserI.
Idiot (multiple positions)
J. Jelly Maker
K. Knitter
L. Lesbian media whore
M. Media Whore
N. Nymphomaniac
O. Opossum Murderer
P. Parochial School Girl
Q. Quilter
R. Rugby prop
S. Smartass media whore
T. Tailor and tu-tu maker
U. Underwear Expert
V. Vegetable Picker
W. Wigmaster
X. X-Ray Super Model
Y. Yogurt Artisan
Z. Zipper Fixer
Rosie Homepage 03.28.07 - 6:09 am #

A: Art director
B: Babysitter
C: Clothing store functionary
D: Drug and pharmaceutical manufacturer
E: Engineer, chemical
F: Fine art collector
G: Gelding lessor/owner
H: Herpetologist/hashish evaluator
I: Import-export manager
J: Jew (unpaid position)
K: Killer of assorted miscellaneous vermin and insects
L: Lover (not a fighter)/liver tonic formulator
M: Monkey trainer
N: Narrischkeitnik
O: Orgasm grinder
P: Pharmaceutical and drug manufacturer/propulsion engineer
Q: Quality control consultant
R: Rattlesnake reporter
S: Sommelier
T: Tummeler
U: Underground railroad engineer
V: Vehicle, motor, owner-operator
W: Warehouseman
X: Xerographer
Y: Young scalawag
Z: Zone defense player

Curriculum Vitae? Gawd awmighty!
Elisson Homepage 03.27.07 - 2:51 am #
Mines' done too.Come visit!

Rex Homepage 03.27.07 - 1:41 am #
Hmm, I think I've had less than 10 jobs in my 40 odd working years, and all of them more boring than the ones you list, Kees. Is it too late to get a life?

Stu Savory Homepage 03.26.07 - 8:12 pm #
... man, this thing looks hard.....
Eric Homepage 03.26.07 - 5:19 pm #

hmmm, diver...does muff diving count?
GUYK Homepage 03.26.07 - 3:50 pm #
A: airline agent; admission secretary for a preschool

B: baby sitter; buyer of clothing
C: chinese goods buyer
D: dishwasher
E: educator
F: flower lei greeter
H: housekeeper
I: inventory taker
J: jewelry seller
L: label orderer
M: mens wear seller
O: order taker for snack shop
P: perfume maker
R: reservations for airline
S: suntan lotion maker
T: trademark and patents watcher
W: watch seller
I think that's all I've been paid to do.
LeeAnn 03.26.07 - 12:46 am #
Mine's done!

Chickie Homepage 03.26.07 - 12:18 am #

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