21 March 2007


Saying farewell - a repost.

This amazing sequence starts with the lions eating on a dead elephant.
Then another elephant comes closer and chases them off.
He places a leg on the dead elephant and finaly rubs his backside softly on his dead relative.

This sequence came with this tag http://www.e-gnu.com/images/elephant-kill.gif, but this just leads the sequence above
This leads to the home page, but you cannot access the pictures from there.

I am reposting this as it is so thought provoking and noboby so far have me in their "Bloggers that makes you think" catagory. Life is tough.


Of all the non-humans, the Big Ones seem to be the only ones that have an actual sense of their mortality, and its implications. I have never felt right about people shooting them for food or sport, since they seem to have more complex emotions than most animals.Just my opinion.
BobG Homepage 03.21.07 - 7:06 pm #

BAWAHAHAHAHAHA A shameless plea for a link? Ok.
GUYK Homepage 03.21.07 - 3:24 pm #

I was lucky enough to spend heaps of time in Kasane, Botswana, many moons ago. The Botswana guvmunt had a heap of low cost housing built in the area. What no one in the guvmunt thought to do was a recce of the area to see how it would affect the elephants, particularly from the Chobe district. As a result, sed guvmunt built the houses, right across decades old elephant trails. The elephants knew no better, so they carried on their 'walks' as if nothing had happened. I have some amazing video footage of an elephant climbing over a neighbours garden fence!
Jayne Homepage 03.21.07 - 12:28 pm #

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