23 March 2007


Technology - update - this is the same man

The reward is still to get your 3 bucks worth, but to get your man is worth thousands of bucks.

Photo about now.

About 3 years ago, you can see that the extremes of this outlaw living is counting .

Ha, "the Idol of outlaws is caught in their extreme", Ha.

Snicker, snicker, 3 bucks, snicker.

He thought that the endless getting close to "TURKEYS" and actually hearing them gobbling is a hunting story, fair enough, but to EXPOSE the YETI CONSPIRACY, was his downfall.

Making light of a T Rex steak is not excusable, you might as well join PETA.

Let us all hope and aim that this youngster redeems himself, right smartly.

What is this shit about "Shed hunting" and then they go into the woods, and they pick up old horns.

I would have thought that you hunt something in a "shed"

I am good at that.




3 bucks? Yeah! They have tripled the reward! I'm an outlaw of the worst kind!

Rex Homepage 03.24.07 - 12:42 am #

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